Three good friends, Loise Olsen, Stephen Ormandy and Liane Rossler met while studying drawing and painting at an art school back in 1983. They formed Dinosour Designs in 1985 and began selling handpainted fabric and jewellery at Paddington markets. The intuitive creativity that always shapes their work has also formed the development of their company. It now stands as one of the successful design company in their country, operating its own stores in Sydney, Melbourne and across the ocean in New york...as well as exporting to more than twenty countries world wide. Quite an achievement, considering where they first started as school friends... It got me to think about the whole dynamic of seperating business with friendship...personal RELATIONSHIP, how do some people do it without calling 911 ?
I've known many people who've sworn that they will never ever go into a business with their friends. Based on my own experience, it is very hard when personal issues & business are collided...very difficult to set them far apart...not impossible though, I mean everything is possible, amen! I know of a married couple from Hong Kong who are still working together after building a successful company for the past 38 years... and they are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary this year! (Cheers to you Rita & Joe!).
And there is the other side of the coin so to speak...my own parents for instance, they...how can I put it eloquently... how is this; never-never ever will they win couple of the year awards!( how's that for family drama & Dr Phill moments!)...constantly fighting, bickering endlessly...Thank God they've never worked or formed a business company together! I think there would surely be a hit-man involved(murder for hire)...I'm telling you, there would be blood!!! (major world war III ! ) Heehee...why am I still laughing here? Cos' I don't live under the same roof with them no more...whahaha...!
Whatever it is, the dynamic of any relationship is quite a fascinating topic... (Dr Phill you've made million$ from it!) Hello...have you been to Barnes & Nobles lately?...shelves after shelves of books are printed on this subject! anyway, where was I...? O' yes, do you like the resin bangles in the pictures above? Nice to wear them with simple outfits or just like the model, in her birthday suit! Lovely indeed...
The same three good friends; Louise, Stephen and Liane from Dinosaur Designs are selling them in their onlinestore now...other colors are also available. But again who knows guys... they; the three good friends/business partners could be hating each other at this very moment, throwing their chunky resin bangles at each other from across their office desks!!! heehee...! Who knows?!!


Anonymous said...

The bangle is so nice, but must be expensive?...will check them out for other colors! txs much!


friendship before bangles always, amen! yes, other colors available,
click the link & happy shopping!