... It's getting even hotter here today... Is the world coming to an end or something? LENORENEVERMORE is feeling the heat. Thank God, there is no sticky humidity like how those experienced in tropical countries... it's more like dry-dry desert heat a'la 'Lawrence of Arabia' old movie, definitely bad for the skin...but my hair looks great though...heehee! I have to make more ice cubes now to reduce this burning heat...or before I start hallucinating some desert camels in my back yard!... meanwhile enjoy some cool-cold snowy whites goodies; I love white porcelain,pottery & white objectsss... and have to confess that I have collected way too many over the years, they are now scattered and displayed around the house... Anyhow, seeing these cool snowy whites objects would cool me down a little... My dogs are having their own action going on right now; huffing & puffing from the heat... my poor k9 babies.... I shall spray and hose some cool water real soon...be patient...mommy dearest has to do a Little blogging first...hee! Interesting; shades of whites come in different tone...warm or cool white... both are absolutely beautiful and I really have no preference, but at this very moment, I have my pick cool cold snowy white of course...Take a deep breadth and stay cool shall we? Always...

Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg: all our feathered friends look absolutely 'snowy cool' in white bisque porcelain. A Nymphenburg figure can consist of over 100 pieces, carefully assembled by a figure master whose craft runs so deep that they even create the tools they use to work on the piece. The detail and realism are hallmarks of quality from this 250 year old company.
(Pics courtesy of Rose & radish) Available from the fabulous ROSE & RADISH

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