Still in the topic of 'REBELLION'... Do you know that in Paris, anyone can get arrested or worst fine$ for wearing/carrying/having fake designer goods...

Gucci, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel as in Coco double Cs Chanel... You name it, they will certainly have it; FAKES!!! . So when in Paris you... yes, you who frequent those "illegal substance", you better watch out... or else the fashion police will catch you, or worst, Karl Lagerfeld will hunt you down and spray your face with Chanel No.5(don't know which is worst...hwahaha!). There are people out there though (as in right now... as I'm busy typing & blogging away...) who are also busy enjoying themselves making more fakes...(ssst!...don't tell the authority...) Yes, there isn't a typo, they are really enjoying themselves...(Look at those guilty faces! those criminals...hee!) Enjoying? Yes, they belong to this gang, err...I mean group who called themselves the 'Counterfeit Crochet Project'. Their motto is; "Debasing & defiling designer item one step at a time"(mmm...sounds like a political statement or is it the wonderful world of ART???). I think they are a bunch of dangerous people...Crochet-ing like my dear grandmama (better remind myself to set the alarm system at my home tonight...wooo...I'm really scared...) Anyway, if you feel the need to find out more about them or join them in this so called 'illegal' activity just go right ahead and click below(promise not to tell your parents!) & 'make my day....' (ala Clint Eastwood !) Told you, LENORENEVERMORE is dangerous that way... click! (not a gun, just computer click!)

" It's not too late...don't click it !!!"
" No...don't go to the dark side, come to the light..."


Oka said...

Haha spray your face with No. 5


' yes,yes...cos' Mace pepper spray is too cruel non? we fashion people flamboyant people...not cruel non?!' (so says Mr K.L!)


Anonymous said...

You are so entertaining!
who are this people, to make such a group project like this. Oh well..... I had problem posting comment in your blog. I hope you get this.
best regards!

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