Scent: WINTER 1972
A field of untouched new fallen snow, hand knit woolen mittens covered with frost, a hint of frozen forest & sleeping earth...
The Story:
I remember, one December when I was much younger, sitting alone at night in a field. There were no tracks in the fresh snow other than my own and no sound but my own breath. Occasionally I heard a twig snap in the pine wood that bordered the field.The air was perfectly clear and nothing was visible except the small cloud of my own breath between me and the infinite stars. All of them were visible, sparkling silently against the endless blue of space. I can remember nothing in my life so beautiful as the sight of the sky that winter night.I recall clearly the scent of that winter air. It was not at all a pine scent and had nothing to do with cinnamon or spices. It was the blue frozen scent of fresh snow and silver stars. It was a scent that spoke to my young brain of remembering what was and realizing what will come. It was the sleeping scent of spring now frozen beneath the snow. Winter is still like that for me. It is a time to rest, a time to remember and to look forward. Winter is a quiet time to watch the stars and have hope. ~Christopher Brosius.
...Heard over the evening news that tomorrow is going to be another scorching hot late summer day... I wonder if this perfume might actually help...just a little help perhaps... the story itself makes me dream of winter... Winter please come as soon as you can... LENORENEVERMORE is going to welcome you with a warm... errr...... hot hug!


garygoh said...

wow this story is so well written...LURVE!!!
lyrical words!
Keep up the great work sayang!

Anonymous said...

simple packaging but this perfum company sounds very interesting....
I wonder what else do they have??
have to find out more.
Have a pleasant day!