"The only man who is really 'free' is the one who can turn down an invitation to dinner without giving an excuse" ~JULES RENARD

"Really... Well, I am not 'really free' yet... just have to stick this picture on my refrigerator door for now... hee!" ~LENORENEVERMORE

...Being a 'visual' kind of person, I need a visual to somehow help me...remind me...control me... It's Monday and my start to eat less & move more...move my whole entire body and not just my mouth, too much munching - munching got me where I am here... to a place where my zipper pants refuses to go further up! (heehee!)
Many keep a 'visual aid' to remind them of something... I have a simple cross to remind me of my faith...my transgression & inequities are forgiven because of God's love for me (Thank you Jesus!)...some people also keep a portrait of loved ones in their purse or wallet or in a sterling silver locket around the neck (woowooh...that's special!)...when time gets rough... they might take a moment to peek at their 'visual aid'.
Anyhow, this hypo portrait will just do for the time being... a pig or cow are not exotic enough for my style, heehee! Do you have any 'visual aid' in your life, do they help...? Or are you 'freed' already... LENORENEVERMORE is curious as always...


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Deb said...

I am a visual person too. It's scary to think if I ever went blind, I wouldn't be able to see the world anymore. We must be thankful... today.
Visual arts is something we take forgranted. There is beauty in everything, even in the ugliest of creatures or things around us. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. More so, beauty lies within. The external beauty is hard to define. But aesthetics is what makes pieces so visual to the eye. Keep focusing. Be visual.