Jump for JOY!

My niece was so happy to hear the good news about her mother!
Well...my sister's surgery was a success & her doctor told us that 
she can leave the hospital by the end of the week! ~WooHoo!
Great reason to do the happy dance...
or have I been feeding her too much sugar??!
errr...this nanny is definitely no Julie Andrews' Marry Poppins!



Weekend is upon us...

For those of us in the States...
* Happy almost Memorial Day long Weekend! *
So thankful to all who have sacrificed so much for this country.
What are you guys up to? Delicious picnic or BBQ in your plan??
I'm going out of town to visit my lovely sister...
Next Monday, she is going to have surgery to remove another tumor.
I'll be babysitting my sweet nephews & niece while she is in recovery.
Keep her in our prayers pretty please... ~thank you so much!
Have a Safe Weekend Everyone!
as always!



My colleague at work has the above visual delight as her desktop wallpaper...
Being nosy as usual, I asked her, "Woah! Gorgeousss...where is this PARADISE?"
Her reply was "gee...How do I know, I just like the colors!"
She later sent me the Wallpaper Link, but unfortunately the site
does not provide much info, only 'Maldives-Base-Resort' (grrr...)
After much click-click-clicking on Google Image, I was so thrilled
to finally find the answer!
This tropical paradise is Huvafen Fushi Resort in Maldives. 
ehem-ehem...I can be a good private investigator, don't you think so?!
[ more info+pics HERE & HERE ]
I'm definitely keeping the links in my 'Dream Destination Folder' 
just in case I need a vacation in paradise!
Just take a look at the pristine white sandy beach, plus that infinity pool!
" ahhh... Le sighhhhhh..."

-Photo via TheWallpaper.Org


'O' Funny Faces

Priceless facial expressions, aren't they?
I can actually still hear the screams !!!
'Oprah's Favorite Things & Big Surprise' episodes 
were always so much fun to watch!
Well, last night I stumbled upon this hilarious site:
(cracks me up!)
As most of us know, today is going to be Oprah's final TV show.
I think many of her fans are truly depressed and are consulting with their psychologists 
in order to cope with her departure! Understandable huh? Oprah has really connected 
with all her loyal audience for the past 25 years in 150 countries! 
I shall miss her too (sobs*), her inspiring shows were parts of my life...
“ One of the biggest things I learned over the years is that people 
want to be heard. Every human being, no matter what age,
no matter how old we get, is looking for the same thing. 
What everybody wants is to know: do you see me; did you hear me 
and did what I say mean anything to you. 
That is what everybody is looking for… ” ~Oprah Winfrey
Oh so true!
That's why I blog ~hello...


Renovation Update =

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend?
My new curtains finally arrived late last week,
and over the weekend I decided to finally hang them up!
After a yummy brunch with Mr Guy at a neighborhood restaurant,
made invited him to drop by my house to help me hang them up...
6 windows later, we he was done ~Bravo!
it's so nice to have a capable man around the house i must say...
Wonder if he could paint my toe nails next time?
errr...aren't I the romantic kind?!!


Weekend is upon us...

It's been quite a looong week cooped up in my office, 
while the weather outside is getting so much lovelier! 
So looking forward to this weekend,
 cos' I have another date with Mr Guy!
If you must know...
I don't mind him getting a bit 'creepy' on this date!
...I really don't mind it at all 
Have a Lovely Weekend Everyone!
-Illustration via BiteDaily 


" Aha ! "

Canadian artist Nadia Tan, literally had a 'light bulb moment' recently!
Her stove light blew out and was determined to do something creative with it...
She found this DIY site; 'how to hollow out lightbulbs'.
Now she gets quite excited every time she finds a burnt-out light bulb!  
Take a look at some of her beautiful creations :
 hanging vase and mini terrarium for her ginger root sprout.
~How CHARM-ing! 
...And her adorable miniature paper clothes have 
found their new homes as well! ~Brilliant!!
-Links: Nadia's Blog & her Shop found via Down&OutChic


" ...... "

" Some Dogs are Bilingual "
" Global Warming "
" Creep! "
" Cheesus "
" Lucky Key Chain "
by Tenso
" Last Bird In The Shop "
So they say, " intriguing titles are cause for contemplation...
untitled artworks allow us more freedom to interpret... "
All I know is that I lurrrrve the titles of these artworks!
Which is your favorite?
-Art Prints available via SocietySix 



Hello Everyone!
Not really sure why I didn't share this with all of you sooner...
Earlier this year, my dear brother gave me this book for my Birthday!
I know... I have the sweetest brother, huh?
Such a wonderful special gift idea!
ehem-ehem... Notice the Book Title ??? 
Well... my Blog has been turned into a printed book!
I was so impressed with the fine quality, hard cover and all...
With the recent 'boo-boo outage' from Blogger, I understand that
some of my bloggie pals have lost their blog posts! (sigh...)
Perhaps this might be something to consider...
preserve our blogs for posterity?
For more info about turning your blog into printed book click HERE




" Blogger, what's UP with that?! "

As some of you fellow bloggers may already know...
Blogger deleted some of our posts & also your recent lovely comments during
their latest service outage, and I'm not sure if they will ever be restored, so frustrating huh?!
Can you imagine if all our blog posts thus far suddenly *poofed!* disappeared?
Eeek...NIGHTMARE !!!
Have a great weekend everyone!




“ Silly is you in a natural state, 
and serious is something you have to do
until you can get silly again ” ~Mike Myers
I hate to complain...But Seriously,
my work keeps stacking up at the office lately!
Barely even have time to file my nails, if you know what I mean...
Really can't wait to be 'silly' again!
Hope everyone is having a good week so far though?
Until then darrrlings...

-Marlyn Monroe photo found Via


...WOOD you dear?

~Weeeh.... how fun is that!
Can you spot Meryl Streep in the back seat?
So cool as a cucumber on this scary ride ~lurrrve her!
Life is either a daring adventure or nothing "~Helen Keller

Well...another quote for today, submitted by the talented Samantha.
~Thanks Sam! Do check out her gorgeous Blog , one of my favorites.
Many thanks also, to all of you who have shared your favorite quotes 
with me yesterday! Hope to include some of them in my future posts.
here are some wooden designs 
which had me swooning with delight!
solid walnut iPhone case
Acacia wood utensil set
decorative candle holder with ebonized finish
farm animal wood plate
Wolf Den tree branch coat rack
Kartono Magno radio

Mari platform pump with wooden wedge
...I can really kill a cockroach with this! -whack!!
(I'm daring like that!)