well hello there!

this BLOG is really-really BIG in Tuvalu - a 9 square miles country!!! ...woooh impressed?

|who|what|which|when|where|why| Having appetence in all the above! 

" I'm curious, pensive and full of contradiction..."

" too much good taste can be boring " ~Diana Vreeland
Marcel Proust
" Beauty lies not in colors but in their harmony " ~Marcel Proust 

" MAN......
" Man!...feel like a WOMAN ! "

' ying-yang '
...two sides to everything- The light without dark- no day without night- happiness without sadness- blah-blah-blah...

" ART is NEVER BORING " Wake up Mona! Wake UP!!! "

favorite tool
Favorite tool..& SOUND clip-clip-clip

" I'm all for sharing! ...If you choose to reblog images from this blog, please give credit where credit is due ~Thanks! "

daily reminder :
or shall pursue Love, Peace & Joy!

frivolity + gallantry
Frivolity + gallantry 
'The Swing' ~ Jean-Honore Fragonard

dream + fantasy + imagination 

"CHANEL-ing our charms..."

Smile CHARMed!
Beautiful organized clutter...'warm modernism'

wish list :
wish list: Serge Mouille Lamp - stamped & numbered

Shinzi Katoh's zakka
'zakka'- cute things that make us feel happy*

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” ~M.T Cicero

Last but not least;
" eat mangoes naked- lick the juice off your arms- discover your own goodness ...be delicious* "

"...spread love everywhere you go...
let no one ever come to you without
leaving happier..." ~Mother Theresa