I spotted these colorful balloons among the busy crowds...

so I followed...

...and followed to the street corner of Singapore!

I just hope she wasn't too afraid of this curious stalker traveler?! 
have you seen this beautiful LV campaign?
" a journey is not a trip.
it's not a vacation.
it's a process. 
a discovery.
it's a process of self-discovery.
a journey brings us face to face with ourselves.
a journey shows us not only the world,
but how we fit in it.
does the person create the journey?
or does the journey create the person?
the journey is life itself.
...where will life take you? "
~such an inspiring message, isn't it?
I'm looking forward to explore another Life Journey in 2012,
Hope you will join me again...
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have taken
your precious time to join me & read my blog this year!

" Have a Happy-HAPPY New Year Everyone! "



My eye on the Boots

extremely tall + humongous + shinny pair!!
There's not much to add, is there?
Caught my attention on my way back from dinner with Singaporean friends.




Rainy Week Ahead

Perhaps they should have included the word 'rainy' as well!

Dramatic sky
...umbrella where are you?!

" poetic raindrops I, II, III "

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas Holiday...
Did you get nice presents? 
I'm so looking forward to unwrap mine when I get home next week!
it will continue to rain here in Singapore for the next few days.
Crash of thunders + flash of lightnings are included! (mommy...I'm scared!)




Christmas in Singapore

Happy Holidays Everyone!
This is Orchard Road, the most famous street in Singapore.
At night, the entire stretch comes alive with spectacular Christmas display!
Another festive 'Falalalala-lala-lala' moment indeed!

...and so I'm offering this simple phrase,
To kids from one to ninety-two,
Although it's been said many times, many ways,
Merry Christmas to you...
(I'm in the mood to sing & caroling!)

" L♥VE + JY to all ! "



Destination : Singapore

...See ya' later cold winter!

and hellooo... Singapore!



and be merry!

Christmas time on a warm tropical island...this could be interesting~*
Can't wait to share more travel photos with all of you from Singapore!




Here I go again~ OMG!

un-packing & re-packing!!
Barely recovered from my European jet lag and yet I'm catching another flight tonight!
OMG is totally right, huh?
This time around no winter clothes in my luggage,
cos' tropical Singapore Island here I come!
errr-errr...I think this blog has officially become a travel blog?!

yours truly,



London Calling

Oxford Circus, London
 Season's Greetings Everyone!
After leaving Paris, I spent a very short weekend in 
one of my favorite cities in the world, London!
I'm back home sweet home ~finally!!!
My apology, was too busy lately to update this blog.
It's been quite a long+hectic, but thankfully a successful trip for me.
I'm really-really exhausted...I need to catch up on my sleep now.
Will you be kind enough to wake me up when Christmas is over?

as always!



Hermès Paris~

Simply a must visit each time I'm here in Paris...
Have I ever told you that I used to do window display & visual merchandising
for a fashion store, once upon a time? I still do admire this creative 
profession very much. Certainly brings back some sweet+fun memories!
~Let's take a look at what they have on display :

'Tis the season to give!
If you must know, I did buy a lovely gift from this Hermès shop! ~Oui-Oui!
errr...for myself that is! 

It was beautifully gift wrapped & delivered to my hotel room.
Such impeccable customer service, yes?
sorry, I can't reveal what's inside this shopping bag just yet.
We simply have to wait patiently til' Christmas morning 
...just like all the good kids back home!

Yours truly,



"come to me...drink me...eat me..." visual communication in Paris

" oui ?! "
Oh well...no English translator was really needed during the formal soirée that evening!
My 'social anxiety' in a foreign speaking land finally ~poof! disappeared...
[refer to my previous post]
When in doubt, I simply replied in me-own-French of course, 
"Oui! Oui!! Oui!!!on almost everything?!
It's completely fine to confuse each other during this festive season I think.
I also copied those cute Japanese tourists here in Paris... 
just giggled, while demurely covering my mouth at the same time!
I added by batting my eyelashes!!
(too bad that seemed to work with the Frenchmen only) 
thanks to my darling friend, David Toms for the brilliant advise he gave me recently;
'fake it til u make it'...my French that is! Proud to say that I was getting quite good at it.
 A couple flute glasses of bubbly champagne before dinner
might have helped as well! ~errr...à votre santé! a.k.a Cheersss...
 greetings from Paris
Hope you're having a fabulous Holiday Spirit this Season!
* X&X *
(kizzes on both cheeks!)



French Lesson

Hellooo...& bonjour everyone!
I'm back working in Paris again...
I've been invited to a Christmas party tomorrow night!
Fortunately I brought along a pretty cocktail dress on my trip here, no problem!
A slight tiny 'problem' though :
Still having a 'social inferior complex' lately, for not being able to speak fluent French!
( my sign-language is really-really bad either!!!)
I truly regret for not taking French lesson seriously when I was back in school.
It's getting harder to learn a new language as we grow older, yes?
Whereas my young niece who is taking Mandarin as her second language
in school, is able to pick it up so quickly and easily!
Youtube to my rescue once again! (blushed*)
...It would help to have this adorable French girl to be my teacher!
Plus, she has such great imaginations!! I really want to be confident 
and be able to tell exciting stories in French like her ~LOL
p.s: Don't you think this precious little darling should be a writer one day?
greetings from Paris



Munich Airport Terminal

Look at what I saw... a shiny German beauty!

" I want! I want!! "
[pardon me, i tend to repeat myself when I get too excited ]
~Oh scute, isn't it?

ultra sleek Lufthansa Business Class Lounge,
lurrrve...the stylish leather chair, but comfy it is not!  

a little something-something before our flight back to Paris...
a.k.a just chillin' + munchin'

Oh well...that was certainly a very short visit here!
"Auf Wiedersehen for now Munich!" 




" Hey, carbohydrates! "

I've been working very hard and 
running around the city lately...in high heels!
I needed to refuel & gain more energy!
errr-errr...I always have an excuse for everything, huh?
* YUM *
p.s: Leaving Munich for Paris tomorrow, where there'll be more treats to taste
...and more new excuses! (wink*)