... Don't you think that all these fashion models are almost like the living-breathing modern 'barbie dolls'? ...especially for all those fabulous fashion designers... Dressing them up, putting on the perfect accessories all that gorgeous adornments... Sometimes we do forget that they are real people just like you and me(only 2' taller, hee!)... with our own demons, fear and insecurities... (not according to Barbie tough...she is always in her own perrr...fect super fan'plastic la-la land...hee!) The stage, the cameras all the glitz and glamour, fabulous clothes and make-up are merely just part of this wonderful world of fashion which I trully love and enjoy... But at the same token, let us not forget that they are creating and selling a fantasy...a 'dream' so to speak. LENORENEVERMORE is constantly reminded that "helooo...wake up to the real world!", and not so called 'Barbie world'... heehee! But you know what, why not create our own fantastic world...filled with our own love and joy... continue to dream and also to build our own dreams... Shall we... I simply love the Dove Soap advertisement campaign lately...what a great positive message, yes?!



Savvy Mode SG said...

fashion is about a lifestyle and what brands are trying make people aspire to. it's just all fun and game.

Anonymous said...

Lenore, this new blog continues to amaze me... great images/info & links!
good job dear! :)

Joanna Goddard said...

what fun photos!

MOND said...

like those marc jacobs photos.
those hatttttssssss

♥ fashion chalet said...

Thaks for the Birthday kisses, comments; everything. You're so right I was missing the Tropical drink avec the mini umbrella.. next time ;)

amy said...

they are like barbie dolls... and i LOVE those photos! such fun!

Anonymous said...

huh? they are kinda like barbies.
great blog!

Anonymous said...

love your post! it helped me to remind myself that I'm lovely. Lovely as I am; I don't have to be a Barbie!!!
Your blog is so great, keep up writing.
At the weekend I'm going to dress up though (because it's my cousin's wedding), but I hope that I won't be a Barbie, but just me in a beautiful dress and lovely shoes.
love Franziska

Cup A Jo said...

I like this post! We often forget that the people we idolize are well...people.

And the Dove Campaign is great. Absolutely lovely to seem some realistic women on tv.

Thank you so much for the comment! It looks like your blog has taken off quite nicely.

Susanna-Cole said...

I suppose they are a little like Barbie dolls in the way they are constantly dressed up, however I am glad to say most of them don't look like your standard blonde bombshell Barbie doll. I really love the models at Supreme Management, because they especially look to a unique kind of beauty in their models, which I like to see! :)


lisa said...

I love the hats on those models.

Keep up the blogging, and thanks for stopping by my blog! =)

ellie said...

Very interesting post ..and take on models.

I really like the pic with your header. Great title for your blog.

Keep Blogging.

Anonymous said...


*indie_queen* said...

Love the way you write your blog! Totally get what you mean about models= barbies! P.S. Will barbies be a recurring theme in this blog?!

TaMs* said...

those hats are fab!
Your blog is so fun.
thanks for swinging over my way.. I'll be back. :)

saray said...

now after thinking about that i think they are like living-breathing barbies..

lacouturier said...

great post! =)

Aurley said...

Wow, I love your blog!! Im a big fan of pictures, and those are pretty cool ones. :)
Also I love how you use words. Its amazing, your adjectives are so playful, fun, and on-topic. I esspecially liked "fan'plastic"
Very cute. Great Job.

Aurley said...

I love your blog!
The pictures and adjectives are adorable.
I esspecially liked "fan'plastic". Genius. :)
Great writing. Great Blog.

Melissa said...

That is so true...And by the way I love your blog. Want to exchange links?


FANTASTIC daY!!! & definitely not
fanplastic at all...heehee!

Thank you so-so much for all the sweet-sweet comments...I'm humbly-humbly flattered... why am I repeating everything twice-twice?!

Oh well, hee-hee!!!
kisses+blessings to all*

Amelia said...

I love those pictures. The hats are cool. Yeah, the Dove campaign is great.