*the doorman and I*

~This always happens to me...
the hotel doorman always gives me
the strangest-look each time I check-in
(remember my Tokyo trip...the same!)
yesss, the "errr???" look!
" ERRR???
huh?! more luggagesss in the back seat...???"
" urrrggghhh...what's inside???
weighs like a freakin' grand piano!!!"
" errr...whatttt???
MORE! in the front seat??? "
" ouch...I think I just broke my back!!!"
" ehem-ehem... excuse me nice doorman,
where can I buy your belt...?
It's fabulousss....
does it come in any other colorsss...??? "
" Dang* must use an industrial farm tractor
to carry those luggagesss...
please-please-pleassssse...hope & pray
I would be OFF on the day she checks-out!!!
oooh...I think I cracked my ribs in 3 places!
ouch-ouch-ouch..." {boink-boink-boink*)
~told ya'...still learning how to pack light
for my travel!
errr...must try harder?!
via Singapore


Michael Rivers said...

HAHAHA. It's a good thing we don't travel together. The packing would be insane. Hmmmm . . . maybe we should give it a try?

amy @ switz~art said...

bahaha! you go girl!
and remember...that's what they are there for for...to carry ALL of your wares!

Sher said...

LOL! Lenore you are too funny! I pack the same way ;D

emily said...

hahaha way to let your true colors shine :)

Simply Colette said...

Too funny! You're right... great belt. Love the whole get up actually. :)


Bunny, THE PARIS HOUSE said...

Lenore you are a riot!!! I pack so much when I travel even my kids complain about it. I need to be prepared and as fabulous as possible at all times!! I love his belt too...its raining and damp here, wish I were there.

janettaylor said...

LOL! What a funny post. Lenore is the best. That's sure! :-)


The Cottage Cheese said...

Tee-hee! These pics are so cute! It's hard to pack light. Especially the shoes. I like to have a shoe for any occasion that could possibly arise, so I've been known to take 8 pairs for a 48 hour trip. I'm getting better at packing lighter though.

Ela said...

Oh honey, I wonder if they'll post your pic at the front desk with a warning sign :) Don't worry, I'm sure he appreciates the work out, how much can clothes and shoes weigh anyway? A LOT I know, hahaha. I think his belt is also supportive for his back :)

Laura Trevey said...

Have a Beautiful weekend !!!

xo Laura

McVal said...

Man oh man! Did you have to pay extra for the flight because of the luggage?
That poor man really needs a cart!
My husband used to pride himself that he could carry ALL the luggage at one time. He had a bag strapped around his forhead, another on his shoulder, one under his arm, one on his hand for both sides. Then as the kids started packing bricks (apparently) and could carry them themselves, he makes them carry it all now.

bananas. said...

ahh hahahaha!!! that is too funny. what, packing 4 bags of clothes and 1 bag for shoes is not normal?

Clorivak said...

hahaha...i'm like the opposite,i don't pack much so I can shop, shop, SHOP.

Frau said...

Okay how many pairs of shoes did you bring?? Poor guy!

josie(bean) said...

haha hilarious description of your doorman. and hey good tips means good service in bringing up your bags, so i hope next time he can learn to do his job with a smile :)

sofiasophie said...

very funny post....

For your leave, if you do shopping, isn't going to be worst/heavier ?

Anyway, very weird outfit.... looks like an anglishman on safari in Kenya...

Couture Carrie said...

Packing light is highly overrated!


Kay said...

I prefer to arrive with empty bags to fill on my trip! What else are you supposed to do well away? shop and eat. cheers!

janettaylor said...

P.S. I have a little award for you! ;-)

Jeannette Mariae said...

Oh, Lenore... you are so funny ;-)

Jan said...

I take it you didn't forget anything.

Hanako66 said...


at least he had that belt to protect his back!

Dustjacket Attic said...

Your too funny missy! It's so hard to know what to leave out of packing, chances are it's just the thing you will want.

Chessa! said...

you make me laugh. this happened to me on our trip to italy last spring. the poor man looked at my husband and then looked at me. my husband rolled his eyes and they had this moment of solidarity that not even a language barrier could stop. "women" he said. and my husband just made a face like "you're telling me." whatever...they wouldn't want us any other way ;)

photojoy said...

Some day I hope you will post a blog titled "the King and I". Forget about luggages!