I'm back...... I know, It's been too-too... looooong...

...indeed!!! It always is, especially when I have been away for awhile, coming home is always the best feeling... The usual cozy-warm feeling that is quite hard to explain really... appreciate my home-sweet-home even more now!

Firstly, I would like to thank you all who left LENORENEVERMORE such lovely-sweet comments and emails...
'Love - Fest' indeed!

The overwhelming love and support from all of you really mean a lot... I do sincerely THANK you all... a BIG 'mwahhh' kiss! My heart floats like a puffy giant cloud... definitely no rain on sight but the glorious sunlight!

Really had a wonderful & fabulous vacation, but I was really looking forward to come home...

Even when I was so far-far away... literally in a different continent, I couldn't help myself from thinking of my home-sweet-home...friends and family, and yes, especially my K9 babies!

Hope to visit the great continent again...the adventures I had will always remain in my heart... land of great histories and rich cultures and yummy-yummy food glorious food...the people were awesome! To sum it all up - all my five senses were awakened!!! Definitely better than watching Travel & History Channels on TV... I am humbly & truly blessed for the experience!

" excuse me... I need to reach for my bag... I've brought my own cashmere blanket...hee!
It's cold here in my mini skirt..."

The view was quite blah in the sky... "ooh... that cloud shape reminds me of a Mc Donald's logo..." Couldn't wait to touch down in America...land of the freedom and... junk food! ...can't wait to order my extra large French Fries through the drive-in! Ahhh... American life & culture is so greasy 'rich' ! (hee!)

On the flight, there was the usual unwanted-unpleasant noise... Don't get me wrong, I love children... but could they just shut-up already!

The screaming and crying could be worst than this sound... really!!!
I really understand why Oprah has her own private jet now!
" excuse me... flight attentdant, I need my ear plucks now...yes, now!
Would you be serving the sleeping pills to children soon...?! "

when we are on a long 15 hours flight... we simply need to be creative...
in-flight entertaiment is a must!!! Books and glossy magazines sometimes would not do!

Thank God we arrived home in 'one piece'! I need to contact Oprah very soon and ask her if she wants to adopt me or something... "p l e a s e Mommie Oprahhh...I need the private jet mommie dearest..."

I wish I could say the same 'one-piece arrival' on our luggagesss...hee!
I have to work harder on the 'travelling light' concept... I just cannot grasp the concept of less than 6 pairs of shoes... how??? Impossible! ...alright, alright...told you I am still a 'work in progress' case...mental case that is! hee...

...but seriously, I was proud of myself for not over spending on my shopping-spree.
Don't get me wrong... there were lots of "I want! I want!!" moments... but reality set in and asked myself the dreadfulll... question; "...do I need?" Again, "Oprah I want you to be my mommie dearest... p l e a s e..." Hmmm... I wonder if Angelina Jolie is interested to adopt a non-toddler...

Anyhow, after a long and productive and inspiring trip it's always nice to be back home... it's time to get back to my daily routines...if there's such a thing...

I do love travelling...with or without the Oprah's private jet! - but one of the best things about travelling is really coming home! The sweet, familiar smell of home... hmmm what's that smell... (I think it's time to bathe the dogs!!!) Nothing can compare to that coming home feeling... especially after an extended time away... Makes me appreciate things and most importantly the people that I do already have here. The world is such an exciting place...to explore and discover... even in our own backyard... even what is actually just right 'under our nose' REALLY!

Is your home your home-sweet-home or home-bitter-home?
PICs fm : Kate Spade.com, Julia Batten, Orla Kiely Bags, AnaBelénRamón, FFFound, Flickr.com


caroline said...

welcome back! i bet your trip was extraordinary!

i'm envious.

melissa said...

yay you're back!!! i'm glad that you enjoyed yourself!
but i do know what you mean...even a few days away from home makes me want to come home right away. coming home is always the best part, because there's family waiting for you, and the warm, comfy, familiar bed.

erin said...

I'm glad you're back!
I have two homes, my apartment and my parents' house, and both are certainly "home sweet home", each for their own reasons.

Anonymous said...

oh darling,

i'm so glad you are back! and glad to hear you enjoyed yourself! (i know what you mean - less than six pairs of shoes seems CRAZY)

i missed all your posting!

my home is definitely SWEET. i do enjoy going away, but coming back is always just as great. i like to surrounded by my things, my comfort things.

<33 mermaid

WendyB said...

Great photo choices here!

Franco said...

YOU ARE BACK!!!!!!!!! yaya I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!
home is sweet-bitter sweet home for me

xphoebelinax said...

i always ALWAYS love your photos :)

Glow Chaser said...

You are back!?

I hope that you had a splendid time. I missed your posts.

for me home is bitter on the outside ( i live near a place adorably named murder mile!) and oh so sweeeeet on the inside!

Songy said...

welcome back. magical lenore is back so more interesting stuff eh?


i.d. said...

Yay so nice to have you back!!!

Anairam said...

Welcome back! Oh, travelling on the continent (I mean the European one of course), is simply divine!) Actually, South America was pretty good too. (Never been to North America.) But I always love coming back home. Unlocking that front door ... having everything beautiful and neat (because that is how I leave it before I travel) ... seeing my own stuff ... that is simply the BEST thing!

Brigadeiro said...

What a cool post! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I'm glad you did, as it led me to your blog, it's great! xx

Caroline @ Absolutely Unique said...

Oh darling! I'm so glad you're back and that you had such a wonderful trip! I love to travel but I always miss my home, my little things and space. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. Have a wonderful new week you too! xoxo

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

thanks for your kind comment on my post. :)

regarding where my home is, it is everywhere. I do not feel the necessity to go back home. Of course I miss my relatives, but I could live practically anywhere, exceptions are antarctica and other desert like places.

Micaela said...

Welcome back sweet sweet girl!!! I am sooo ready for your return because ALREADY, such a great post!!! you do such a great job of showing/telling a story. LOVE it!!!! craving your next post already....


...love Maegan said...

oh, what a sweet post and phenomenal photos!!! I love home. It's where I want to be whenever I'm not. It's my destination.

Linda Sue said...

Welcome home sweet home and so much sweeter, optomistic, with only a few more days of Bush damage...Glad you had a fabulous time! Cosy in , with a bowl of fries and some cokeycola and count your many blessings. I think the K-9's are gleeful!

DaisyChain said...

welcome back darling.
you have been missed!

The Seeker said...

Welcome back, sweetheart!!!
You were soooooooo missed.
I hope you had a great trip with lots of fun and joy.
And yes, home is always Home sweet home ;)

Blessings my dear


Dorkys Ramos said...

Funny...after my mini-vacay I came to the conclusion that "coming home" was totally overrated! I miss the warmth.

SO happy to hear you had a wonderful time on yours and I definitely agree with you with the kids on the airplane nonsense. You can only hear "MAAAA MAAAAAAAAAA" so many times before all the bliss you accumulated flies right out the window!

please sir said...

Welcome back - sounds like an amazing trip!

kendalee said...

Sounds like an amazing trip - despite screaming children & the like! I think it's always a good sign when one is happy to come home... I always am but then always ready for the next adventure too... So many incredible places still to visit!

Welcome back to the land of blog as well! :)

♥ fashion chalet said...

How have you been? I've missed you... enjoy the Holidays, dear!



TaMs* said...

great post!!!
Yippee, you're back! we've missed yOU!!!
love those photos.
Hope your trip was THE BEST!

Sal said...

Welcome home, beautiful! I'm right there with ya: Love to travel, but might just love coming home best of all.

Jérôme said...


is it nice or is it nice??? All the people are saying that they have missed you... Great... I wish i could say the same, but it is the first time i am visiting your blog. I really love it.
and now my possibility is to tell you: Please do not stop the work again ;-))

A bientôt,

Savvy Mode SG said...

i always want to come home after about 2 weeks of traveling.

Terencesambowrites said...

i love the vintage trunks n oh the seat covers lol :o)

*indie_queen* said...

aw welcome back! sounds like you had a great time... but it doesn'tmatter what amazing places you go to, home is where the heart is :)

Bella said...

Yay, your back!!! I'm glad your time away was amazing...

For me, I've always been a devote sky dancer... adoring the travel, leisure, and string of mishaps that inevitably follow. But in the end, I'm always ready to be home again.


Sarah Von said...

Those illustrated seat airline seat covers are fantastic! What a great way to add a bit of fun to what is usually an exercise in bad-food-eating and sleeping poorly. :D

heartofpearl♥ said...

ahahah i love the inflight entertainment! the girl crying is awww but yea it would get quite annoying on a plane.. hehe welcome back! x

Vintage Me New You said...

home sweet home:)
hope your vacation was great...i love having spare time for me and visit wonderful places!

-h of candid cool said...

i think when we're away from home we appreciate home even more.

the heads/seat drawings is too cute.

and sometimes i wonder myself if oprah or angelina are looking to adopt a 20 something yr old

Anonymous said...

my home is a home sweet home :D

i hope you had a fabulous time!!

Anonymous said...

Lovley post!

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