Fashion Forward Steiff Pugs

fashioned by Balmain & Versace
Luisa Via Roma is proud to present "PUG DOGS FOR HAPPY KIDS",
an exclusive one of a kind edition of 20 pug dogs; produced by Steiff
the German leader in highly collectible handmade plush toys.
Each piece is customized by a selection of the most prominent international 
luxury fashion designers. All proceeds generated from the sales 
will be donated to UNICEF to support disadvantaged children. 
This one is by Valentino, a pug lover himself!
So darn cute, aren't they?
[ to view more designer pugs click HERE ]


-Thanks to my dear brother for the link!


Christel @ Captivated by image said...

Oh I would LOVE to let Ollie wear the Valentino one, so fashionable! I bet he looks good in red;)
How about your puggies?

Jan said...

Could you get one - or would your babies be jealous?
p.s. welcome home!

Susan said...

How curiously kitsch, darling! I'm very fond of my Teddy Edward - a beautiful old Steiff bear - probably now a valuable vintage curiosity...

Franka said...

I love STEIFF animals!
They look so naturally!

♥ Franka

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

I think they might...
tearing it into pieces!

~Thank you ladies!

Kay said...

oh my gosh..I love these puggies