Guilty Pleasure*

 It's always so fun to go shopping in Singapore!
(errr...anywhere around the world really. 
Remember? I do have a black belt in shopping!!)
this store design is quite nice...the wall cabinet and those square black tiles
certainly felt like I was in someone's kitchen!
plus, stacks of simple white china are always such huge turn ON for me! 
 Excuse the mess~ It's show-off time once again...
Back in my cozy hotel room, are my latest purchases for today!
More studs for my wrist & flatwares for my home sweet home.
Both can always be tools for self-defense, yes? 
Simply adore the sculptural shape of this flatware so much.
Reminds me of Elsa Peretti or Georg Jensen design
...without paying the hefty price of course!
Shopping is still one of my guilty pleasures.
errr...another guilty pleasure while in Singapore is...~ready?
Watching Asian Drama series on TV!
They are in Mandarin, but with English subtitles.
I'm glued to the TV whenever I get to my hotel room in the evening!
The plots are just too juicy! I think I may be addicted now!!



caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

excellent purchases, darling! but please don't talk me about TV dramas! I can't stand them in any language! ha ha! go on with your wonderful shopping, darling! xo

Dancing Branflake said...

I love foreign tv dramas! They are so addicting indeed!

Love that we are both "black belts" in shopping. That is the most awesome line ever.

Kori said...

It looks like you're having a blast honey! Have a fabulous Monday love! Kori xoxo


Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

I know...so strange, I don't normally watch them back home!
These tv dramas are so wrong yet so right! haha...i'm hooked!

Shady Del Knight said...

I wonder if Asian dramas are as addicting as Latin telenovelas, Lenore. Don't get hooked or you'll never want to go home! (LOL) I'm so glad to hear from you and happy that you are having fun shopping. Take care, dear friend!

texassky said...

Lovely lines to the silverware! Almost as lovely as the earlier photo of the man by the pool :) Safe travels to you!!


shari said...

Oh, I love your cuffs! I have several leather cuffs, but they're in colors... a red one, an aqua one, and a brown one... yours are fierce!

How fun! I'm only a brown belt in shopping. I stopped practicing a while ago. ;-)


Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

I need new cutlery, these are beautiful Lenore! great shape!

Jesse said...

oh i love elsa peretti, have you seen the line at tiffanys?

Diana Smith said...

oooh what fun stuff! i wish I could go travel over there just to buy some neat things!

Tracy said...

Girl, you find some of the best pretty. this is me, shaking my head and thinking "dayum that's good"

Jan said...

White china heaven for you for sure LNM.
Glad you're enjoying your trip.

Chudney Thomas said...

Love the dishes and the cutlery. My aunts who also have their black belts in shopping would have a ball in that store.

David Toms said...

Maybe we should do a face off in a shopathon and see who wins!

Cheryl aka Shaddy said...

I love the leather wrist cuffs. They're way too awesome. I'd wear them in a heartbeat. The cutlery is marvelous...simply marvelous.

A black belt in shopping! You rock, Lenore. Chop-chop!!!! or is it Shop-shop!!!!

Mekkan said...

I thought it was your kitchen full of white China. You've got to keep your black belt for good!

Caroline said...

Ohhhhh...I would go crazy in that place! Love cups and saucers like that!!!

Pet said...

You do enjoy everything, don't you? Even Asian dramas on the tv.
You are really inspiring.

Ab said...

You're so funny,I want to know the drama story lines now!!
The cuffs look so fierce!

Susan said...

Just back and catching up on all your posts. Loved the garden greenery. Suggest you keep glued to that TV, otherwise it might prove to be a very expensive trip... (we've some charming cutlery today too) Susan x

BuyAionAccount said...

The china wares look so neat and beautiful. I bet you had so much fun on your trip.

Buy Aion Account

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Thank you everyone!
I try my very best not to be hooked on tv dramas! Must say that they are sometimes can be quite a good escapism though...


Sam said...

Hahaha! A black belt in shopping - I love it!!! XOXOX's

Erin Lian said...

It looks like such a wonderful trip!! Tv drama looks gripping, hope you found out what was fabricated :P