~Wonderful [Father's Day] Weekend*

Let's leave my 'Singapore post' for today & pay a visit to my dear father!
Some of you may already know that I come from a 'dysfunctional' family...
(some extremely polite people may just call us 'eccentric', but let's face it;
we're one dysfunctional bunch!). Anyway, I took these photos when I
went to visit my parent's house before I left for Singapore.
~take a look:
Let me introduce my dad...in his favorite space,
far-far away from my mom! a.k.a his home office.
" Dad...what's that in your back pocket? "
(It's actually the lining of his pants pocket....sticking out!)
~such a stylish statement huh? should be the next fashion trend for this season...
One more look ~hehehe...
and he would sometimes go out with that 'thingie' sticking out like that too!
Let's just call it his trademark...shall we~
my father is such a neat & tidy person...NOT!!!
On a good day, we can actually see a lovely desk underneath those piles!
(trust me, it's somewhere there!)
He buys almost everything in multiples...
because 4 or more of the same book is better than just one?!
Doesn't that sound quite familiar...errr moi ???
I'm saving the worst for last!
How can one find anything around these mountains?
...and that computer screen, is circa 1980s~ vintage!!
as you can see, he doesn't throw much of anything away...
border-line hoarder? ( just like who else...me!!! )
as much as I hate to admit this,
I think I truly have become more & more like my father!
* smiLe *

'Have a Wonderful Father's Day Weekend Everyone!'


Homemaker Man said...

Hey Buddy. My mother makes your father look like a minimalist. And my father is just a plain ol' slob. Dysfunctional families make interesting people.

Lianne said...

Love the "multiples" purchases. I do this with clothing. If I find something that I love in one colour, then my logic is why not have it in many colours.

Kristin said...

Ah ha ha. You should see my garage...I seriously need to toss SO much stuff. Maybe your Dad is lazy like me? HA!

Karena said...

My Dad is not Quite that bad, howver his office is similar in many ways!

Not sure I want anyone to see my garage or closets right now!

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Art by Karena

drollgirl said...

you are not alone! i am almost as weird as my dad. almost. give it a few more years and i might even be weirder than him. maybe.

Shaddy said...

Dad's have more important things to think about than whether their pockets are properly arranged or not, right?

Someday, hopefully, we'll be lucky enough not to care about those insignificant details too!

Thanks for sharing your father and his stuff. They're treasures aren't they!

Jan said...

It's a clean mess at least !
Happy weekend Lenore.

Saving Capulet said...

ph wow, i could tell, your dad is a great man!

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

What a darling post! I can so relate to his buying the same things in multiples - I do the same, as did my father. When my dad passed away, I found boxes and boxes of art, sometimes a dozen of each print? go figure. I wonder what it says about us that we need more than one of the same thing?

Your father is adorable! Wishing him a wonderful Father's Day!

Have a wonderful weekend, darling! xox

jason said...

too cute

Leah said...

delightful ode to your pops, missy. your father seems delightful!

Belty said...

LOL-your family sounds interesting!
Enjoy the weekend in Singapore!!

COCAMIA said...

Such a sweet and interesting post...xo

knk said...

i don't know yesterday was fathers day nice

happy weekend
enjhoy your day

Couture Carrie said...

Lovely post, darling L!

Hope you and dad have a fab weekend!


Dancing Branflake said...

So much love! So much eccentricity. And really, why does he have a build a bear??

SabinePsynopsis said...

Awww, Dad's the Best! I have to be careful here, but I can truly say: I understand. Wishing you a lovely weekend in Singapore, Lenore! xoxo

Melissa Blake said...

oh, i adore this post! Happy Father's Day!! xoxo

Diana Mieczan said...

Such a sweet post:) Kisses darling and enjoy your weekend:)

The Seeker said...

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Here we celebrate Father's Day in March.

Blessings XOXO

Anonymous said...

You are too cute!
ha, my dad buys things in multiples too, but he is super clean!

Thanks for the birthday wish.
You are lovely.


Leah said...

What a fun tribute to your dad... Happy father's day to him! xoxo

house 09 said...

lol! what a special way to celebrate him... lovely sunday to you and your family!

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Thank You everyone!

bunny, The Paris House said...

this is such a cute post! I want to give your dad a big hug!! Wow his office is filled with fun things and I bet he can find what he's looking for in seconds. Hope he has a great father's day and I hope you are having a wonderful time in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Lenore, I have to admit, I've been reading pages of your blog lately (trying to catch up ya know?) and every time this post scrolls up, I giggle. I love it! Your Dad is fantastic!

Karen said...

Aw no matter what type of family.. it's great to have some bonding time with your dad! Did he know you took a picture of his back pocket sticking out? :P On some days my desk looks just like his.. but I'll try to tidy it up every few days :)