I spend a lot of time looking & searching for interesting new products. Given that we are able to put man on the moon, let me introduce you to MOMSPIT... as in drooly-drooll saliva, yes, the same liquid stuff that spits/flying out from your mouth when you try to speak a difficult foreign language... all kidding aside, they are betting everyone has had a Mom who used her spit to clean his or her face(for those who don't, lucky you!). That's the original 'mom spit'(sorry dads, I'm sure there are distinguished dads out there who spit too!). ...thought its inevitable and frequent use was disgusting, and could only smile fondly as history repeated itself when they started using their own spit to their own children. I also fondly(or not!) remember that my own mom used her spit to groom my eyebrows (...glad to report that I now use a bit of hair-gel for my brow grooming. I guess wayyy back then, gel hasn't been invented,hee! My mom also had used her spit to count her money...ok let's not go therenow, heehee...) Anyway, enter the MomSpit - inspired by the original SPIT. This MomSpit is also made with love(or desperation...) in every drop. MomSpit personal care cleansers are premium, user-friendly and infused with fresh and gentle scents. They're pH balanced, biodegradable and contain no human saliva,I repeat nohuman saliva! cos' that would just be real gross... did I mention their products are not tested on animals(yay!). So what's next? Dadspit?? Why not...equal opportunity I'd say... All moms unite and support this product...shall we?

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