WHOLE hearted~

" ...My heart can't possibly break when it wasn't
WHOLE to start with... "
...what a powerful statement !!! Especially when the writer was only a 'sweet sixteen' yrs old girl...how did she get this powerful revelation??? What kind of emotional trauma did she endure??? What kind of tragic events did she have to go through??? ...enough of this melodrama already...have you guessed who this girl is? Ready?? She is Kelly Clarkson ! Yes, the same girl who won everyone's heart(& votes for that matter!) and was crowned the winner of American Idol first season.
How old is she now? The above lyrics were taken from her song entitled ' Because of You ' which she wrote when she was only sixteen (impressive!). As of now, she continues to have much success in her career... 
On a personal (musical) note, I've realized that the only thing that can fill the 'hole' in my heart is God's love. Full of His grace and mercy... Amen to that ! I shall always remember and continue to fill my heart with His love.(just like a car gas tank, must always check the gas level for refill)
complete lyrics HERE & video HERE

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