... Interesting facts about DOVES... they are medium size birds, rather heavy birds with pointed wings and rather long tails. Their feathers varies in color from the olive-brown body bluish-gray wings of the 'rock-dove', to the speckled brown wing feathers and striped neck pattern of the 'turtle dove'. White varieties are known and are presented symbolically. The Hebrew word 'Yo nah' is mentioned twenty times in the Scripture meaning 'dove', and ten times referring to as 'pigeons' ...and the turtle-dove's cooing will be heard in the land.. The turtledove's mating season begins in early May. Then the male produces a very peculiar sound ; "tirrrr, tirrrr" , which sounds like 'tor', the Hebrew word for turtle (hence, the English word, turtle dove). The figure of a dove with a palm branch in its beaks is a symbol of victory over death. Christian tradition depicts a white dove as a saved soul, the purified, also the symbol of the Holy Spirit.To our tradition now, the 'dove' symbolizes innocence, a love messenger, gentleness and a harbinger of peace. What symbolize peace in our daily life?...it is certainly not just a simple and humble bird called dove. Peace to me is getting to know and having a personal relationship with the PRINCE of PEACE himself... only then my mind is always renewed... filled with the peace that is beyond human understanding...


...Thousands of people died and thousands more lost their loved ones... Heroes were also born on that horrible day- 9.11.2001-the worst terrorist attack in this country... always in our memory, shall we... God bless everyone!



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