Thankful : adjective - feeling or showing gratitude;
"a grateful heart";
"grateful for the tree's shade"; "a thankful smile" [syn: grateful] . Thank"ful\, a. [AS. [thorn]ancfull.]
1. Obtaining or deserving thanks; thankworthy. [R.]
2. Impressed with a sense of kindness received, and ready to acknowledge it; grateful.
3. LENORENEVERMORE is feeling all the above for receiving the below awards...
given by Dorkys Ramos of Dry As Toast
& by The Seeker of Searching The Inner Me..
2nd Nov 2008 - for the recognition of cultural, ethical, literary,
and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing.
Thank you to The Seeker....
26th Nov 2008 - This foreign award which means this blog invests and
believes in the proximity/closeness blogging gives us. Thank you to Dorkys....

29th Nov 2008 - Prize given to sites and blogs that are smart and brilliant
both in their content and their design. Thank you again to The Seeker....

" ...sweet mmmwah !
to Dorkys & Seeker for your love & kindness..."
- Links: Searching The Inner Me & Dry As Toast - Pics via Photobucket.com


The Seeker said...

Oh lovely Lenore, you so deserve these awards.
But you missed 2 more I gave you on 29th Nov 2008. The butterfly award and the lemonade one.

Hope you'll have a wonderful december, my darling.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on all your awards :)

Songy said...


Lenore, you are very elvish with your posts.

You know what? I had to open up the Lord of the Rings to remember that damn word! :)

DaisyChain said...

Beautiful post. Hope you are well x

melmo said...

Congrats dear! you deserve these awards a lot!

Sal said...

All very much deserved, beautiful. Congrats!

Vintage Me New You said...

you always impress me:)you deserve all your awards for what you have good in you as a person and for what you show in here with words:)
thank you for your wonderful posts,always creative enough to draw my attention!

take care dear!

...love Maegan said...

ooooh those purple luscious lips! congrats!

Caroline @ Absolutely Unique said...

Congrats dear Lenore! You deserve them and much more, darling! xoxo,

issa said...

aww congrats on the awards!

La Belette Rouge said...

Congrats to you. Love the purple love and gratitude you give!!

Franco said...

is purple this week's color?

♥ fashion chalet said...

Congrats on all of the lovely awards, which you more than deserve! You are as pure as gold, darling' :)


please sir said...

Congrats on all the amazing awards!

Bella said...

Congratulations on your (well-deserved) awards!!! They always know exactly how to brighten the day, don't they.

And I adore the images you've included, especially the heart diagram. But the lips were a close second. lol

D said...

congrats on those many awards im sure you deserve them,i love the diagram of the heart,its actually insightful how these parts are the most important to live life,and the definition of thankful is impeccable

i.d. said...

All well deserved!

Brigadeiro said...

Great post! Definitely shows why you deserve all those awards ;)

Micaela said...

i lurve the purple!!! :) I'm wearing purple today too, whooo hoo!!! SO much to be thankful for!!!! i love the organ picture-- ha of course you would go more creative than just a regular heart we learned to draw early on as kids :) love it! xo

Susanna-Cole said...

Congratulations on the awards!! <3 And wow, those lips in that last picture are pretty fabulous! :D


Susanna-Cole said...

Hm, I just posted a comment but then my computer went weird and I don't know if it posted because comments need moderation anyhow... let me know if you don't get it and I'll post it again! ;)


Couture Carrie said...

Very cool and unexpected post, L! (I "heart" it!)
Congrats on all your awards, darling!!


Savvy Mode SG said...

congrat on all your awards.


Thank you all!!!
For the support & kindness...
I'm really touched by the warmth & cozzy feeling...

L O V E !!!

CapuccinoB. said...

congratulations darling!!!


Isabell said...

Congrats !!

you really deserve these awards. I love the last pic <3


Anonymous said...

those awards were well deserved :)

hope you had a lovely thanksgiving!

La C.

Caroline @ Absolutely Unique said...

Darling Lenore, don't miss my leaf jewelry give away!

heartofpearl♥ said...

lovely, congrats :)very much agree that you deserve each and every single one of them:)

Tuesday said...

Hey Lenore,

Heehee, Yes! Where does time really go?! I really hope my list of things will be under that tree...
And by the way, nice awards! Holy!
Continue the Great Posts! :D

My Regards

Joyce said...

Congrats on all of your awards!!

A very nice post today!1

Thank you for your comments on my blog today!
Have a golden season!