*Spring Babies~

" awwwww...~so cuuute !!! "
Hope everyone had a great week so far? ~Let's end the week with this
'awww-moment' shall we?! ~Adorable baby goslings a.k.a tiny balls of fluff.
I can really-really watch them roaming around the meadows all day!
" Have an AWEsome Weekend Everyone! "
-Photography by ©Michelle Elizabeth


What to do when I can't sleep at night?

errr...redecorate my home sweet home ??!!
my place is such a mess at the moment...gathering things from the attic
to redecorate my book shelves... You see, I'm planning to mix some
objects to be displayed together with my book collection~
...you know, make it all look cozier + lovelier!

...this is how it's been arranged & displayed at the moment,
for wayyy too long I must say ~quite blehhh!
Simply need a change and Jazz it UP a little!
That's what I intend to accomplish this coming weekend~
[excuse me, are we there yet Saturday??? ~quickly, can't wait!]
~some inspirations found :

" Quite challenging I think, how to display our Booksss...
yup~ without looking like a Law Office! "

...any suggestions, dear creative people out there?


This *EXTRAVAGANZA* should happen in every city or small town in the world!

...or at least use the word ' Extravaganza !!! ' twice a day ?!
~Yup, perhaps that's it!

Pineapple Project~ hmmm...can be quite a nice name for a boutique, no?

My dear friend Marsha recently gave me a lovely present...
(in our circles, she is known as Miss Santa Claus!)
She is always so generous with giftsss...
and also knows how much I lurrrve my kitchen gadgets!
It's a Pineapple Slicer from Williams Sonoma!
...plus 2 fresh pineapples! ~SWEET*
Have you guys seen or used this gadget before?
Certainly makes cutting & peeling a pineapple so much easier
...and FASTER!
It's quite easy....just some elbow grease, insert the instrument
and push-twist-turn-turn-turn-clockwise and...PULL out!
" Voila! "
Perfectly sliced fresh pineapples! ~so JUSSSCYYY !!!
you see the flower arrangement in the back ground here?
Well...I rushed to the backyard and cut some
fresh spring flowers...
(promise, I did NOT steal from the neighbor's garden!!!)
Nothing goes to waste here in my kitchen~ehem*
So I made a quick flower arrangement...
Fresh pineapple VASE!!!
errr...you like?!
Bubbly Cheers to wonderful & generous friends always!
She told me, "It's better to give than to receive...you know."
~and I replied loudly, "AMEN !!!"
" Lurrrrrve...my new toy! Thank you Marsha!! "


TMI ~but Do You Know?

" I could talk on the phone, watch TV, ...plus
pluck my eyebrows at the same time! "
[ I'm dangerous like that !!! ]
but...later on, I looked at the mirror & discovered that
I looked more like an abstract Picasso! ~whahhh...+sobs*

~For those who find it tough to juggle more than a couple things at once, don’t despair. The brain is actually set up to manage two tasks, & not more, a new study suggests! That’s because, when faced with two tasks, a part of the brain known as the medial pre-frontal cortex divides so that half of the region focuses on one task & the other half on the other task. This division of labor allows a person to keep track of two tasks pretty readily, but if you throw in a third, things get a bit muddled. “What really the results show is that we can readily divide tasking. We can cook & at the same time talk on the phone, and switch back and forth between these two activities,” said study researcher Etienne Koechlin of the Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris, France. “However, we cannot multitask with more than two tasks.” [published in the Journal Science. »source Live Science*]

" errr...are you good ( dangerous! ) at multi-tasking ??? "
-Photo by Pedro Dimitrow for Panasonic Ads Campaign


~The Inspirational* & Always Humble Audrey Hepburn

...Some people may need to get this book,
but oh no-no-no... not me!
cos' ehem ~I'm already so lovely (and also shameless I tell ya! Shameless!!)
~Whahahaha... whoops; my annoying laughter...errr not so lovely!
Confession: they say my laughter sounds like a quacking duck(being slaughtered!)
Adding this to my library! ~Book by Melissa Hellstern*

~How I usually stand on Monday...

"...errr-errr ~definitely not that easy Darrrlings!"
-Photography by Robert Kinmont from '8 natural handstands' via Darren Knight Gallery



~I have truly enjoyed all the issues of my favorite magazine Wallpaper*. Especially when
they featured the 'Artist's Palate Series'...shown above are from some of their past issues;
Artist Louise Bourgeois' leg of lamb with vegetables, Salvador Dali's Timbale Elysée Lasserre dessert,
painter Richard Estes' chooses spaghetti carbonara & Cai Guo-Qiang chooses Beijing duck.
If you were to be asked to choose one,
what would be yours? ...do tell~yummm!
this would have to be my ultimate choice...
*egg puffs*~represented!
[ cos' it's easy-breezy-versatile & sexy-delish! ]
*1/2 cup milk
*1/2 cup flour
*2 eggs
*1 tablespoon melted butter
* a pinch of salt, sugar & baking powder
*muffin pan - about 18-20 min in 425F preheated oven
~Nothing can be easier right?
versatility : sprinkling of powdered sugar or nutella/ condensed milk/
ice cream/ fruit jam/ melted cheese/ coconut sugar/ cinnamon/
even pesto sauce with bacon...& more! ~options are really endless...
" Wishing Everyone a Lovely + Yummy* Weekend! "


~I believe the children are our future ~Teach them well and let them lead the way ~Show them all the beauty they possess inside...lalalala~

...sounds familiar? I'm sure you've guessed it right...
it's Miss Whitney Houston's song of course!
Most of you know that my family is 'Artist Wannabe'
You've seen my mother's work[here] & also my brother's[here].
Now it's time to introduce the next generation,
my young nephews & nieces!

Yup~ they all shared their brushes, tubes of paint
and presented me with this LOVELINESS a.k.a the colorful painting
for my birthday back in March this year!
Obviously I was moved to tears...~sob-sob*
(Thank goodness for waterproof mascara!!!)

I shall treasure their art (~heART*) forever...
especially those precious moments we spent together~
...these kids, they GROW so FAST I tell ya'


I'm so ready for warmer weather here...

I really need to see more skin Darrrlings!
" so....cuuute! "...and I don't mean the puppy! (blush-blush*)

" Anywayyy...dO you know ??? "

For your info~ this week The Gap takes 20% off EVERYTHING online, which gives us a good reason to boost the economy no? My new favorite is this timeless shirt dress ~vintage-inspired washed chambray piece to add to my spring wardrobe. Okie~Warmer Weather, come quickie-quickie pretty pleassseee...




...at first glance, thought she
was wearing fishnet stockings...tricky!
How is the weather in your zip code lately?
(as usual, I'm nosy like that!)
It's been wet, windy & brrr-brrr cold once again in here!
~ready? Even some hails too!! what's going on Spring?
You came & disappeared again...
what's up with that huh?! Quit playing hide & seek!
(don't mind me ranting...just simply need to have a chat
with Spring, hope she would listen this time...errr?!)
Have the feeling, I must take all my winter coats out again today~

-Photo by Sughra Raza via HERE


" MONDAY...please-pretty-please don't kill me! "

" I may like Monday someday...
but just not today Darlings! "
This photography describes my Monday Mood so well, don't you think?
~as you know...I can be such a Drama-O-Rama!
...errr especially on Mondays!!
Death by cake, 2005
Death by Slim Fast, 2006
Death by Lifesavers, 2006
Death by Nutella, 2001
Death by cotton candy, 2006
Photographer, Daniela Edburg grew up in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. She got her bachelor’s degree in visual arts from the National University in the excellence program at the San Carlos Academy in Mexico City, where she still lives and works. Images appear courtesy of Kunsthaus and Daniela Edburg, copyright ©Daniela Edburg. Some images are part of the show ‘Bittersweet’ ~To view more click HERE


It felt like I was spending my nights in an English country manor~

I'm flying back home today...I'm quite worried about
the airport situation at the moment!
I'm sure you've heard the news re; the volcanic ash from Iceland
which had caused major airports to shut down around the globe!
I'm hoping the domestic U.S flights would not be so badly
affected today. I hope...errr-errr???

Let's clear the air for a moment and
take a peep at my home-away-from-home
a.k.a the New York hotel room, where I've been staying
for the past few days... It's rather charming
~English Country kind of charm!
~take a look:

Oh NO!!! ...She is still here?!!
(I want her plush terry cloth head-band! ~whahhh...)
" Have a Charming Weekend Darrrlings! "
signing off via NYC