Outdoor Market in Paris

 " excusez-moi madame...what a cute handbag! 
...a vintage piece? what are you making for dinner tonight?? "
( i'm curious a.k.a still nosy like that! )
One of the greatest things about Paris has always been the food & its freshest ingredients! 
When the weather is nice (errr...unlike the recent & upcoming wet rain throughout the city), 
I'd truly enjoy strolling the city neighborhood where there're the weekly produce markets.
Freshest array of fruits and vegetables, cheese, poultry, meat, fish and non-food items too.
Plus, 'people watching' may still be my favorite thing to do!
there's a good list of charming Parisian markets for the locals+tourists alike ~Le link HERE*
greetings from Paris



Shady Del Knight said...

I can only imagine the delightful aroma that invades your nostrils as you stroll those streets, Lenore Nevermore. I hope the weather clears up soon so that you can get back out there and enjoy. Have a splendid week, dear friend!

Diana Mieczan said...

I love their markets as well. They have such a fantastic selection of fresh and delicious products. Love your photos, sweetie. Kisses

shari said...

I don't think I saw an outdoor market while I was there... I was lucky to be able to browse a small local flea market in the 20th, though... found some really amazing things! So fun! I wish I were there, too... my friend is in Paris now and is making me jealous!


Dancing Branflake said...

French markets? One of the many reasons why France is on my to go list.

McVal said...

LOL! Did she mind that you were stalking her?

Caroline said...

love love love...especially that photo of the scallions!!!

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

I hope so too...I've lost 2 cheap umbrellas so far~ very careless me!

yes~the flea market is fab! I can really spend a few days there...sigh I want to buy so many things & open a shop!

Isn't she a lovely model? Seems like the people here don't mind tourists with cameras clicking at them...maybe by now they are quite accustomed to being photographed? Some shops/galleries on the other hand are so strict, no camera is allowed!

Anonymous said...

because of your amazing posts, i am now planning a january holiday to paris! x

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

I'm flattered, coming from such a talented photographer as yourself!

Thanks, so very sweet of you...I'm sure you'll love it! So excited for you now!

janettaylor said...

WOW! Love it!

Jan said...

Enjoying your reportage LNM.
Damn that 'wet' rain though.

Pet said...

I agree. "People watching" is the best in places like Paris.

David Toms said...

And they shop for veggies with such style!

mistress maddie said...

I would swear I can almost smell the freshness Lenore. Now I think I want a carrot to gnawl on.

Style Porn said...

What a distinguished looking lady! I hope I live in some cool city when I'm older so I can walk everywhere and shop in open-air markets. It beats being in the suburbs or in a nursing home!

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

have you tried carrot dipped in maple syrup? I know it's weird(like me!), but i lurrrve the taste combo!

my thoughts exactly!

~Thank you everyone!

Sam said...

Oh yes! The food in Paris is superb! Even a small cafe out does most restuarants in Sydney! I think the secret to French cooking must be taught at their mother's knee or something! Gorgeous shots!