Artist LOUISE DOWNE wrote :

My work is largely concerned with photograph as an experimental field for linguistic reasoning, whereby each image, or group of images utilise given linguistic structures of noun, verb and adjective as objectified variables for the manipulation of a given narrative truth.
Time and truth are not mutually exclusive, nor is their symbiotic presence as a by-product of the photographic process denied, here though they are neither relative nor secure in their reliance on one another.
To confound Time disrupts Truth to a greater degree than disrupting a Truth confounds that Time. Truth has other avenues of immediate explanation in which to assert its self, be it a differing place, person or action, yet all rely on a basic separation in the Time they occupy to correlate with an understanding of time as linear. It is when these avenues explanation are distorted that the relationship between images is irreconcilable, it cannot lead to a complicit truth, and neither can it be one that is surreal, as one truth is not entirely in possession of another. Both such relationships could only exist if they were to share a time, and they do not.
What is arrived at instead is a state In which Logic is assigned an informal locus. Rather than a truly empirical truth condition of, for example 'snow is white if and only if snow is white' what transpires is a more implicit comprehension of an aesthetic grammar, becoming, 'snow is white because snow is white'.
This literal translation both assumes the evidence for a thing at the moment of evidence - as with the linguistic truth proposition - but also because of that evidence. Thus assuming that this truth was already in evidence at the moment of comprehension, forcing the relationship to become reciprocally causal. What we are then left with is a logic that resides in a momentary caesura of comprehension created when both the established system of reasoning narrative content as a semantically linear time and a more causal pragmatic aesthetic reasoning are forced to exist simultaneously.

With all do respect Louise Downe... LENORENEVERMORE would have said this to you:
"Yes, yes, very nice photo mmm.........indeed....indeed..." ( Thank God we are not actually in this 'thick & deep' intellectual converstaion ...fortunately, I've learned that each time I am in a '???' kind of situation, it always helps to just simply say "indeed-indeed...". while nodding my head slightly & ever so gently... very convincing! Wearing a pair of tortoise shell glasses would be a plus! Take note airheads!! heehee...)
Seriously though, it is a nice photograph, I also like the simple white frame...indeed-indeed...

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