" errr...I think I've been cured
from my Phobia..."
Many people have a phobia of spiders;
However, knowing how to distinguish the harmless
from the dangerous spiders is the key...
~Some are quite delightful !!!


" Woo-Hoo...It's Monday !!!"
....Seldom that 'woo-hoo!' & 'Monday' would be in the same sentence at LENORENEVERMORE...why? Cos' today is still a public holiday in the good ol' USA...land of the freedom! Errr...not so sure about the 'freedom' part though... I have been entrapped, imprisoned, enslaved in my attic by who else... MY JUNKsss !!! (new reader, I'm sure you are like 'what???' please refer to previous post) Anyway, the good news is that it's almost over darlingsss... Have the whole of today to finish it up and then it's FREEEEEDOM!!! Remember I was paranoid of having spiders & cobwebs on me... well, it's not so bad at all (~Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!) ...no need for my Ninja Costume~hee* I shall share some photos of my 'ATTIC adventure & treasure hunt' in my next post...okie* PS: my apology for not replying some of your lovely comments/emails for the past few days darlings, me very-very busy-productive-buzzing BEE & not Spider!
~ENJOY Your DAY* Everyone!!! XOXO*
-Pics via FaeryWhimsy, ViciousStyle, Alilang, Spider-Jones, BalticAmber,BurbarbeJewelry,UgoLuxury.Com -Fashion via Z.about, Tfs, Vogue China.


Laura Trevey said...

love these, but not real spiders!!
and I love your new title pic :)

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

I can't imagine doing a shooting with a tarantula crawling up my arm...eeeks!!

...love Maegan said...

you get such amazing photos for your posts .. . I LOVE THESE.

Couture Carrie said...

Great job, darling!
Those brooches and such are spookily gorgeous!


janettaylor said...

Hahaha! I haven't got phobia from spiders, but Hungary (where I live) hasn't got dangerous spiders...:))))

Have a nice day, too!

Kwana said...

These beautiful pics could cure just about any one. I'll take 2 diamonds please.

Jeannette Mariae said...

I still prefer Spiderman (ha, ha...) xxJM

Sher said...

Now the jewelry version I can handle :D

Diana said...

eeee! spiders!! >_<

i like your new header and that amazing vintage typewriter!!
have a great day!!

Anthony said...

That last pic of the lady in the web-winged costume is my favorite!
But all of the sparkly spiders are nice, too.
I'm anxious to see the fruits of your weekend labor... Or should I say Attic Antics?

Franco said...

Nice spider pics, I myself have a phobia of roaches touching my body.

g. said...

Love this post. Am sort of into the bugs right now myself, so long as they are made of yummy gold and stones!

Frau said...

Yuck I hate spiders even jeweled ones. I hope you found more treasures in the attic than spiders.

Awesome Sara said...

i agree spiders are really pretty as long as they are a great distance away from me!!

Gabbi said...

Happy to know you managed to survive and escape dear Lenore! Looking forward to seeing photos of the grand adventure...xo

Elizabeth Marie said...

I love these photos, where do you find them!?

A spider won't scare me if it's covered in diamonds or crystals..come to mama! haha

hope you're having a lovely day! XO

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

I love 'em, but not the real thing. I am especially loving all these brooches and such... Don't work too hard!

down and out chic said...

i'm so glad the little spiders were nice to you, however, i now kind of have the weebie-jeebies after reading your post! ick.

pinkapplecore said...

I never really had a horrible fear of spiders. I hope you hae fun with your attic adventure!

Savvy Mode SG said...

spiders, not so savvy for me. : )

Jan said...

That has to be a dead tarantula on the model's hand !
So glad you weren't attacked in the attic.
Awaiting pics. :)

Lorna said...

I don't care how glitzy you make 'em......... I'm scared of 'em!!! No arachnid brooches on me! :-) :-)

But yes..... works of art they are.


clorivak said...

You are adorable...hehe. I adore this creepy,crawly and sexy post! Its good to hear of near completion of the attic challenge. Yay for loonngg weekends!!

Style Porn said...

Yeah, in my experience spiders are a lot easier to deal with when they're made of white gold and diamonds.

Lilith said...

Spider accessories are a great way to cure arachnophobia.

btw, who is the person in the 12th photo?

Keith said...

Those are awesome. I loved them all. Hope you are doing well. Take care.

Chessa! said...

I have an irrational fear of spiders as well...but any of these items would cure that phobia in a New York minute. loves!

Nicole Marie said...

i saw an old man with a gold spider in his white beard. it was disturbing

akka b. said...

oh but spiders are so MAGICAL!

symbolically speaking they link the past with the future...are the weavers of the threads of life (fate) and are the guardians of ancient languages.

But the bit I like the most is their strong link with creative powers especially in association with being a "writer."

So for these reasons...I am glad you have become friends. ;-)

nicole addison said...

the america's next top model pic gave me the goosebumps. yikes! i can appreciate the fake ones.. but the people with the real ones are crazy! beautiful pics tho :)

Anonymous said...

vote for The seeker on minisaia.blogspot

Micaela said...

only YOU could make spiders look glamourous ;)

Hanako66 said...

I think that you may have found the ONLY pretty spider things in the world:)

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Spiders are terrifying. I almost crashed my car once when I found one on the passenger side seat.

Hope you enjoyed Mem Day. Unfortunately, it's not a holiday in Hong Kong, so no vacation for me.

yiqin; said...

Ah I'd love to have a spider ring! Def make a statement!

Laura said...

the spider broches are amazing!
x Laura