BUNDLE UP, IT'S GOING TO BE A BUMPY RIDE? Is it too early to get the winter blues... In the winter months, some of us may feel sluggish and get the usual melancholy sad feelings — also known as "Seasonal Affective Disorder" yes, the dreadful S.A.D for short...appropriate name for this boo-boo feeling don't you think?
The day is getting shorter and the cold dark night gets even longer...The Christmas lights are quite pretty though... Busy crowds always on the rush and some can even be blatantly rude...

Before I go on with my rants, my apology- I have a commitment issue with this blog world... I blame the usual suspects my slow computer?! (seems easier to blame it on others or even something rather than myself!) Alright, alright... I admit- my bad time management and organization skills... I simply unable to post as much lately... also replying back to all the sweet comments or emails received from all of you wonderful people... Thank you and hoping for your kind understanding...

Honestly, I have been very busy and simply just too tired lately... too much on my plate so to speak...a busy season, trying to get everything done perfectly...(I know...nothing can ever be perfect! I settle for almost perfect???!) So exhausted...Let me tell you- falling asleep on oatmeal breakfast is just not a pretty sight! (although I heard it's good for our skin??!) I really admire those who can juggle their busy schedules in life... My salute to you bloggers out there who can manage to post daily and also work full time, a dog, a cat and a family to take care of! How do you do it? Sometimes I also wonder; How does Martha Stewart does it all... Ahhh YES! I know, she has personal assistants and those assistants have their assistants too! "Hi, meet my my assistant's assistant!" Hee...Just love to be able to say that!

In the meantime, my LIST of 'things to do' seems to grow longer...there is only me, myself and I... everyone I know have their own sets of busy schedules... some of my friends even have their kids in the whole picture... I salute you too, hard working mothers out there! I thought the holiday season is a time of love, togetherness and – who are we kidding?


My Christmas shopping is still not done... less than 2 weeks now and counting down! Just hope that's plenty of time to join the mad 'circus'...and enter the pressure cooker world! It's hectic... Just the other day, I was too preoccupied and stressed out (definitely not a good combo!) ...I went out in the cold and had forgotten to wear my coat... I didn't even realize it until my nipples started to get as hard as golf balls from the freezing cold! ...Not only that, I also had misplaced my fresh milk in my kitchen cabinet instead of putting it back to the fridge! ...Quite scary! I am losing my focus...errr MIND! ...stress-stress-stress please go away!

I know why some creatures hibernate during this cold season... they are avoiding this busy-busy Holiday season! Am I experiencing an early S.A.D? Hope not! ...the type of depression that recurs during fall-winter and abates with spring arrival... All I know is that I'm having a downshift in mood at the moment... The pressure to impress and please others has started to consume me... 'The happiest season of all...' as the carol goes? Can't feel it at the moment...more like the busiest...

' I'm dreaming of a white Christmas lalala...' I need to get enough sleep! Would also love to take a minimum of 30 minutes(an hour is even better!) every day to just kick back and relax by myself...no distractions! ...sipping a cup of hot tea(decaffeinated of course) ...listen to some soothing Christmas music by the fire (what fire?!) My home town just banned wood burning now! No more crackling sound from the fireplace, but we might save the ozone layer?! Whoopee!! How can I roast the chestnuts now...again there goes the famous carol!. I'm sure this alone-time will help to recharge my batteries...another word I really need a holiday from this Holiday Season?..

" Oh Lord...forgive me, help me to 'unveil'... and see the true meaning of Christmas...I pray for a better perspective and a good healthy balance in my life... need Your guidance and wisdom...how do I celebrate Your birthday??? "

This is my plan...Firstly, I need to pull to the curbside and stop the engine! Time to understand and appreciate the true meaning of Christmas... It' a message of God's gift to the world... Jesus Christ a savior was born. To the Christians the salvation has begun... to celebrate the birth of the Savior. We should celebrate and decorate our houses, not so much to impress others or win the neighborhood contest! What is this season all about? is it all about the commercialism, is it about all the Christmas parties, decorations and gifts to impress and compete with each other... or even worst, getting more credit card debts in the process?

Have to slow down... and BIG YES to Simplify, simplify, simplify.... If I get pulled in too many directions during this busy holiday...I'll SNAP! My real problem has always been saying "no" to people. I'm easily easily pressured or feel guilty somehow... I usually end up taking on more than I can handle...then bitter resentments usually follow... I Must learn to simply and politely decline, "...so sorry, NO I can't" just say it nicely but firmly?...errr this is not so easy! Well, I'm trying this year... 'NO means NO!'...to activities or engagements that I don’t have the time or energy to undertake. Yes???! errr...???

I need to remind myself that I should not 'drain' myself with more unnecessary schedules... prioritize the important list and take a moment to breathe or else I might end up in a toilet bowl and get flushed down the drain! Instead of trying to do everything at once, I should separate my tasks and tackle them one at a time... I've been known as 'a chicken without its head' running around aimlessly in all direction- North South East West all at once! Not a pretty sight!! Hope I would be less likely to get sidetracked or have my mind wander to the wrong zip codes! Where was I???

I do appreciate the friends who have always been there for me... true friends are so hard to find these days...understanding and caring friends are even harder to find... hilariously funny, even 'hardest' to find now! So thankful to have such great & funny friends! Some great laughter should always be on my list!

Having some quality time with family this Holiday season? Oh yes... the usual family drama that goes with it! In my family there is always one drama after another it seems...the usual 'soap opera' saga minus the murder plots! When family members cram together under one roof, it is not uncommon for some trivial misunderstanding...hurts and then tempers flaring like wild fire, especially with the added holiday stress... I try my best to behave and keep the peace banner waving high so everyone can see! Maybe I should make everyone dress up as angels?! ...I understand some of us might not be very close to the family members, perhaps it is a good opportunity to rebuild the bridge and break some walls this season? Let's celebrate this season with some Forgiving Spirit? 'F' you! is not just the infamous 4 letter word you know..."Forgive you..." Yes...Forgive one another and try to sincerely mean it this time! hee!! I really would like to see my family grow up one day! We are just immature bunch! Hee!!
The Holiday Season can be particularly depressing for those who recently lost someone they love...one of my friends just lost her mother this year and I know she is having a hard time right now. I have to recognize that her feelings of sadness and loneliness are normal... always good to allow herself to express the emotions openly... I won’t 'force' her to be happy and put on a Miss Smiley Face...just because it’s a holiday season...

Well, It's time to bundle up & get cozy and warm... preparing for my shoe string budget, my imperfect family and the physical /mental /spiritual demands. I truly have enough on my plate during this holiday season... without having to deal with the added unnecessary stress... Really need to cope with the stress level wayyy down from now on... I have to put myself back in the holiday SPIRIT and having the true meaning of Christmas. Good to remember that we all may not be able to make this holiday season perfect, but we can all certainly check this off the list now... Let's go ahead and check “eliminate holiday stress” OFF our “to do” list.... and try our best to...

What do you do to avoid the hectic-madness-stress???
Hope this question does not add any stress... .

PICs : via Chris Tubs, Pbase.com, Bern Opitz, Monika Sziladi, Harper's Bazaar, Restoration Hardware Baby, Helmut Newton, Edward Steichen f Vanity Fair, Jen Gotch Flickr found via A Cup Of JO, YSL via Style.com, Kate Spade.com.


xphoebelinax said...

oh how i wished it snowed here :(

gorgeous photos!

Couture Carrie said...

Beautiful and thoughtful post, L! Love the winter wonderland pics, the furry sweater-cocoon, and the grocery shopping shot. I always go to the market like that!!

To avoid the holiday madness, I keep a fairly low profile, spending time only with those who matter to me most. Plus lots of dark chocolate and red wine!


Terencesambowrites said...

i like the picture with a girls face and some floral detail... awwz longer night .... spring is round the corner..

Micaela said...


FABULOUS! cos my thoughts.exactly.!
you know me so well sweetpea! ;)

a glass of wine always helps me out. xo

mademoiselleb said...

I love your blog so much !

Sal said...

I feel ya, lady. I've been so overwhelmed ... for what feels like ages. Hopefully a nice, relaxed holiday season will help us both!

Rita said...

Aw, I feel you. I'm horrible with time management as well! Hehehe. Well, at least you managed to put this lovely post together.

I'm really liking this blog, thanks for visiting mine the other day! :D

Anonymous said...

the power to say no is so important. also - avoid holiday music at all costs!!!

Linda Sue said...

What a delightful load of pictures!I remembered to take an entire bottle full of bitchy crabby ass pills this year, thanks for the reminder.

Bride Chic said...

I envy anyone who has snow right now. It is so magical

Anonymous said...

merry christmas!!

Anonymous said...

it seems like th efish is tryna get out for air..lol

Winnie said...

Wow all your photos chosen are so wonderful!

valerie said...

I take a power nap to avoid stress. Helps me revamp and sort of forget what I was originally freaking out about! Feel better!

Annie said...

Love that grocery shopping in a bikini-you are awesome, Lenore!

Songy said...

Lenore, I sometimes want to get into your head and find out 'more'. You're amazingly quirky and lovely.

Lisa PN said...

Thanks for such a thoughtful post!
What do i do to reduce stress.

I find ime each morning to write out my thoughts and feelings in a journal. That way, i can then go forward without so much chatter in my brain.

Love your choice of photos! So Good!

The Seeker said...

My sweet Lenore how I understand you!!!
I love this post. You are always so creative, funny and a good writer. You're blessed with this gift.
Well, my darling I have done nothing yet for Xmas, I know I'll do what a really must in the last days in a rush... well it's just me and Hubby...

Love all the pictures and I love you too.
Big hug

mond said...

that ysl cocoon really does make me feel snug, warm (:

molly said...

haha love the pictures and your thoughts...very festive

Couture Carrie said...

Me again, L!
Loved your grocery shopping pic so much that I used it in my post today!
It would be cool if we lived in the same zip code . . .
Btw: You have been tagged, darling! See my post today for the "rules" - it's a fun one!


DaisyChain said...

I hope you manage to stay warm, and somewhat cheerful.
Remember that no matter how busy you are,
there must always be time just to relax.


Isabell said...

the pics are great, like always.I really hope that it will be a white Xmas, too. You can't even find a little snowflake in berlin but there are still 10 days


Mary-Laure said...

Beautiful post! The top pic is stunning.

♥ fashion chalet said...

The Sound of Music!! :)

I love blue, especially icy blues.. it's cooler here, not exactly colder but bearable at least. I wore a scarf and sweater today. ;)

Thanks for the comments on my outfit for the concert with my Grandmother and Christmas tree!! :)


Anonymous said...

oh amazing posts! thanks for the sharing ♥
have a wonderful day ♥

dapper kid said...

Love the photos! I hate winter, but I love snow lol.

Susanna-Cole said...

Brrr. This post made me cold! Could be because I'm wearing short-sleeves are it's freezing outside, but oh I hate bundling up! Sometimes I wish we could be like bears and hibernate in winter, even though I do like snow... snow is beautiful! :)


Savvy Mode SG said...

i love all the images. i usually spend major holiday with family and closest friend only. lots of candles, wines and chocolates.

Petra said...

Cute post! I must admit that i'm not really a fan of winter. I love the heat, the sun, and all that comes with it. Also, our winter seems to drag throughout the most of the year, with nothing rather exciting in it. Christmas in winter sounds so wonderful! I cannot wait until i have my first white, chilly christmas :)

Beautiful images, they are so, so gorgeous!

I am a massive fan of christmas and all that comes with it, so i admit that i survive the festive season by being increadibly excited and jolly :)


Anonymous said...

your blog is so cute


...love Maegan said...

very beautiful. love your photo delights as well.

I still have so much shopping to do. I can't believe it's so close and I'm so far.

AsianCajuns said...

What a sweet post!
We know how you feel- we are trying to keep up with the blogging and all the holiday-ing. Hope you are having a most wonderful season!

Vintage Me New You said...

Great post again...really inspired:)
here is snowing already and it's really cold,but i love this time of the year:)

have a great week and best wishes to you!

issa said...

haha this post is the cutest!!

Dru!!! said...

sorry, finally getting around to commenting back- thanks! Yeah, I don't like to show my head in posts. Maybe soon haha

Couture Carrie said...

Me again, sweetness! I looooove Risto B - thanks for the link, daaaahling!

And if you ever need it, my email is carriecalligraphy@gmail.com!


Bella said...

Amazing post! The images of course always get me... and a few provoked quite a little giggle.
I'm very nearly finished with the Xmas shopping... just wrapping it up. Literally.

And my stress relief from holiday insanity... darling I write.
It's either that or cocktails.


Brenda said...

Beautiful images.

Don't let Christmas stress you. Simplify is the word. Enjoy the simple things.

Merry Christmas