May I introduce you to...

Christine & George from Tuscon, Arizona.
Mr George has been declared the world's tallest dog!
My dear Grandma used to have a great dane, but not as humongous as Mr George here...
at 7 feet & 3 inches from nose to tail! He even has his own queen-size bed, people!

I have not shared my personal artwork for the longest time, so here it is...

" Buh-bye Summer Lurrrvers " ~ 2010 by Lenorenevermore
...errrrrr you like the title??? {sorry, I'm so needy like that!)
might as well have more nautical theme this week!
They are quite timeless I think...~take a look:
Classic Nautical totes with leather handles
...perfect for any trips to the farmers market!

...and, how adorable are these 14k gold Light House Pendants?
~miniatures are always so cuuute!
For the nautical enthusiasts out there, I think you may enjoy this giftshop~ lovely!


Over The Weekend,,,

correction (past tense) = swallowed !
(gulp*) ~I sure did!!!
errr...still not a fan of raw oyster though!
But as you know, Jack simply had to fulfill his craving...
We were at this oyster farm over the weekend...
It was our first time there, so we were NOT really prepared at all!
Guess What?!
It's all about self-service there, meaning;
1.buy the oysters, 2.must clean & 3.must open the shells ourselves! ~Eeek!
My-my-my...must say it was NOT easy to do no.2 & 3 !!
As you can see, we used screw drivers (from our car tool box!) to open them!!!
So NOT glamorous at all! ~whahhh...
We thought there was going to be a full-service Oyster Bar in the premise,
you know...where we could enjoy ourselves without any harrrrrrd labor involved!

The Farm mascot & oyster tanks - 100 fresh oysters for US$ 75~great price!
yup, compared to any oyster bars found in the city.
But you know what...I'd rather pay an extra $75 for not doing all the 'harrrrrrd manual labor!'
[am I spoiled or am I spoiled???]
The scenery was quite lovely though~
This is where they harvest all the oysters...the beach was covered in shells.
[errr... where was the perfume spray when I needed one???]
It was certainly quite an adventure...
A perfect way to end the summer! {O' dear...I have just lied! )


Monday Mood Enhancer:

color glorious colorssssss...
As usual, I need a 'pick-me-upper' for
the usual Monday blues...some delightful colors may help, no?
" ooohhh...where's that pink lipstick? ~must find it ASAP! "
-Pics & Link: textile designer Aude Mercier


Summer Ending~

very soon...and so is the week!
Happy Friday Everyone ~Lurrrve it !!!
The New Zealand-born fashion designer Karen Walker has a reputation for her original effortless style. Her summer collection is currently on SALE* HERE-one of my fave online shop. Her label has a feeling of effortlessness and has been described by the fashion press as being, “ the kind of look that provides a means of appearing cool but not trying-too-hard, cute but not saccharine, alternative but not self consciously so.” ~Luv that!
This photo was taken on my last trip to Amsterdam...cuuute boat!
[new readers may click HERE to see more of my Amsterdam pics]
My bff, Jack has a strange craving lately...so this weekend I'm going to accompany him
to visit an oyster farm! Yup, to satisfy his craving for the freshest oysters!
I'll be there mostly for the cold beer or better still, champagne?!
errr...not a huge fan of raw oysters somehow, crunchy+fried on the other hand ~YUM*
Let's enjoy our Weekend, shall we?
ps: Thank you so much for all the lovely comments this week guys!
as always!


I may not be able to run in them,,,but

~Hello Gorgeoussssss...
want you to be mine!
Cacharel Acrylic Wedges available HERE
The Cacharel designer is Cédric Charlier, certainly has become a fast favorite!
~anywayyy... isn't it good to know that we can run faster than a turkey?!
-Pics: GravivityPope.com -Illustration via Ffffound.com


oooh...why not!

" ...excuse me while I howl -again! "
I'm such a fan of HBO's True Blood. The latest actor joining this hit show
is Joe Manganiello. Such a sexyhoteyecandy+kindhearted werewolf that he is!
Bite me Joe, BITE!!! (blush-blush*)
~XOXO* + HowwwL-ing!

-Pic : Aug 2010 People Magz

" Did you see it last night? "

It was simply too hot to stay indoor last night...
so my darling dogs & I took a slow-breezy walk around the neighborhood.
~Well...take a look at what we saw :
" Ahwoo-Woo-Wooowwwwww..."
translation: the full moon was really magical*
(I howl like that sometimes!)

there's a little saying;
" live by the sun & love by the moon... "


Cooling Effect~

During lunch break yesterday, I rushed to the nearest discount store to purchase
a pair of cool summer shorts! The temperature is supposed to rise yet again today ~eeeck!
Needing all the cooling effects I can get!
" who would rather be in these beautiful places today? "
~take a look :
yup, I raised me-hand!!
" Don't forget to bring the suntan lotion darrrlingsss..."
-Photographer Slim Aarons was famous for photographing the international elite in their playgrounds during the jet-set decades of the '50s, '60s, and '70s.
Photograph © SlimAorons via Chic'NCheap.


How's the weather in your zip code?

We are experiencing heatwave for the next few days...
wish PopBar was just across the street! ~YUM*
Interesting trend & articles about ' Frozen Treats on Sticks ' in NYC Times recently!
(click HERE to read more)

O'dear...here's Monday again!

...have a relaxing weekend anyone?
errr....as always I need to warm up my brain
especially on Monday morrrrrrning!
you know how it is sometimes...
me-brain seems to be still on the weekend mode!
" errr-errr... brain where are u? knock-knock- hellooooo...anyone up there?! "
-Pics via Knoll & Liz Ham found via Dustjacket Attic


...Still Out of Town-er!

~Happy Friday!
This is where I was with the team from work yesterday...
what work?! errr...really looks like a mini vacation, doesn't it?
As you know...I like to squeeze sightseeings between business meetings.
Promise to share more+more when I get home okie!
We're catching a flight home this afternoon...
Perfect timing I must say!
Yup, as the weekend is almost here~ quick-quick-quick!!!
[I tend to repeat myself when I get too excited!]
" Have a Great Weekend Everyone! "




Just A quick *hello!* here...
& also simply must share this heehee-laRIOUS video which my brother sent today.
~Enjoy everyone & email this to loved ones! Cheers!!



"...you smart cookie you !!! "

Do you know~ throughout history, women inventors have played a vital role in the world of innovation? In fact, women have become increasingly prevalent in the field and are responsible for such huge advances as windshield wipers, disposable diapers, the first computer language and the Mars Rover.

Ignoring the gender stereotypes and discriminatory barriers that stood at every turn, these female inventors displayed an iron will and unwavering perseverance. Famous Women Inventors and its sponsor, InventHelp, are pleased to present an introduction to a handful of the many females whose ingenuity helped to shape the world as we know it over the last couple of centuries. " you go ladies!! " [click HERE for more famous women inventors ~fascinating!!]

PS: It's a busy-busy week for me...I'll be out of town for work,
shall catch up with all of you again soon!


" You guys look so good together..." ( I still do talk to the plants!)

...captured this loveliness during my walk in the park~
pink + green = lovely combo!
...you like?
-Fashion: Kenzo Resort 2011 Collection -Pics via Style.Com

Look who's been visiting~

This feathered friend has been coming to our backyard deck
...to greet us almost every morning ~so cute isn't it?
(and not timid/afraid of us at all...cheeky little fellow!)
recently I discovered these amazing 'Bird Paintings' by Maurizio Bongiovanni
~take a look at his amazing works :
...Such Visual Delights!
~certainly a fine balance between realism and abstraction.
[click HERE to view more of his paintings]