...Last week, there was the 'Counterfeit Crochet Project' (in one of my postings), it was all about what else, crocheting, knitting fake designer labels...and the statement they are trying to make. And now this artist, SEBASTIAN SCHONHEIT who is a making a BIG-BIG statement with his oversize knitting art project...What statement is he creating here? Conveying different messages to different people...? Does his finished work speak for itself? Doesn't it represent the result of the finish work/product?...but could it also based as the work of a performing art...his intention to create a product, creating a reference to not only the material but also handcraft tradition and its process...

At times I wonder why we have to make most things bigger in order to get the attention?...and what kind of attention do we want to get out of it? There will always be bigger house, bigger hair, bigger bank account, bigger breasts, bigger SALE sign...Is bigger always better in getting the attention?

LENORENEVERMORE needs to ponder yet again...shall we? Look at him at the end, did he collapsed because of exhaustion or is he resting and contented because the process is all done...I love arts because of all these...the 'pondering', the need to question and to reflect ... Anyhow, I simply love it, it's that simple...yet complex at the same time. The right tension that somehow I need to live a well meaningful life...well, that's what I think & feel...and I'm sticking to it...heehee!


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bea said...

he who makes it...shall receive from it......last pic looks like it kept him warm while he sleeps?