... I never have any problem giving compliments to others, infact I love giving them even to strangers... I would say something like, "... you are so sweet..." or "you look great today..." or "you have such nice eye brows!" ...What, eyebrows!!? no typo here... YES!...eyebrows!! Do you know how hard it is to shape a pair of well balanced eyebrows?! Unfortunately there are too many people out there who over-plucked their eyebrows these days... so when I see nice looking shapely eyebrows, they deserve the compliments...heehee! Anyhow, hope you get the point; that I am generally... how to put it mildly and humbly??? I'm just a generous and kind person that way... But why do I have a problem receiving compliments at times? Being a stunning beauty with a heart of gold like myself... (heehee... alright! I'm afraid this is getting TOO MUCH to be 'self - complimentary'!!! ...sorry guys!) Anyway, when I do get a compliment from someone (besides from myself! hee!!), usually I just wrinkle my nose and say 'thanks...' in my ridiculous 'shy - 4 years old child's' voice'... isn't that so silly of me?! ...not only that, usually it follows with a huge blush... there's usually no mirror on sight, but I can feel my face turnning hot all of a sudden... blood rushing through that particular neighborhood and zip code! LENORENEVERMORE is curious why can't I take compliments very well? ...hmmm??
Is it perhaps growing up, my siblings and I didn't get enough compliments from our own parents? woooh...what childhood scars some of us still have...hee! ...such an easy way to always blame everything on our parents isn't it? ...let's save that soppy sad story for some other time shall wee...hee! Nice compliments to all...generously and sincerely shall we...

- If you think someone is 'SWELL' or 'SUPER", he/she would love to hear it loud and clear...send them this 'vintage 70s looking' sublimely - unsubtle cotton paper cards from THE CURIOSITY SHOPPE click HERE.


Oka said...

try inferiority complex. haha.
I think it's an "asian" disease cos our parents condition us to be supercompetitive

Bea said...

what about ...waited sooo long for one...its almost overwhelmingly embarrassing to finally get one. So the blood could only run in to that one place...hahaha..just kidding lah...I have the same problem too....and it get worse these days..I look away or pretend I didnt hear it when I get a compliment!


heehee...I'm glad I'm not alone in this deptartment!
Just follow one my posts...answer, " I love you deer..."

Practice makes perfect!...so try to bait & fish for more compliments! hee!!!

sincerely;"U guys r SUPER!"

Anonymous said...

Don't get it? I love gettin compliments... Makes my day brighter each time. :)