" Thank you my darling Nia ...you rest in peace now "
Earlier this week, Nia had left us to go to her doggy heaven.
For the past 12 years, she had brought so much love & joy into my life.
I'm deeply saddened and going to miss everything about her...especially
the distinctive scratching noise she made on her favorite pillow.
Allow me to take some time off to mourn the loss.
Thank you for your kind understanding everyone...



I've been Waiting...

and waiting...
and more waiting...
for this day to arrive...and it's finally here!
~yesssss... Labor Day Weekend here I come!
" Wee-Weee-Weeeeeehhh..."
We are having a long weekend here in the States,
and I intend to enjoy every second of it!
A friend has also invited me for a rooftop weekend BBQ and she requested for
my Bread Pudding which she lurrrves very much... Instead of regular old bread,
I use croissants for this recipe! Much more flavorful I'd say~YUM*
errr...who's counting calories right?!
Have a Fun *Labor Day* Weekend Everybody!!!
-Pics: Studio Jo Meesters via YatzerCom & AK photography via ffffoundCom


On The Wall~

This is the most magnificent home photo gallery EVERrrr!
~Thanks to the latest technology, we can now easily scan old family photos...
crop/enlarge/convert to black&white blah-blah-blah...& frame them up! ~I'm so inspired!!
Any of you display personal photographs around the house??? (I'm nosy like that!)


Do You Remember September?

~Simply can't get this song out of my head ever since I heard it over at Caroline's blog this morning...
I'm in the mood to wear glittering sequins* & ReJOICE + dance-dance-dance!!! ~XOXO*

TV Land*

Welcome September Month...
For the latest September issue of Rolling Stone Magazine,
photographer James Minchin III went behind the scenes inside the most seductive show on TV land!
Any Mad Men fans out there? Not only the captivating series are full of visual delights from that
American JFK era, I'm also intrigued by the "who am I" themes throughout!
Yup, that BIG question of "who am I...errr-errr???"
...Plus, they have the greatest make up, wardrobe costumes & sets on TV land, no?
~I really want most of their furniture too!
-Pics via Rolling Stone