... My sister’s life has not been the same since early last year. She is now a breast cancer survivor… Strange as it may sound, but I think her experience somehow helped her view her life differently…It has made her a better person…sister, daughter, mother, wife…friend. Hoping her experience can help someone else. PLEASE ladies do a monthly self-breast exam. PLEASE don’t wait until you are over 40 to have a mammogram… if you suspect something is wrong, or have a family history of breast cancer request one, even if your doctor might say that you are too young or does not feel you need one ( that was what had happened to my dear sister... too young and no family history of breast cancer! ). And we should also know by now that men get breast cancer too… Gentlemen, encourage the women in your life to have their breast-check regularly… Remember that every hour 5 women die from breast cancer and 20 women will be told the horrible news, “ you have breast cancer… ”

Notice the month of October is sprinkled PINK with so many products in many shopping malls and stores, Pink- pink-more pink-ness everywhere, even this blog! …I guess sadly in this world, there are those who might ‘forget’ if not reminded in this way?…It’s about awareness & education…think what people need to do is think before you pink. No, I am not the one who came up with this clever tagline. It belongs to Breast Cancer Action, a grassroots advocacy group at the forefront of the breast cancer activist movement. The point for them is to educate the public about cause marketing, how companies are using cause marketing to exploit the good intentions of the public, and how you can make a difference by shopping wisely. A pink ribbon alone doesn't mean you are helping. We need to make sure we are making educated shopping decisions and choosing only those companies that are actually doing some good. Otherwise we are better off buying a cheaper brand and sending your hard earned money you saved directly to a breast cancer organizations you believe in. Important message is that Breast cancer continues long after the ‘pink ribboned’ products leave the store shelves...

As the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month comes to a close pretty soon, the pink ribbons and products you see in the stores will fade away and be quickly replaced with the usual reds & greens for the coming Christmas season, which in my humble opinion seems really early, wayyy... too early! Must remind ourselves that even after the pink-ness has disappeared and all gone the terrible disease is definitely NOT ! There's much more to be learned, more to be informed… There's still much work to be done... Shall we... Do you know anyone who has been affected by breast cancer, either personally or through a family member or friend? Unfortunately I do... all of the above......



Dorkys R. said...

Great post Lenore. I do think people should keep fighting for this cause (as well as all the others) long after their awareness month has come and gone. I think there have been family members of mine diagnosed with the disease and am always scared for my mom who refuses to ever go to the doctor to get herself checked out :(

So people, do anything and everything you can to protect yourselves and be there for those who've already heard those life-changing words.

TaMs* said...

Thank you for the post.
My mother, grandmother, and 2 aunts all have had breast cancer. It was so hard for them. It's an easy thing to put off, but soooo important.

Franco said...

*sending positve energy and wishes*
weird enough I don't someone with cancer...
yo' sistah is strong.

DaisyChain said...

A close family friend is a Breast Cancer Survivor.
I'm glad so much awareness is being raised these days.

melmo said...

oh that's terrible with breast cancer :(

thanks for your nice comment

xoxo melmo

Miss at la Playa said...

i have a family history, my grandmother was detected breast cancer some months ago, and I was s worried for her. Luckily she's ok now.

Your sister must have been so brave. I'm sure you helped her so much.

Couture Carrie said...

Thanks for sharing your sister's story! My stepmom is a breast cancer survivor too :)


~:*:*:Pixie:*:*:~ said...

Hello. :)

I'm glad you posted this for many, many reasons.

Thank you, first of all for sharing your personal experience; of your sister.

Secondly, I have wondered about the pink ribbons... the local drugstore has t-shirts, socks, pens, car magnets, make up bags... etc. and NO WHERE does it indicate where the money for these (very cute) items actually goes. While wearing the pink ribbon might bring awareness, if the funds paid don't go to research or to benefit those with breast cancer then... well, you've already pointed all this out.

Finally... I love your blog. I love it. I'll be back.

PS: Look at this... my friend Sue Obaza participated in this incredibly creative event.

Sal said...

Thanks for this reminder to consciously consume. There was a newspaper spread here in Mpls last week about companies jumping on the pink bandwagon and abusing the campaign. Made me nauseous.

Valentine said...

I actually lost an aunt to cancer and I guess that made me more aware and conscious. Although, I do know that most women think that the possibility of them getting it is very low.

I loved this post a lot! and thanks for sharing your sis' story.

Will definitely send out an email to friends and family, right now.



AAAAAH.. must join your next guessing game! sounds like so much fun.. + I love guessing games.. hehe..

...love Maegan said...

that is fantastic! congrats to your sis for conquering the big ugly C!

*those photos are awesome :)

The Seeker said...

This is such a great post.
I think that these issues must be talked about, to call attention to them and to make more women do their control.
There's no need to wait until October, but that's good that there's at least a month that women talk about that.

I'm sorry to hear about your sister, but it's great she's a brave surviver.

Sending good vibrations and much love

Anonymous said...

best wishes and positive chi goes out to your sister. this is such a great post.

blue hearts said...

Great and very informative post.

Thanks for posting this.

enc said...

I think I'm the only person who doesn't know anyone who has had breast cancer.

I'm sorry to hear of your sister's battle, but it sounds like she's been very successful in handling her illness. It's wonderful that you could be there for her.

AsianCajuns said...

I try to buy anything and everything with the pink ribbon on it. I can't imagine how scary it must have been for your family.

Sophia said...

My mom's best friend survived breast cancer, and it definitely changed her. She's more grateful for her life and doesn't take things for granted, you know? I think everyone should be more like that. How old is your sister?

Sophia said...

My mom's best friend survived breast cancer, and it definitely changed her; she's more grateful for her life, and she doesn't take things for granted now. I think everyone should be more like that!! How old is your sister? She's strong =]

Romeika said...

I do, too, luckily, survivors.

Holly said...

glad to hear your sister's new outlook. thanks for the post, we can never have too many like this. also, love those photos!!

Savvy Mode SG said...

I agree w. you. one of my good friend at age 32 became a survivor too 2 years ago.

Susanna-Cole said...

So glad your sister beat breast cancer! :)

And it's great they're helping to raise awareness, this, "Every hour 5 women die from breast cancer and 20 women will be told the horrible news, “ you have breast cancer… ”" especially puts things in perspective of how important breast cancer prevention is!


angie519 said...

Thank you dear =)!

Great blog! All the pictures you present are so artsy and creative.

Thanks for this post. It's really important to spread awareness. I have 2 fibroadenomas in one breast so I've always been really inspired in October, and felt connected to breast cancer awareness.

Songy said...

This is terrible really. the trouble I heard was that the cancer itself might be cured but people get secondary cancers after that. That's what really kills people. Best wishes for your sister. Do make sure that she gets her regular tests.

PharmacistMike said...

Thanks for bringing attention to a cancer that affects young people. Unfortunately, especially when involving the breasts or genitals, young people delay seeking care and then they have bad outcomes. If you notice abnormalities, seek medical attention immediately.

seralouise said...

THANKYOU for this post . my mum also has cancer but unfortnatly her's is a rare uncurable one. but still the more aware ppl are of this disease the more cases they will catch earlier ! all the love and wishes to ur sister x