~People Get Ready....

…It's the end of the year...again!

Perhaps we haven't finished this year's goals?!
~there's always a , and not only .

THERE’S STILL 2010 ~Let’s roll*(pun-intended!)
into the New Year with ease ~here's to a brand new year
...and another chance to get it right?! ...errr-errr ???
-Pics: Giambattista Valli Bergdorf Goodman.com via CoutureCarrie, Weheartit & Adsoftheworld.com



" For my future little princess & her darling friends! awwwww....."
-Home Inspiration decor via Alcro Girl's interior bedroom

"...how's the weather?"

~The weather according to Vincent van Gogh
~The weather according to Walter J Phillips
~The weather according to Henri Riviere
~The weather according to Jean Emile Laboureur
~The weather according to Childe Hassam
~The weather according to Hergé
~The weather according to Hojusai
~The weather according to Alfred Hitchcock
moto111's profile photo
~The weather according to LENORENEVERMORE*
" hmmm...rain?! = no car wash darrrlingsss.... "
[my goal: to achieve 'the glass is half FULL!
...and NOT half empty' motto this New Year!]
-This post was inspired by Friday Night Boys ~Thanks Paul!
-Images found via Google & Pixadaus.com


Puppy Eyes*

"....cuuute! "
...and I don't mean the pup! (blush-blush*)
-Actor Nico Tortorella photo found via HeartbreakCity


" hope we could find some beautiful quiet moments
this busy-week ahead... if not, hope these
LOVE-ly* images could be peaceful reminders?!
can't believe another new year is fast approaching~
still so much things to do & enjoy...quiet moments
certainly can be the hardest thing to do, isn't it? "


Sunday Best*

~Bethlehem late 1800s

~Bethlehem 1898

~Bethlehem 1890

Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem
-Pics via Creationwiki.org, Bibleplaces.com, Vintageprint.ca.com


* ♥ *

Season's Greetings Everyone!
I've invited a few dear friends to a Christmas Eve Dinner tonight
at my home sweet home~
I'll be cooking & they would bring the wine & SWEET* dessert!
After dinner, we'll attend the midnight church service...
Well...had too much fun preparing the table setting~
lots of candy canes, Christmas ornaments, candles
...and miniature pine trees I got from the craft store!
~Enjoy & have the best Holiday Darrrlingsss...

" Cheeerrrs...Peace+Joy to the world "


" Are U done ??? "

That's what my friends have been asking me lately!
What they meant is 'am I done with my Christmas shopping'
[...as if they're my shopping parole officers or something!!!]
errr...guess they know me too well!
Last-minute shopper a.k.a plain procrastinator!
Anywayyy...the nerd in me just found out this
interesting info & simply must share:
According to officials at Google and Microsoft,
there are more than 1 trillion websites on the Internet!
That's about 150 times the number of people on the planet.
Or look at it this way, If we were to visit every website in existence,
it would take us 31,000 yearsss.... ~And that's if we never
took a break to eat & sleep...bathe or go shopping!!!
Well, I'm planing to take half a day off tomorrow
just to go shopping! (yup, must report to the whole world!)
...and I'll be done! done!! done & done!!!
Did I mention I'm almost done???
wooops...sorry, I usually repeat & repeat myself
when I start to panic!
" Can't wait to be DONE!
~soon darrrling soon(repeat*) "
Source via News.com.au -Pic via Lookbook.nu,Weheartit & TFS.Com


Darling Shirley~

"I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was six. Mother took me to see him in a department store and he asked for my autograph."~Shirley Temple
How about your experience???
Well...for me, still recovering from my childhood trauma.
Till today I would run as fast as I can whenever I see
any man with fake white beard & fur trimmings!!
I always think Santa smells like pee!
[ errrrr....could very well be my own pee~perhaps?!! ]
Hope you weren't expecting anything profound,
pretty sure you know LENORENEVERMORE by now
~XOXO* as always anyway...
-Shirley Temple website*
-Pics found via Ebay, Freeweb, Autographcentral & Movietreasures.Com


Gifts* to Unwrap...

~Hope everyone had a LOVEly weekend!
Christmas is certainly a wonderful time of the year...
time to search for the perfect gifts for our special someone.
But sometimes it seems that some of us may lose the true
meaning of Christmas… too much consumerism
and nothing about the birthday of Jesus Christ…
"Hello…my name is GUILTY!"~ooops!
Well, since we are in the topic of gift giving,
here are MORE fabulous GIFT ideas
to 'wrap under the tree'...errrrr so to speak?!

To our enemy, the 'F' word;

To every child, our hearts & a good example

To a friend, our ears to listen to
blah-blah-blah...more blahsss?! LOL*

To a charity, our resources & precious time

To a customer...errr a good service?!
[thank you very much!]

to all, LOVE & tolerance darrrlingsss...
I'm sure there are many-many other
great gift suggestions???~please do tell & share...
Have a Wonderful + Gracious
Season of Giving* everybody!
-ChristmasTrees(top2bottom) via Possibilitree, Soukshop, Buronorth, Shoprelish, Unicahome -Pics found via Crunchgear, IvaMessy, DustjacketAttics