Oh dear...


" Oh Lord... what have I done...... just a tiny-tiny bit overwhelmed heehee... " ~ LENORENEVERMORE

... It was just a couple days ago that I was rambling about being bored blahblabla... Well, all I can say is that boredom has definitely gone out my (French!)window... for now at least... and now replaced once again with my usual innuendos... Firstly though, I would like to thank all of you who had taken precious moments to write and responded to my 'lack of attention'...previous post: "the game!". The scripture says; 'ask and you shall receive...', well, I'm sincerely flattered and so-so honored by your kind generosity and overwhelming response & support... On the same note... I am starting to feel the pressure... Is there such a thing as "good pressure"? The saying; 'Oh yes...I work best under pressure...Blahblabla' ...not LENORENEVERMORE here, I've realized now that it is just not part of my...mmm 'lifestyle'? Almost like a balloon perhaps, I need just the right air pressure, just the right amount so to speak...slowly & gentlly... not too fast & too full... or I would burst... POP!!! (is this another one of my 'cry for help' ? hee...) I am certainly NOT Perez Hilton with millionsss of readers... but have to be honest here... I'm still just tiny-tiny bit overwhelmed... (is that the right word? I don't really know anymore???)
My brother is a man full of understanding and wisdom, so I contacted him and as usual rambled my way in... One of the wisest, understanding and articulate man I know just simply said, " You are weird!" (well-well, isn't he a joy?!). My dear mom on the other hand is in her current obsession with 'play of words'... she is in love(obsessed?) with any word that ends with '-ble' ...her conversation seems to start and end with anything '-ble' (possi-ble, capa-ble, adora-ble, laugha-ble, avoida-ble, impossi-ble etc, etc, etc... -ble-ble-ble all the way through...argh!!!) May I just say; ANNOYING-ble! (hee!) What can I say... Told you before, my family is quite eccentric and some 'rude people' may even have the audacity to call us crazzzy! Anyhow, life goes on and so does the beating of the rhythm(what!???), love, love, love.... my music! It's always there and always available! Perhaps...there is where I should go next... First thing first, I really need a break... like my fellow blogger from TheAtrialResident would say... get going, go for an emotional vacation! Is there such a thing? really...??
"There is no feeling, except the extremes of fear and grief, that does not find relief in music." ~ George Eliot (read below for more info abt her...yeah, George is actually a her! remember movies such as 'Tootsie' etc...) anyway...hmmm really like that...very much indeed!!! I am going to turn up the music volume...shall we?

On related note, I feel like I am turning into an old mule(I wish it was 'muse' instead of mule...hee!)...who is feeling her blogging of 2 years errr... 2 months only!!! ...my readers/visitors has grown beyond my expectations... so grateful really am... Thank you all...sincerely thank you! ...To the 'older' generation...errr I mean more 'experienced' blogger out there, do you ever get a bit overwhelmed by it all though? Let's sit on my front porch, drink some cold sangria or hot cocoa or whatever... and have a chat about it shall we...? Any good advice out there?? But really, is a few days without posts unacceptable in this Blog world? I don't know....??? Alas... I think I have been struck down with BLOGflu-type thingies grounded and batched together with added inside 'pressure'? ...all this required immediate 'medical' attention and hopefully a drop of la-la-la...music every hour or so... and hope that the right 'dosage' will soothe my mindl...(which is beyond confused...at the moment )

If I don't end up in a five-star mental institution somewhere, I will return very soon enough....and announce the winner of my so called "fun GAME" as promised.... Remember; everyone is a winner in my eyes(wink-wink!) at least in this LENORENEVERMORE Land! Heehee.... Thank you and hope for your kind understanding! I know everything is possible...possi-BLE? Oh dear...Thanksss mom...!!!

- The quote above is taken from "The Mill on The floss" by by George Eliot.
Interesting FACTS = Her real name was Mary Ann Evans but better known by her pen name George Eliot. She was an English novelist and was one of the leading writers of the Victorian era. She used a male pen-name, she said, to ensure that her works were taken seriously. Female authors published freely under their own names, but Eliot wanted to ensure that she was not seen as merely a writer of romances... An additional factor may have been a desire to shield her private life from public scrutiny... Interesting indeed!... Click HERE to learn more...
- Photograph by Chantal Michelle .



TINE said...

Awesome photo!

*indie_queen* said...

Ha your Mum sounds cool I love it when people have words that they use all the time... you blog is awesome keep going :)

The Seeker said...

My dear, please don't be so overwelmed, all will be fine. Have faith.

I will do my entry game after thought about it.


Songy said...

for some people boredom can be very dangerous indeed. I don't do 'boredom'. at the moment tho I'm suffering from it at work.. tragic. hopefully no one from work will read this comment... fingers crossed... that's the trouble being too honest online.

~TessaScoffs said...

I think I know what you mean. I deleted two blogs (ALL the posts before I had the courage to keep the current one up.) There is a wierdness in all this that non-bloggers don't get. Especially if you are not using your real name and telling the people in your life). I am (sort of)anonymous in my blog and only my closest sister knows about it. My husband won't even read it. I think if you feel uncomfortable giving out too many "facts" about yourself, just be more cryptic. It works for me.

Susanna-Cole said...

I love eccentric folks, and frankly I think your family sounds pretty awesome! I don't really enjoy being around being who DON'T have lots of little quirks, so as annoying as some people's quirks can be, I think I appreciate them for it!

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog, by the way! :)


sueper said...

such a great pic!!

La Belette Rouge said...

One of my favorite bloggers has a emblem on her side bar that says "Blogging without obligation." Take it easy, relax. Any pressure you feel in self-imposed. Breath, relax and your blog will be just fine--and so will you.
big hugs.xo


Just a quick THANK YOU to all the
wonderful sweet comments...

my sincere thanksss especially to:
songy, the seeker, dapper kid,
la belette rouge, susanna c, indie!

your kind words; advice & supports= wisdoms
are priceless indeed!

* all comments are not going to be published at this moment...kiss*2x to all!

Melissa said...

You are amusing, dear. And thank you for your lovely comment.
What have you been up to lately?

Cate said...

Even though you won't publish my comment, I'd like to comment. I hope that you'll read this comment.
First off. Cool picture - from reading your post I bet that's what you'd like to do now - hide in a sofa ^^ Music will help you get thru all this stress. What I always do is, I look forward only to the very next thing I have to do, so that I only see one thing at a time, concentrate only on that and when I'm done, I concentrate on the next task and so on.
"-ble-ble-ble all the way through" - I laughed so hard.
My family is eccentric too and it's huge, and I LOVE IT.

I think EVERY feeling finds expression in music. Even fear and extreme grief. Some feelings are better expressed with instrumental music, some with voice. George is an interesting name for a girl. The same reason why G.Eliot used a male's name was why Joanne Rowling, the Harry Potter author, published books as "JK Rowling". She feared that if she wrote her whole Christian name and people would see the name of a woman, people wouldn't take her seriously.

Whatt? Of course a few days without posts are acceptable in the blog world! I don't post every day either, I post every second day or something, and when I'm on vacation I don't post at all. Now this summer I didn't post for a month. And I haven't lost my readers. I always announce when I'm going on a hiatus, so that they know when there will be something new.

melissa said...

hello, i know that this might not get published, but i just wanted to say thank you for the lovely comment! and i love how you write :) and will keep reading your blog from now on :)
i read middlemarch by george eliot by the way! i enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

I know why your blog has so many readers because it is really cool!

... weil de Blog einfach cool isch!
(...because the blog simply is cool (in my german dialect :-)))

hugs and kisses

Mary-Laure said...

Funny picture, it reminded me of "Sweeney Todd" somehow...

a cat of impossible colour said...

Oh dear, hope you're not feeling too overwhelmed! Thank you for visiting my blog the other day, and for your kind comment :)

Leigh said...

I am glad you stopped by and thank you:) You have a wonderful !!! blog here, I am addicted to all of you. Such great voice.


Hunters Glory said...

Great pic!