... Being a little paranoid is not a bad thing sometimes especially when it involves our own identity. LENORENEVERMORE had experienced identity theft a few years ago and that was definitely not a good thing... Thank God everything is all well now...lesson learned!
Shredding old or unwanted documents has become a vital part of protecting ourselves from data and identity theft. Unfortunately, long gone are the days when we could simply just throw letters and old records in the trash and feeling confident that no one would ever look at them again... Today, anything that gives personal information about us or our finances can become the raw material for crime.... Those criminals are still busy cooking you know...hee! Still busy hunting through garbage is part of their job...you know... "Bad identity thieves! and bad scammers!!". Just remember, total destruction; shred-shred-shred them to pieces while at it, tear & shred all your ex-boyfriend's letters too!...Heehee! Shredding is our key weapon... then toss them to the recycling bin this time... and hope for the best! Anyhow, since we are talking shredded paper & recycling, take notice of this design, Belgian designer JENS PRAET's ' One Day Paper Waste' cabinet...made entirely of shredded office documents. A true conversation piece indeed... The designer explained that every document tells a story. By shredding confidential documents, part of its information remains mysteriously visible. One Day Paper Waste gives new life to these documents, that’s the real beauty of this product...

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L said...

Reminds me of our dad who is super paranoid :)