Danced All Night*

So... I was really-really excited to attend
the Dance Party over the weekend...

But this was what happened!!! sigh......
( should I continue? ...ouch! )

The evening was promising...full of FUN excitement, I haven't had any FUN weekend for such a looong time, so I was really looking forward to that evening... One of my friends told me that we should not show up too early at the party- she insisted that we MUST be fashionably late (whatever that means...Ahhh yes, women & their usual complicated games!!! errr...or perhaps I should get out more often & get more insights on this girlie 'etiquette' tips???

We had arranged to share the car ride so that we could do more of what else...MORE girl talks! When there are more than 4 girlfriends in a cramped space(no stretch Limo ride here- the dreadful recession remember darling?!) the busy 'Buzzing sound' would bound to happen... almost like a bee farm! Suddenly the 'buzzing' stopped. One of the girls said this to me, "babe, is that a NEW trend on your hair that I don't know about..." Guess what, I left one hair-roller hanging for its dear life!!! (BIG Ooops! ) Ahhh... Good friends either they would always embarrass me (til I want to hide under a paper bag feeling) or they can always save me from major embarrassment... We laughed and continued BUZZZing like busy-busy beesss... The night was young & the FUN had just beginning... (so I thought!) To make the long story short, the night went something like this...

I was channeling my inner 'Lady Gaga',
put on my 'Poker Face' and danced...

and danced...

and danced the Woo-Hoo! night away...
(I think Lady Gaga was very proud of me & my Poker Face!
...she is just fab* don't you think so?)

BUT...this is what happened to me the next morning... OUCH !!!
I woke up & had aged 50 years! It was head to toe Ouch-ouch-ouch!!!
"...Oh lord, I think I am getting old for this !!! "

Call me a little shallow...but the best part about the night
was actually the usual good old 'people watching'...

Perhaps I need to have my eyes checked & tested...
cos' everywhere I turn, everyone seemed to look younger!
(either that or I am just getting older!)
Anyway, either they were too young or the creepy kind
of guys that refused to understand my subtle hint -NO!!!
~Dang*!!! I wasn't interested in any of the guys who were there...

Had no mood to mingle with the singles at all!
Perhaps my PMS was coming grrr...(okay, it's officially too much info!)

" errr...No thanks...I think that ring you wear has
your wife's name on it..."
(with my forced sweet giggly smile of course)

"errr...your hip-grinding-movement
errr...really scare me ..."
(still sweet forced smile)

" excuse me(grrr), but I'm going to move a few steps backwards(grrr)
and you, do the same...(grrr) Why??? (BIG forced smile)
you smell like a Tequila factory! That's why!!!"
~NO! NO! NO! NEXT!!! (It's officially PMS waterfall by then! Got Tampons anyone?)

wow, I am getting more bolder these days!
or is this a BIG sign that I am just getting
OLDER...? ...NOT early menopause I hope !!!

That night, some young guys were also hitting on me too!
I felt like saying,
" And you my dear, is really cute...but I just don't want to help
you with your school homework on our first date...
now scram! Before I call your parents!"

~Oh dear, I'm getting to be a bitter angry old lady??!
But seriously, I prefer older gentleman...just like my you know who...
Perhaps... I'm just still thinking too much about my 'Mr Cute Dentist' lately. He is still on my 'dreamy' mind you know...more in my fluttering beating heart (blush-blush*) I know...I know...I can't help it but to start comparing every man to him...sigh*(anyone...please just slap me silly if I ever started to sing Celine Dion's 'mushy-teary' love songs!!! My 'pathetic' level is definitely rising higher than expected now!)

Oh dear... this confused 'princess-wannabe' needs her tired 'OLD' feet rubbed really bad...(ouch-ouch-ouch...) "Why isn't he calling me? Must I call him and fake a tooth ache?". Enough of this silly nonsense...I'm a grown up now...OLDER! I shall & MUST finally grow up! Yes...Definitely shall make the first move, it's 2009 for goodness sake! I'll call my Mr Cute Dentist for a date! Yes-yes-yes!!! ...errr YES...in about six months that is...when my next appointment is due!

" LENORENEVERMORE... this silly 'crush' of yours has got to stop...ASAP!
The thought of him alone is bursting enough of your pretty bubbles!!! "
That's me talking to myself darlings...(as if you guys don't do it behind closed doors)...pleassse darlings tell the truth...~Hee*
to be continued ???
~Getting older is part of life...& it's going to be as easy as A-B-C
*...errr ??? *
- Pics via Procorbis.com, Photobuckets.com, Photographer Cig Harvey


Simone de Klerk said...

Lenore ~ You put a big smile on my face while reading about your dancing feet and all those 'wonderful' guys you met! Have a lovely Tuesday and give your feet and legs some more rest while dreaming your dreams.

Taylor Michelle Kimler said...

I'd love to dance my troubles away, if I could.

Jan said...

Nah doesn't get any easier (trust me)
You're a hoot.

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

lol, i've never been able to dance all night!! i have an internal energy of a 80 year old i think, a sweet old fashioned granny :)

ps i've given you two awards, xx

Carlene said...

You need to schedule some kind of whitening treatment or something (not that you need it!) where you need to make multiple, weekly appointments!

janettaylor said...

Funny post, darling lady! I adore Ur blog! Haha!



Simone de Klerk,
Thank you, I'm sure you have a beautiful SMILE!...I think not only my blistered feet need the rest but my entire body-mind & soul! ~hee*


Taylor Michelle Kimler,
Music & dance would definitely do it...
Shopping is also good...err sometimes...and stimulates the economy at the same time non?! ~hee*


Thanks for that confidence darling!
You make my day ...errr??? I'm really scared now...err-err


Tina{Luphia Loves},
you are 80, then I'm still older...I'm not really sure by how much- I shall not declare my real age from now on... Thank you-thank you for the awards Granny!!! Woo-hoo!!!

drollgirl said...

oh you big dancing queen!!!!! it sounds like you had a blast and that the men were fawning over you. lucky you! but sometimes it is better to dance with girls than with boys! ahhahahahaha.

and 6 months until your next date. i can hardly wait!!!


you have a fantastic idea...I thought of that too actually...But I already have white teeth! Should I start drinking more red wine, coffee & food coloring...Oh dear my 'pathetic level' shot through the roof now!!! ~hee*

Caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

haha you always make me laugh with your stories, Lenore! I can see you with your aching feet!

Sal said...

Oh lady, you crack me up! Hope that dentist gets a clue and picks up the phone soon ...

dapper kid said...

Awww haha this post makes me smile :) I think being sore in the morning is the sign of a good night of dancing! And oh dear at the guys, maybe there just happened to be a bunch of young students there in one go? I hate when I go out somewhere nice and there seems to be a flood of young kids messing around (ok so I'm still only 19, but damn it, I love being an old man on the inside).

Couture Carrie said...

Love this story and the accompanying pics - you are only as young (old?) as you feel! And I have tooootally done the forgotten curler thing too!


Poetikat said...

Where did you get those shots of the guys, the 1972 Sears Catalogue?

You'll know early menopause if it hits you baby! I'm an expert.

Where's your SEXY post, huh?


briannelee said...

Life is too short! Ask the dentist out ;)

Debra said...

Ask him in or out for wine! Why not? Thank you for your thoughts and prayers dear.

clorivak said...

Omigoodness...you knock me right out with hilarious stories..I can so hear your voice and it is just delightful!

I am starting to feel a bit older when I go out too..it seems everyone looks like they are still in High School...I'm just 27 but there Sure is quite the gap between the freshly new "i.d." kids and the folks that have been there, done that. ...sigh...oh well, thats why I prefer house parties with friends...usually all around the same age and can you can relate to them!


You are so right, I've marked the date on my calendar darling & a huge sign on the refrigerator door! ~hee*

Glad you are laughing at my pathetic love life...sob-sob*

I really-really hope so...it's not like it's a long distant call or something... I don't even mind if it's a 'collect-call'!!! ~hee*

Dapper Kid,
wish young guys are as well behaved & fashion savy as you darling...you one in a million darling! Do you have a much older brother by any chance?! ~hee*

Char said...

yes, I can't go to dance clubs anymore because I feel positively ancient there and after. BOO for that. glad you have a fab time.


Couture Carrie,
I still feel young darling, but my body doesn't agree with me...my body is such a pain in the you know what!!!

wow, how do you know it's '1972 Sears Catalogue'? Incredible memory you have...you must have high IQ for sure darling! Thanks for the Blog award, shall post it with honor dear!

Thank you for the reminder...I'm still working on my fear issue... Fear is the opposite of LOVE! I need more LOVE & less fear in my life darling!

Wine on an empty stomach can be quite dangerous...I might attack him & that won't be a pretty sight... Thanks for your tip though! ;)

I agree with you dear-'house party' is always so much fun...until the neighborhood police shows up that is!!! I don't want to appear in the front page of the newpapers again!My dad will disown me, my family is dangerous like that ~hee*


Thanks -I love that word 'ancient'... I had an 'A' for my History Class! For your info darling I love the word 'circa' too & I don't really know why somehow...(err?????) I wonder sometimes How did I get 'A's in school???

Fashion Moment said...

Ok, this IS FANTASTIC post!


Heidi said...

Loving these photos!!
I like people watching too...it's such a great way to pass the time if there's time to pass.

Joelyne said...

hahaha what an entertaining post! you are a great writer. your poor feet... yes sometimes it seems i my self am to old for the dancing all night. it is a lot of fun though.

thank you for your lovely comment =)

look forward to your future posts!


Joelyne said...

p.s. i love your image at the top... la de freakin' da hahaha


Winnie said...

Haha. At least you had a good night and one to remember too!

Savvy Mode SG said...

you are too funny! but know what you mean about the age thing. i remembered dancing the night away until wee hour in the morning now i need to rest the next day.

Elizabeth Marie said...

This has to be one of the cutest posts ever!!
1. Lady Gaga pretty much rules my world.
2. People watching...yesss please.
3. Definitely start drinking more wine as an excuse to whiten your teeth. Fab idea. :) XOXO

The Socialite said...

how fun! Channeling Lady Ga Ga is a must on the dance floor! ;)

Dionne said...

LOL, I love the way you tell stories! Sounds like a great time! Now I feel like I need a Girl's Night Out and channel my inner Lady Gaga (if I even have one).

Thanks for the fun post. My favorite post I have read today (and I have read over twenty!).

Awesome Sara said...

i'm so jealous!! i want to go to a dance party!! i can shake it like no other.

thanks for the kind words about my job loss. you have me all to yourself since i can blog all day now!!

Erin said...

Great post! Thanks for the message on my blog by the way, I've been fine but busy so unfortunately Zoeluca got a bit neglected. I'm determined to be better though! There's a new post up as of yesterday too in case you haven't seen it.

Dan W Johnson said...

It seems that every time I "go out" lately, I always end up feeling like I should have just stayed home, "evenings" seem to have lost their shine. I used to dance like crazy when I was younger, now it seems like way too much work and I look stupid doing it.

You wanna know what's funny? Watching video of people dancing at a wedding or party with the sound off...hilarious. Great blog!

Keith said...

Hey Lenore. I just checked out your blog for the first time. I loved it. I hope you're doing well. It was great to read this post about dancing, etc. Cheers!

Diana said...

this made me LOL! you are awesome and my work go by easier!

sarah said...

Lovely post. I had a good inner giggle reading this. I danced the night away on Saturday....also don't get out much these days, and I woke up the next day feeling about 110!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Don't stop! Call him! What is there to lose?

Clare said...

This was a fantastic post. You deserve the award I gave you today:)

Jeannette Mariae said...

Oh, you are so funny (big smile...)

Pop Champagne said...

haha dance and drink troubles away, that's what I sometimes do on weekends! lol. Lady GaGa is great though, I saw her at a concert here about a month ago and she's so full of energy! Not to mention her clothes were fab too :)

The Seeker said...

Lenore you're such an amazing person!!!!!!!!!!
Sounds you had a great time ;)
Love you for all your criativity!!!! (well not just...)

Blessings dear


Hanako66 said...

I love your posts....so funny!!!

Anonymous said...

i do love me some lady gaga