I was inspired to make this art-work last night...colorful enough??!
Well...I was a little stressed out from work yesterday and needed a heavy dose of colors!
I was quite proud of myself because I stayed away from the usual expen$ive retail therapy...instead headed straight home pronto... As usual I relied on my fabulous lady, Carmen Miranda ~the Queen of Carnival for some colorful picker-upper! So I did some Youtube click-click-click and found some of the fabulousss musicals ever! ...and not to mention a large dose of visual delights...here are also some visual snippets ~enjoy Darlingsss...

she is still fresh & delicious...

deLIGHTful !!!
(I want to go on this ride...one day, YES!)

"oooh...I need to do poses like this at work...
I might get a BIG rai$e!" ~hee*

Her iconic image has inspired many...

Look at the fabulous fruit glorious fruitsss...
told ya'...she was juicy-tutti-fruity!

makes me want to dance again
...even with blisters still on my feet!

contagious SMILEsss....
Fashion glorious Fashion...
did I mention FABulous already???
(well...worth repeating!)

Should check out her fabulous body of works...

I think Holywood should make her facinating life
into a movie soon...guess who would be perfect to play her
...hmmm??? What do you think?
smiling* dosage has not worn off...
Deliciounesss + Smilesss !!!
~So tell me Darlings...where do you 'escape'

when you need some 'colors' back?

...curious LENORENEVERMORE (who had officially fired the 'retail therapi$t') got to know ~DO SHARE...

-Pics Via Procorbis.com, Brazilbrazil.com, Altfg.com,Trendhunter.com, GuardianUK.com




Ooohhh... I'm feeling 'rested' & so much better today...
Thank you everyone for your lovely comments & emails -they make me so very happy!
Another good reason to be HAPPY* is because
LENORENEVERMORE has received 2* more BlogAwards...
~So Delighted* ...Thank you-Thank you !!!


After (award*)

'Deer Blog Award'
~Thank you Tina! ...given by LUPHIA LOVES
I do love delicious sweet cupcakes...such an endearing Award!

After (award*)

'Sexy Blog Award'
~Thank you Poetikat! ...given by
Poetikat's Invisible Keepsakes
me, sexy...errr??? but I'll accept it with pleasssure darling...

~AWARDs can do wonders !!!
...almost like a fabulous ' before & after makeover ' ...especially when given by fellow creative & talented bloggers like you both
...thank you again Darlings!
NOW, I must spread the love too... ~SEXY AWARD* to lovely & sexy ladies at: Couture Carrie, Searching The Inner Me, Aphex Nation, Drollgirl ...& ~DEER AWARD* to the stylish gentlemen: Dapper Kid, Mr Peacock, What I Saw Today & The Atrial Resident ~Congratsss!.

- Pics Via sessionmagazine.com, Photographer Paul Costello, Pixdaus.com


Danced All Night*

So... I was really-really excited to attend
the Dance Party over the weekend...

But this was what happened!!! sigh......
( should I continue? ...ouch! )

The evening was promising...full of FUN excitement, I haven't had any FUN weekend for such a looong time, so I was really looking forward to that evening... One of my friends told me that we should not show up too early at the party- she insisted that we MUST be fashionably late (whatever that means...Ahhh yes, women & their usual complicated games!!! errr...or perhaps I should get out more often & get more insights on this girlie 'etiquette' tips???

We had arranged to share the car ride so that we could do more of what else...MORE girl talks! When there are more than 4 girlfriends in a cramped space(no stretch Limo ride here- the dreadful recession remember darling?!) the busy 'Buzzing sound' would bound to happen... almost like a bee farm! Suddenly the 'buzzing' stopped. One of the girls said this to me, "babe, is that a NEW trend on your hair that I don't know about..." Guess what, I left one hair-roller hanging for its dear life!!! (BIG Ooops! ) Ahhh... Good friends either they would always embarrass me (til I want to hide under a paper bag feeling) or they can always save me from major embarrassment... We laughed and continued BUZZZing like busy-busy beesss... The night was young & the FUN had just beginning... (so I thought!) To make the long story short, the night went something like this...

I was channeling my inner 'Lady Gaga',
put on my 'Poker Face' and danced...

and danced...

and danced the Woo-Hoo! night away...
(I think Lady Gaga was very proud of me & my Poker Face!
...she is just fab* don't you think so?)

BUT...this is what happened to me the next morning... OUCH !!!
I woke up & had aged 50 years! It was head to toe Ouch-ouch-ouch!!!
"...Oh lord, I think I am getting old for this !!! "

Call me a little shallow...but the best part about the night
was actually the usual good old 'people watching'...

Perhaps I need to have my eyes checked & tested...
cos' everywhere I turn, everyone seemed to look younger!
(either that or I am just getting older!)
Anyway, either they were too young or the creepy kind
of guys that refused to understand my subtle hint -NO!!!
~Dang*!!! I wasn't interested in any of the guys who were there...

Had no mood to mingle with the singles at all!
Perhaps my PMS was coming grrr...(okay, it's officially too much info!)

" errr...No thanks...I think that ring you wear has
your wife's name on it..."
(with my forced sweet giggly smile of course)

"errr...your hip-grinding-movement
errr...really scare me ..."
(still sweet forced smile)

" excuse me(grrr), but I'm going to move a few steps backwards(grrr)
and you, do the same...(grrr) Why??? (BIG forced smile)
you smell like a Tequila factory! That's why!!!"
~NO! NO! NO! NEXT!!! (It's officially PMS waterfall by then! Got Tampons anyone?)

wow, I am getting more bolder these days!
or is this a BIG sign that I am just getting
OLDER...? ...NOT early menopause I hope !!!

That night, some young guys were also hitting on me too!
I felt like saying,
" And you my dear, is really cute...but I just don't want to help
you with your school homework on our first date...
now scram! Before I call your parents!"

~Oh dear, I'm getting to be a bitter angry old lady??!
But seriously, I prefer older gentleman...just like my you know who...
Perhaps... I'm just still thinking too much about my 'Mr Cute Dentist' lately. He is still on my 'dreamy' mind you know...more in my fluttering beating heart (blush-blush*) I know...I know...I can't help it but to start comparing every man to him...sigh*(anyone...please just slap me silly if I ever started to sing Celine Dion's 'mushy-teary' love songs!!! My 'pathetic' level is definitely rising higher than expected now!)

Oh dear... this confused 'princess-wannabe' needs her tired 'OLD' feet rubbed really bad...(ouch-ouch-ouch...) "Why isn't he calling me? Must I call him and fake a tooth ache?". Enough of this silly nonsense...I'm a grown up now...OLDER! I shall & MUST finally grow up! Yes...Definitely shall make the first move, it's 2009 for goodness sake! I'll call my Mr Cute Dentist for a date! Yes-yes-yes!!! ...errr YES...in about six months that is...when my next appointment is due!

" LENORENEVERMORE... this silly 'crush' of yours has got to stop...ASAP!
The thought of him alone is bursting enough of your pretty bubbles!!! "
That's me talking to myself darlings...(as if you guys don't do it behind closed doors)...pleassse darlings tell the truth...~Hee*
to be continued ???
~Getting older is part of life...& it's going to be as easy as A-B-C
*...errr ??? *
- Pics via Procorbis.com, Photobuckets.com, Photographer Cig Harvey




~Have a fabulous*[ &drug-free ] weekend* Darlingsss...
I'm planning to go to a dance party......Woo-Hoo !!!
prozac pill - mood enhancer...


BLOG enVy*

This is where Martha Stewart spends her time blogging
[Le sigh......]

She dedicated this whole studio space as "BLOG ROOM"
[Le sigh......]

((( Le sigh*...3X! )))

Oh...Martha, Martha, Martha...how could you do this to me....I don't want to be envious but I simply can't help it right now... ~Martha Stewart, either you love her or hate her... I happen to admire and respect her very much. Confession time; I even had reoccurring dreams about her- that Martha and I 're really good friends, she was in my garden and we were discussing about our favorite plants...she was very sweet & kind... so very knowledgeable! (Anyone, pleassse... what does this dream mean???) I would even wake up shouting her name, yes...by her first name, "Martha!!!" or sometimes it would only be "Marrrth..." (but I still knew it was her...I mean I don't know any 'Marrrth' in my life!?! Who's that???)
Anyway, I think this lady has great fabulous taste and she continues to impress me especially with her attitude towards life- LIFESTYLE...full of passion & vigour...sponging her life with knowledge and beauty. Most important, she is 'sowing the seeds' to others...and let us be the 'gardeners' and enjoying the harvest...so to speak. Just take a look at her Blog Room/STUDIO...isn't it inspiring?! That's right- she dedicated this space for her Blogging... Le sigh (deep aaahhh-sigh...) Helooo...it's the perfect room for me and my 5 pugs...I always believe that SPACE = true LUXURY! How much I can imagine myself blogging in that very space...I really-really COULD!
Well, this has been my little 'confession!' I'm only human & capable of being a little envious (tssk! I'm dangerous like that! ~Hee*) ...Le sigh...Le sigh...Le sigh INDEED!!! ...I feel so much better now...guess it's always good to make some confessions once awhile... I might do more in the future, bear with me darlingsss... Now let me dream about her in my kitchen next!
click-click-click...THE BLOGSPHERE ?
-Click on pictures to enlarge & view details -Pics courtesy of The Martha Blog


Humble HOME*

" Received an email from a dear friend(Thanks Deborah!)
and must share* this amazing 'comparison'...
extremely ~ ENLIGHTENING !!! "
Let's sing everybody....
By Richard & Robert Sherman
...It's a world of laughter
A world of tears
It's a world of hopes
And a world of fears
There's so much that we share
That it's time we're aware
It's a small world after all
There is just one moon
And one golden sun
And a smile means
Friendship to ev'ryone
Though the mountains divide
And the oceans are wide
It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small world after all
It's a small, small world...
{Hee*~doesn't this song bring back some childhood memories?!}

our home planet is so cute*......isn't it?

Now, how BIG are we? ...and how BIG are the things that might have upset us today or even daily? Another wonderful reminder to keep LIFE In Perspective darlingsss... and NOT 'sweat' the small-SMALL stuff?
.I’m not ~Great! From now on, I shall remind myself not get too upset/stressed about whether or not certain people like or dislike me...(LOVE me-LOVE me!!!) ...we can’t really control what others think of us! I shall continue to do my best- to always be fabulousss yet HUMBLE...a nice+sweet & pleasant person to be around...shall try my BEST to be more responsible...to be MORE green!!!

It's Earth Day after all...


~Let's take care of our Earth & most importantly
take care of each other...everyday! ~shall we*

-Pics : John Rawlings' photograph Via The English Muse (thanks Tina darling!), Dean Fredy, Wikipedia.Com