... The artist is CHRIS JORDAN, the art work is entitled 'Barbie Dolls'. This master piece depicts 32,000 Barbies, equal to the number of elective breast augmentation surgeries performed...ready?! ...MONTHLY!!! That's right, monthly in the US in the year 2006...I don't have the right 2007 statistic, but I'm pretty sure the number had risen even higher each year...and 2008 who knows! Whatever it is, LENORENEVERMORE is so astounded by this statistic... is our society obsessed with perfection, perfect tummy, butts, face, breasts...perfect-perfect everything?

Surely for the few reasons people choose not to have plastic surgery, there are also one thousand and one reasons why women (or men?) elect for it. Perhaps we all deserve to like ourselves, and often that begins with liking how we see ourselves??? Is the real question perhaps; why are some people more interested in seeing some so called perfect model rather than going to the polls to vote???

Just put those statistics and numbers aside... and we can still clearly see that most of us still have low self esteem issue and are still not happy in our own skin. Perhaps we still have the ' Only If ' syndrome...if only my breasts were fuller, larger or higher then our life would be happier or better... more FANPLASTIC!!! ...then later on, we would proceed to "If only I did not have the wrinkles I would feel so much better" and so on......(remember the song, "feeling nothing more than feeeeeeling..." hee!). Honestly though, I sometimes still struggle with saying, "I am happy being me, in my own skin, I am happy with what I have..."... but I have to admit that I'm proud to say, "I am still work in progress" ...hopefully progressing to a better place where I would NOT have my priorities mixed up...yay! ...Ok vote for me to be the next elected president....heehee! Nah.... my body won't look good in those boring suits.... ooops! Well, what did I tell you... still work in progress...work in progress dear... heehee! Continue to progress, shall we...





Eelie said...

Reading this article made me feel really sad butthis isn't a bad thing sweetie :) It just reminded me that there are alot of traits about my appearance that i do not like and i know every girl shares the same sentiments so that makes me sadder lol.

The statistics are astounding and reading this puts ones mind into perspective. Everyone truly is beautiful, you just have to see it yourself.

Thankyou for putting the spotlight back onto the surgical industry. People seem so nonchalant about it these days so its necessary :)

Anonymous said...

Love the way you bring this issue forward without being too 'serious'...it's always so fun (: reading your post daily! great msg to all of us. Great day to all!

Songy said...

You tackled a seemingly serious issue with a humour. I like that.

Having your own voice helps in a long term blogging and it seems you have just that.

*indie_queen* said...

More barbies! I was right

TINE said...

You're blog is so awesome and interesting. I learn so much just sifting through all your posts. I'm definitely going to add you to my blog list!

Couture Carrie said...

Very cool post!

peterletroisieme said...

Hey There,

Thanks for checking out my blog, it's totally still a work in progress! I do adore yours, so charming and witty, the way you put together words is marvelous. I shall most certainly be linking your blog to mine!

Again thanks for stopping by blog and I look forward to reading more of your work.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lenore dear,
as usual just great!

Don't get our Priority all mix-up!

Mary-Laure said...

Very interesting work - Barbie is such an iconic toy and represent so much about our crazy Western culture...

La Belette Rouge said...

If x then y. Yep, I am familiar with that feeling. And, it is so very sad. It is shocking on one level to learn these statistics and on another I am surprised that there aren't more. Where I live in L.A. it seems that I am the only woman who has not had breast implants.

And, hey, why not give a makeover to the Presidential office. You don't have to wear those silly suits to be President. You can run for office in whatever you choose to wear.;-)

Stompface said...

Really interesting post.

The barbie artwork is fascinating. I can't get over the statistics!

an art project hey??
can't wait!

RiverMist said...

that picture is wrong cuz babrbie doesn't have nipples...
*goes check sister's barbie and comes back*
yeah no nipples.

Melissa said...

Wow that number is so shocking. I really hope that more men and women can have a positive body image in comparison to now.
Thank you, you're so sweet!

Diana Coronado said...

I luv it !!

What a great ideaa !!

The Seeker said...

OMG loving your blog!

Thank you so much for being at my blog and left such nice and kind note.

You just talk about an issue (plastic surgery, low self esteem) working it very well.
It's serious, and I understand low self esteem... (not plastic surgery, because if I would think of that I might end in someone completly different).

I think I must start following you.


Cait said...

Did you hear about how skinny the new 90210 girls are..like 00 or something.

Really, I think society would prefers us girls as skinny thin boys. Unfortunately, we might look like we're from a concentration camp, as well.

However, we are in an obesse oasis of sorts and a lot of times designs aren't made for the practical person...so I guess thats why we go to Wal-Mart.

Dorkys R. said...

Oh I know for a fact I have self-esteem issues so it's easy to get swept away by the thought of "If only I was taller, prettier, fuller..." But luckily I have some common sense and know that going under the knife will never make what's at the root of it all go away.

I'm not completely knocking those who have plastic surgery- as long as they were happy before it and are doing it just for them and not to please other people/"fit in." Because that sure is a hiiiiigh price to pay for acceptance.

And you totally have my vote for the "T-shirts and Sweatpants as Work Attire" bill.



All of you r super FANTASTIC & definitely NOT 'fanplastic'...heehee!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you and your post are amazing!!!
I will link them on my blog, because every one should read your barbie series!

hugs and kisses