...Please just shoot me with a tranquilizer gun
if you ever see me in one of this whatever you may call it... not only that, also do me a favor by sending me far...far away to that big cat sanctuary off the island of Sumatra! Heeheehee...!
I am not claiming myself to be the authority in the fashion world, after all my name isn't Anna Wintour of VOGUE. But shouldn't this printed moo-moo dress be in the worst dressed list circa 1970...and please, please don't tell me it's the 'urban jungle look'... it's a 'look' alright, just look away! Hwahaha!

Seriously though and all silliness aside, people can wear whatever they want in life...'beauty is always in the eye of the beholder' bla..bla...blah.... I'm also sure that we all have heard the best fashion advise ever; "...wear your clothes and don't let your clothes wear you"...or something like that... Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it... hee!
...aren't I in this frisky mood today? I think it's still that 'tigress' in me over the weekend...still wearing off... (yeah right, just blame it on the cat!)


Anonymous said...

hi i think your blog is kinda cool, chrystelle recommended me here, you're such a fashionista! keep it up dude :)

Oka said...

this would actually be a nice halloween costume


thanks guys,
i know...scary costume,
all the kids will be scared i'm sure!

Anonymous said...

Nice for the pool & Carribean vacation,so don't shoot hahaha!

Anonymous said...

my mum really wants one! I agree not to shoot!!!



i agree; gun control is the way to go...
for your mom, can u just by her flowers? & do tell her how much you love her & this time mean it!heehee!!

~more comments coming please... loving it...!

Anonymous said...

I like the yellow dress too but it will be for me....I think I will look good in it.

Meyer-Lavigne said...

You are right, that dress is really crazy. Here in Denmark it would be really excotic.

Rock and Sky said...

Hi! Thank you for your nice comment! I could translate anything you would like to know.
Also your blog is really nice :-)
Good luck and best greetings from Italy!

Anonymous said...


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