.. Does eating 10 000!!! calories over a weekend'll make someone gain extra weight? LENORENEVERMORE got to know... Although I had such a great time at the BBQ galore last weekend, I think it was not so great for my waist line. Alas, my favorite pair of pants would not butch & zip-up for me... I have been very good since that BBQ was over and done with... been staying away from all red meat (even no beef cake, hee!). Could it be the healthy fruits that I've been eating... too much scoops after scoops of vanilla ice-cream toppings on top of the healthy fruits...? hmmm....??
My bright red fresh strawberries just do not look aesthetically pleasing to the eye (and taste palette!) without that creamy white mountain on top! Why have a valley without a mountain I asked?! It's just like painting a landscape you see...without the white mountain, the painting seems so blah... Oh, that yum-yummy landscape...I shall miss your view... LENORENEVERMORE has to burn those calories soon, as in ASAP!... Wonder how much calories are 'burnt' for typing this? Is that silly?? Well, at least my fingers will stay tone & firm... heehee!
...Still couldn't find my darling Victorian corset and I had stubbornly refused to step into Victoria Secrets at the shopping mall... but the good news is that I found this (you like?). Unfortunately, it's made of some kind of fibre-glass by conceptual artist Franzesca Lanzavecchia. Plus... LENORENEVERMORE simply can't do her hula-hula dance routine in this tight number...heehee! Anyhow, hope all of us should continue to stay healthy (Amen!) and eat more healthy fruits (minus the sinful goodness topping), shall we...?
- The pics shown here are actually back braces ( NOT a corset bustier LENORENEVERMORE had been searching for... definitely not a Victorian corset nor VictoriaSecrets! ) ...originally designed & made for patients who break their back(OUCH!!!). These back braces provide very hip!!! & chic alternative for the unattractive normal type/model.


Anonymous said...

Lenore, you are so funny!
even fruits without 'topping' are counted as calories!
The best is portion control and eat the right food. Good luck!
I'm enjoying your postings.

Anonymous said...

hey you
I ate to many calories over the weekend too, had a fun evening with a friend, and her mum maid a delicious pizza and some rasperry cream for dessert and we had sweets.... and crisps... aahhhhh
never mind I had a lovely weekend!
and I wont eat as much during this week ;-)
love Franziska

Ps: do you mind if I put your blog address with my links?

SQCXLover said...

Lenore, I agreed with MJ. Portion control and eat regularly with REAL FOOD......also a bit of exercise will be great.

Anonymous said...

this is cool lenore!!!


Thank you guys... let us thank God always that we are not hungry & always have great food too eat, Amen! Let us also be thankful & grateful always...shall we?

Anyhow, I really need to loose weight... or better way to say it pehaps; 'GET IN BETTER SHAPE & BE HEALTHIER' Yes!!!...heehee!

Have a grrreat week to all of you!

Anonymous said...

I say amenn to that too!
Intresting design/concept!!