Weekend is upon us...

 It's been another crazy-busy-week at work...I'm so bushed!
Can't wait to cuddle up in my favorite own nest.
No Fall Harvest Festival, nor getting any pumpkins...
(most importantly, no alarm clock!)
Perhaps this weekend, I'll try to perfect the Art of doing nothing?
" yessszzz....."
Have a Relaxing+Cozy Weekend Everyone!



Fall* Delights

Oh my-my... Sweet Paul has done it again! Spooktacular!! 
Eeeek! ~Halloween is just a few weeks away! 
Time does really fly, huh?
I'm such a huge fan of Sweet Paul a.k.a Paul Lowe!
He is an uber-talented food & prop stylist who packed his 
Louis and moved from Oslo to New York to live and lurrrve... 
Since then, he has been working with some amazing photographers, clients and fab magazines
We can see more of his gorgeous portfolio on his agent's site HERE & his digital magazine HERE


-Photo: Sweet Paul Magz & Halloween cakes by Hector Sanchez for Country Living



Albert Einstein
Hulk Hogan
Freddie Mercury
Mohandas Gandhi 
Joseph Stalin
Pat Morita
Salvador Dalí
Super Mario
...this ad campaign is so Witty!
Each November, men around the world grow their moustaches in support 
of a great cause! It's a movement created since 2003 by 
the Australian organization " Movember Foundation". 
The goal is to create awareness & raise money for men's health issues, in particular;
 prostate & testicular cancer. The creative team at TBWA in Singapore, is supporting 
 Movember with their "Moustaches Make a Difference" campaign!
Just as every strand of facial hair helps spread awareness,
hopefully every dollar+cent can continue to help fight cancer!

-Images via Fubiz 


Fasten Your Seatbelt...

Did you watch Pan Am premiere episode 
over the weekend?
This new Fall TV show has certainly done quite a brilliant job in 
recreating the Golden Age of Travel! Centered around 
the iconic 1960s Pan American World Airways, this period drama has 
everything from romance, betrayal, with a dash of espionage, and of course
great destinations. I bet the plot lines will get even sexier & juicier next week!
I'm looking forward to watch the upcoming episodes. 
Plus, all the fashion+style from that glamorous era ~Retro Fa-Bu-Lousss... 

-Pics via .DoobiBrainJetsetter & Dailmail 


" Dear Monday, be nice pretty please..."

" awww..."
How adorable is that!
" OUCH !!! "
errr...Happy Monday to all?!
[ promise to share less depressing images this week ] 

-Pics found via Pbase.com 


Weekend is upon us...

"  Darling, you need to trim your nostril hair... "
" ...flossed & brushed your teeth?? 
now kizz me hard!  "
Have a Lovely Weekend Everyone!
Oh poor Mr.Guy...he has to put up with me again this weekend!! (blushed*)
-Pics: Jane Crawford & Clark Gable found via FelixHollywood



photo, "Deciduous" by Lenorenevermore
Excuse me... Anyone knows the difference between Fall & Autumn?
Perhaps the best answer would be Fall starts with the letter 'F' & Autumn with 'A' ??!
I noticed the trees around my zipcode are beginning to change color.
Amazing new season here we come...
lurrrve...the notched collar & cocoon silhouette of this peacoat
by Stella McCartney 
House & Garden, 1972

House & Garden, June, 1967

House & Garden, June, 1967
40+ years later... this interior design by John Dickinson(1920-1982)
still looks so modern & 'current', isn't it? 
He is also among the most noted furniture designers in the twentieth century,
and his pieces are highly sought after by the world collectors.
This 'sexy' image somehow makes me want to grab the spoon~*
As far as I'm concerned...
 I'll always scream for ice cream anytime of the year!



Let's Get Squeaky Clean

This soap packaging from Prunella is so darn cute!
These organic, vegan, handmade soaps are now available in 16 delightful scents.
Oh my-my...
the product-styling is so CHARM-ing as well!
Can you spot the tiny pug? How cute is that!


- Discovered via Matouenpeluche



...such delicious color-combo, yes?

... Meanwhile
* wish list *
Lurrrve to have this timeless vintage office chair!
Designed by Charles & Ray Eames in 1958 for Herman Miller.
[ still in production today with new added features, available via DWR ]

- Pics via Vogue.Com & Metro Retro


New Office

Show-off time once again...
I installed a 'zen indoor fountain' in my new office!
My colleagues started commenting,
" got fish? "
" I need to toss a penny "
" ...the sound of trickling water makes me want to go pee!"
whateverrr... I like it!
Must say that I dislike my glass top office desk though.
[ glass top = transparency + finger prints!!! ]
Plus, I simply can't scratchy-scratch my crotch under this table now!
(I'm extremely polite like that!)
Perhaps I should bring a table cloth next ...errr-errr?? 
received more nice bottles from clients today!
" Cheersss..."




errr... REmeMBER me???

"Cross my fingers!" 
Hopefully, I'll be able to prepare & post on a regular basis again pretty soon...
My-my-my... I've been neglecting this blog for too loooooong!
Back in the city now, and been very busy after embarking on my new position at work.
(a.k.a me got promoted!)
Challenging time indeed! As expected, my work load has doubled.
Million of new obligations are looming over my head + calendar!
Thank you so much for your kind understanding everyone!
as promised, here are just a few snapshots taken during my summer break in the country:
...Summer simply comes & goes too quickly, huh?
Hope everyone is doing as well as can be!