Smell Nice*

....Woke up this morning & 'sniff-sniff' something really sweet and nice! It's the smell of weekend! ~Woo-Hoo!!! Should really bottle that SCENT! As promised, more photo sharing... Took these pics last weekend after that 'Jerk' stood me up from our first date episode! ...remember my sob-sob story?! ~My dear friends & their two strong strappy dogs were my heroes that day...they saved me from the usual 'pity-party'! They had to drag me out of my bed & took me for a nice late brunch...and after that we were off to the beach! We were actually training the dogs to attack Mr 'Jerk' !!! " Go, ATTACK...!!! Yes, good doggy...Go for the balls guys! bite the balls!!! [whahaha...just kidding* I'm not that cruel you know...] "...hmmm??? my teeth are actually quite sharp..." If they can't do it, I would grrrrr...one ball or both?! [I'm dangerous like that! ~whahhh*]
" Have a Ball This Weekend* Everyone..."



....Well-well-well... there is the difference between being childlike and childish I think. errr-errr...I'm still a little bit of both! (alright-alright...a lot!) We all were childlike once and having the wondrous qualities like unconditional love, trust, playfulness...simplicity! Somewhere along the road to adulthood we have somehow shed these childlike virtues and adopted fear, mistrust, doubtsss... Not only have we forsaken childlike virtues, we have also started looking down upon them as being immature and not grown up... Sometimes I feel that children should still be the 'role models' for all of us adults...hmmm??? ~Got to ponder more on this... Yesss, while licking on my sweet lollipop okie* ~XOXO*
-Photography by ©Claire Wilson & Graphic by Andy Smith via ffffound



" if loving* is wrong...
I don't wanna be right...
how many 'frogs' do I have 2kiss now...errr-errr??? "



~Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis
would have been 80 years old today...
Just stumbled upon a great site* full of
great visual delightsss...especially if you lurrrve
vintage photo archive & the Kennedy Family...
~check it out here:

Profound WoRds*

" Mr Jerk, I may not be
But I can cook & I am not
a frigid in bed either !!! "
[ wow-wee...very profound words indeed Missy!!! ]

.... I was going to post something witty and insightful about “Love-life is NOT really a Fairytale blah-blah-blah...” you know… I get it already! (perhaps NOT???) All I know so far is that I am putting my cute pedicured toe in the very cold water once again…and hope a huge wave of insecurity & the usual reality will not drowned me...errr-errr?! But, I wouldn’t be trying this if there was no support. So “Thank you!”~you’ve given me more courage so far... you have been so caring & loving friends indeed. I'm going to pursue love once again...errr??? Quite scary huh?!

~I've kept this extract from ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’ by Louis de Bernières in my folder, which I think should be engraved in my mind now! Profound words I think...~here it is:

Love is a temporary madness, it erupts like volcanoes and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of eternal passion. That is just being “in love” which any fool can do. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident. Those that truly love have roots that grow towards each other underground, and when all the pretty blossoms have fallen from their branches, they find that they are one tree and not two.

~Well-well-well...What Do You Think??? Profound words?! ...perhaps I should start applying them into my Love-Life-Journey?! Anyway, I asked a funny friend this very simple but profound* question; "What is LOVE?" and she answered without any hesitation, " I Luuurrrve shopping !!! "~Whahaha...wish it was that simple! or is it???


-Pics: Norman Parkinson via artnet.com & Stella McCartney via LATimes.com Blog


Want 2b HERO*

~CHEERFUL* Monday Everyone...
[what?!! Oh my...regular readers of this blog may have noticed
a slight but significant shift in my Monday post...No more
Bichin' about Monday Blues...Just enjoy it while it lasts! ~hee*]
Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! LENORENEVERMORE was supposed to have a dream date...BUT, guess what?!! The guy...errr JERK! did NOT show up!!!(sob-sob*) He had a somewhat a mild explanation for his Missing In Action! Not really good enough explanation though, it wasn't like he needed an emergency kidney transplant or something!!! ...Ooohhh+Grrr+Sob-sob*... Promise to share more & photos this week okie*... Meanwhile, please tell me..."Where do broken hearts go???" {ala Whitney Houston's song!) Told ya'...I'm such a dramaOrama queen! All I know I needed a hero to save me that day...a.k.a little me from having a major Pity-Party over the weekend... Suddenly the clouds cleared...and 2 heroes appeared before me in a form of a couple of friends...Literally the husband and wife super hero team! (~Thank you both!!)

There are different kind of heroes in the world... some may want to save the world from the serious global warming for example, or even the terrible world hunger...whatever they are, all are just wonderful! But I always believe~ if there is a small tiny mess in front of us and there's a broom, pick it up and start sweeping Darlings! Perhaps ultimately a mop might do an even better job, or even a powerful shovel perhaps! But the longer we wait to decide what tool to use, the longer the mess will be there... And that was what my 2 'heroic' friends did for me...In the speed of light, they simply picked me up when I was down... They were certainly my heroes that day... felt very-very BLESSED indeed! Now, I'm inspired more than ever to also be a 'hero' to someone this week! Another words~ I am blessed so I may bless others! ...errr hope I'm making any sense here...it's Monday morning afterall! Hmmm...what super hero costume should I wear today???...Whahhh!!
there are certainly 'heroes' & angels among us Darlings!
- Andy Warhol as Batman pics via Mathew Langley



Ooohhh... it's time for another
confession by LENORENEVERMORE...
~I have this little obsession...
with creamy goodness white china...
it seems that I continue to purchase them
by the dozens...even though I have more than
enough...-enough to open a restaurant !!!
~errr...take a peep...

Welcome to my country breakfast room Darlings...
a.k.a my 'Great Wall of China' !
...always believe that food looks best on a
simple clean white china...
I have been collecting all different styles & makers...
just have to be plain white! ...Love to mix'N'match them!
Got them from all over...Dept stores, Antique & thrift shops,
catalogs...but some of my favorites are from my flea market trips!
I've been collecting them ever since I discovered
the joy of entertaining at home... Am I a good cook?
...you bet!! (ehem-ehem*) errr...well at least
my family & friends told me so... Well-well-well...MUST admit that
I have collected more than enough & should NOT buy
anymore from now on... ~errr-errr???

Well... at least it's better than
collecting CHAIRSsss !!!
whahaha... as usual, trying to justify myself!

...so 'obsessed' that
I was even inspired to create some artworks...
~here are some :

hmmm...not feeling so guilty now!
~That's right!...at least some 'artistic' expression
came out from this little obsession...yes?!
( oops...sounds like another 'self-justification' moment! )
I'm facing the 'stacks' as I'm typing this blog entry.
This is where I blog most of the time...
My-my-my...~Look at my stack of billsss I have to
sort out this weekend... Dang*
Those stacks of white China are definitely
so much nicer to look at !!!
~Have a Great Weekend* Everyone!
as you know...I shall always have something
to occupy myself!
" Any little (or big!) 'obsession' you'd like to confess???
~do share okie*...... "
- Photo & Artwork by LENORENEVERMORE
- Vintage photo via WeHeartit.com


Head2Toe {part1*

Grrr......or Errr...... it all depends...
' What I Want ' &
' What I Need ' ...are
Two Different THINGS......"
[~part I of many...]
...It all started with this cocoon-like coziness~
which needed something-something as a headband...
perhaps some texture for the day time
and evening...to match that lovely cocoon!
and something that would add a few inches...
definitely will go with all the above...yesss*
Final touch...no earrings -nor necklace,
just this statement piece on the index finger
...and off I go!
...riding on this beauty !!!
,,,,,,le sigh*

Not guilty (YET !)
...let me continue to sleep on it*
-PICs = tiger: Friendster.com -dress:Beklina.com -bowtie:Collete.com -bags & ring: DarbyScott.com -heels:LorisShoes.com -horse:Julian Wolkenstein -W Magz via Tfs