'Iconatomy' collages by George Chamoun,
he cleverly combined 2 film icons from 2 different eras, quite amazing aren't they?
Planning to watch the the Oscars this weekend?
It's always fun to see all the stars on the red carpet I must say...
The glitz+glams Oscar fashion is still my favorite part of the night!


-Art ©George Chamoun via Skybambi 


Steady Hand~

* CLICK-ed! *
I have yet to invest in a fancy DSLR camera...
sometimes this is the shaky-blurry-result.
hmm...I kinda like it!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful+creative week so far!

-Photo ©LENORENEVERMORE using compact Canon SD1100 camera


Visual Delights*

Enjoy watching this time-lapse video by Mark Bramley.
He used about 10,000 photographs from his short 2-days tour of Tokyo...How amazing is that! 
[ You may also view his photography portfolio here ]



Public Bench

~Hello-hello everyone!
...stumbled upon another interesting things around Tokyo.
sculptures+public benches a.k.a functional ART pieces!

this piece is made of acrylic resin

and this one is 100% solid glass block
...reminds me of an ice sculpture one could find at a fancy wedding reception, yes?

" Thank you cute little girl,  for being a shy but lovely model for me..."
p.s: I'll be super busy all this week with business meetings & presentations.
errr...after all these years, I'm still nervous about public speaking~ wish me luck!




Ready-Set-GO !!!

Shibuya District in Tokyo
Oh my-my-my...
Tokyo is like NYC on steroids!
This location spot provides me with a whole new 
meaning to the word 'people watching' indeed!
I'm hoping for a slightly more relaxing weekend...
Have a good one everyone, and 
thank you so much for all your lovely comments this week!




Retail Concept - COMME des GARÇONS

More discoveries & observations in Tokyo:
Comme des Garcons' Trading Museum is another retail venture 
from the artistic fashion forward label headed by Rei Kawakubo.
Interesting use of antique wooden curio cabinets in this modern retail space.
Well, it's part museum & part retail I should say. Certainly a new era of
curiously retail engagement! The antique cabinets were once used in 
the London's famous V&A Museum! Do you notice the store logo sign? 
I like how it's simply wrapped around the sharp corner column
To read more about this creative retail concept you may click here*

‎" Taste is relative, but to be positive and vital 
it must respect the past, accept the present
 and look forward with enthusiasm to the future."-Eleanor McMillen Brown



About Last Night+Room Service+Tom Ford

Have I told you how much I lurrrve...having room service?
Yep, I truly do!!
If you must know, my routine usually goes something like this:
turn faucet & fill the bathtub, 
pick up the phone to order room service,
relaxing soak in the warm salted water...and
by the time I'm done 'pretending to be Cleopatra in her infamous milk bath',  
there will be a knock on the door; "...good evening, room service..."
~oh perfect timing!  
since i had no company to flirt during the dinner last night,
I watched this great Tom Ford documentary!
You know by now that I'm quite good at multitasking, right?
If you got 42 mins to spare, then do watch this amazing documentary.
I was truly inspired by his passion & creative mind ~Lurrrve it!!
BTW, my room service dinner was super YUMMY a.k.a plate licking good!


Romance is in the air today...

I snapped this photo near Omotesando Station in Tokyo.
 Cute couple, yes?
hmmm...have the feeling they're on their first romantic date!
Op-Art by Ji Lee
Which cupid is your favorite?  
I think the skinny fashionista-cupid must eat more cheeseburger+milkshake!
Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!
Any romantic date for you?
I'll order a romantic hotel room service dinner errr...all for myself! (sobs*)
Do you know this Eric Carmen's mushy love song, 'All By Myself'?
Well, it's the perfect background music for me this lovely evening!
During dinner, I'll talk to the lonely wall~ if walls could talk, right?!
Alright...this 'pity party' would include champagne bubble bath as well!

'" Much Romance & LURRRVE...to ALL! "



Shopping in Tokyo

Oh my...there're always the "I want-I want-I want!" moments
each time I go shopping in Tokyo!
...and there they were! 
translation : " take me home pretty pleassseee..."
Couldn't help myself, they simply must come home with me!
Couldn't decide, silver or brass?
So I decided to get them both!
Just look at their faces, plus the soft velvety green moss...so darn cute, aren't they?
I think I shall name them, Joe & Rita!
Some of you may recall my darling duck, Miss Ethel back home...remember?
I'm sure they all would get along splendidly!
Greetings from Tokyo



We have lost another legend...

RIP Whitney Houston
~I will always love you~
Just heard the tragic news...so heartbreaking! 
I have such wonderful sweet memories singing & dancing to her music
Didn't she almost have it all?
-Image via Musicstack