I have survived the major storms & flood!!!
...and more good news; I did not have any nervous breakdown!
First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank
everyone who had taken their precious time to write
LOVEly & caring words to me...certainly cheered* me up!
~Thank you so MUCH everyone!
Wasn't really sure whether I should share this horrible experience
with all of you, moreover these awful looking photos...
But, share I must! That's what blogging is all about right?!
...so here you are:

destroyed items from the garage & basement of the house!
All muddiness after the flood had dried up!
I'm traumatized...shall not use mud facial mask anytime soon...
even the blue color kind!
The basement a.k.a my storeroom!
I know Linoleum floor is ugly...
well, it had become uglier!!!
(sorry for my lack of vocabulary)
"eeeuw... & yuck!"
were the words of the week for me!
(I'm very articulate like that!)
so were "antibacterial"
and "die germs die!!!"
(I'm also dangerous like that!)
errr...still had time to pose for the camera though!
~just being a drama queen...raising my hand in the air
screaming, "Why...why?!!! Why me!!!"
(correction: self-pitying drama queen!)

The good news;...phew!
some items were saved and were moved to the dry-land
a.k.a the dining room & guest room...
As we can see, still very much chaotic!
Lots to be done around
my home sweet home...~But
~still very grateful to be well & ALIVE!!!
you know...things could have been worse right?!
So how was your weekend???
-Photo by LENORENEVERMORE additional pics via pixadaus.com


Juanita said...

Oh Lenore, that looks so messy - how awful to have to tackle that much mud and so many stored things ruined :-(

I am glad you are on the other side of that experience now...freshly cloroxed :-)

Electro Geisha said...

im so sorry that you had to experience natures ugly side... this weather has gone crazy :( as you said, you are alive and well.. :) that is the most important thing... take care :)

Sal said...

What an ordeal! Glad you were able to save some of your stuff, and that you're safe and sound.

L said...

Oh my! What a mess! What's important is that you are safe & sound! Things can be replaced :) After the rain, there is always a rainbow.

Michael Rivers said...

Good to know that the flood is over! What a mess!

Marcos Batuecas said...

lovely chicken


Shaddy said...

I appreciate and admire your positive attitude. You have a wonderful way of making light of the troubles that come your way; you set a wonderful example for the rest of us.

I'm so sorry for the mess you've had to face and all the hard work you've had to do to try to save things and clean up. I sincerely hope that you didn't lose anything that's irreplaceable.

Yes, blogging is for sharing and I'm glad you felt the support from all of us who care about you.

Keep smiling!

Jill said...

Great way to get rid of stuff you haven't used in a while! Maybe?!

Floods are horrible. I've been thru 3...living near the gulf and the many hurricanes. One of the good things about living in the desert now.

Keep your chin up...this too will pass!

Bunny, THE PARIS HOUSE said...

So glad you are doing well sweetie, I was thinking of you over the weekend!! Hang in there, this will all be over soon...I hope!

NorthWestLondonGirlInTheCountry said...

Oh my, well done you for keeping your sense of humour, though probably at times I'm sure this wasn't the case, but you're getting through it, and will come out the other side stronger and smiling...keep hanging in there xxx

Laura said...

Wow, that's terrible! But yes, at least you're okay.

McVal said...

Oh wow!... In 1994, the creek behind our house flooded. Our first opportunity to have lakefront property! The water was within an inch of breaking into our basement, but we were spared. Others on our street, not so lucky. There was raw sewage, fish, muck, etc... We spent the day helping them clean out the yuck...
I'm so sorry for your mess and loss! I hope it's looking and smelling better soon!

pen.ny said...

You have such a great attitude about all of this!! Sorry about the flooding! It seems as though it was no fun!!!!! Ew & Yuck! (your so funny)

nora said...

Oh dear Lenore, first of all I'm so glad that the flood is over and the things in the basement are the only ones got hurt :/

And maybe this ugly experience will help you fix and redesign your basement in a better way? Perhaps a lot of work to do but new ideas (along with spending some money) may cheer you up ! ^_^

Taylor B. said...

I hope you didn't lose anything too dire! At least you were able to throw out items you probably never should have kept in the first place. :P
You'll get it all cleaned up and it'll look as though nothing ever happened. Plus, for now, you can actually say your guest-room is not ready for guest.

Laura Trevey said...

Glad you are back!!
Hope this week is looking up ~~


Jan said...

Oh Lenore, How horrible for you.
Absolutely right to share with us.
You've coped admirably though, as I knew you would.
love x

Bob said...

Sometimes it feels like the aftermath is worse than the actual flood/huricane/tornado/visit-from-the-in-laws.

jen said...

just catching up on your blog....oh my!
looks like quite the mess sweetie. :(
So sorry you had to deal with this. Hope you have a better week this week.

Kristin said...

Oh no. I'm so sorry. I experienced a flood a few years back. It totally sucks. I hope you didn't lose anything too valuable, sentimental or otherwise!

Jaime said...

I am sorry to hear about this flood! What a mess :( You seem to be maintaining a good sense of humor though- good for you :)

Nora Johnson said...

Oh darling Leonore, words fail me! I'm so sorry but I do admire yr sense of humour!

btw Have just posted my latest Lola Lifeline- hope it makes you smile too despite all yr problems!

Have a great week!

Hugs *kisses*

Down and Out Chic said...

things definitely could have been worse, but still, i feel your pain! glad it's over though, now it's time for cleanup?? hang in there!

Simply Colette said...

Oh my! That's devastating... so sorry to hear. Glad you are safe.


Caroline said...

Oh my gosh...so sorry. But it puts everything in perspective. Thank goodness you are OK. Hang in there.

Clorivak said...

Oh NO!! It's even worse than I imagined. I'm sure the Worst is Over though......PHEW, Double Phew.

And it always could of been worse, this is minor compared to disasters that happen, that's for sure. As long as you have your health and your home..besides your poor yucky basement..hehe...i kid than things will be alright!!!

Hope you have a better week, this week!!!!!

Sher said...

Oh Lenore, the only good thing is that you are safe and sound and no mud slides or anything of that type. I hope you didn't loose anything sentimental. IF I lived nearby I would be there helping you scrub.
(hugs) And hang in there girlfriend.

Ela said...

Oh honey, I am soooo glad you are okay. I'm sad you lost those things and had to go through all this, I'm glad you made it through and even salvaged some things. And you are not a drama queen, no way, lady. You are strong and amazing for getting through this and even blogging/laughing about it.
Keeping you in my prayers still!
It'll be okay real soon, sweetheart!

me melodia said...

I share your pain.
This is horrible. I have now dealt with 2 house floodings. All the muck and mess is dreadful.
Stay classy L, this will pass.

Homemaker Man said...

Good to hear from you Lenore. That looks like a nasty mess.

Style Artisan said...

Oh my goodness. This is my first visit here and it looks like you have had a tough time. Hope that things are better now, but I do love your sense of humor about it all.

That last picture made me laugh out loud!

Gigi said...

Oh my darling Lenore!!!! I am so, so sorry to hear about your home being flooded! Man, you are one tough chick to keep your fabulous sense of humor through all this. I am sending you all the antibacterially-coated best wishes and prayers I can. Take good care of yourself.

xoxo Gigi

Elizabeth Marie said...

Oh that is horrible. I'm so glad you're safe, I hope nothing sentimental was lost honey.

Saving Capulet said...

And we are very glad you're OK! safe and sound :3

the spectator said...

I bet that chicken has a peck at that yolk.

Style Porn said...

Good heavens, where are you? Are you in the LA area? I'm glad you're ok!

Boo, rain.

Sabine said...

Oh, this looks horrible! Hope you get over the shock and the mess soon!

Mrs. M. said...

gosh i am so sorry! Like you said, at least you are alive though. things could have been much worse!

Bathwater said...

I am so sorry you got flooded. I hope the water is receding now!

Hanako66 said...

oh no, what a mess!!

Iva said...

oh Lenore!! I am so sorry. I hope you are feeling ok though. I know it must be so tough and so hard on you to see so many of your things get ruined. I am just glad you are ok physically. Clean up will be hard, but like you say, things really could have been so much worse.

Phoenix said...

::hugs:: I'm so sorry, hon. It's supposed to rain some more this week so just make sure you have everything you need to keep your stuff safe and dry, okay?

You'll get through this, darling!

cindy said...

i'm about to turn into a plagiarist - eeeuw... & yuck! i'm sorry you had to endure that mess, but glad it wasn't even worse.

photojoy said...

It must have been hard to accept the reality but I am so happy you've been getting it over! But don't forget you've got to take care of yourself after all those exhasuting days. Hope you can have a good rest and good time this week.

trishie said...

Oh i'm so glad you survived the nightmare!

Karen Raye and Bentley Beargrass said...

So sorry to see this happened to you. Keep your chin up and get some rest. And yes- it could have been worse but...it's always hard to see that image when you're going through something like this. Take care!

Poetikat said...

So sorry, my friend, for all you've been through. I haven't visited in a while and didn't know what befell you. I would have certainly been one of those who left a message of concern (and prayers and thoughts and lots of hugs).

I'm so glad you were not hurt and the damage is something you can cope with. Take care!



Sam said...

Goodness me Lenore - that is major!! You really were flooded big time! So traumatic I think! You must have had a real time of it - take care and glad to hear the worst is over...XXXOOO's

Tracie said...

Well I'm glad you're ok!! What a ton of work you've had to do. I hope you've had help.