Sweet Temptation~

Too bad I don't have any black lipstick in my make up case...
I'm so tempted to show up at work today with a black kitty on my lips!
" meowww...good morning boss, may i have 
my Christmas bonus sooner rather than later? ...meowww?? "
Lollipop anyone?
mmm...I declare that we should suck on 
a moose head, or even that hot pink tractor once in a while!
Seriously though, don't you think they'd make cute party favors?
Colorful+flavorful candies available from Sweet Lollipop Shop.
CLICK-ed! *
Someone dressed up early for Halloween on Sunday morning!
Oh my...is she cute or is she cute??
I almost snatched this adorable baby back home,
then I realized that I should continue NOT to break the law...
It's really-really hard to be a law-abiding citizen sometimes, huh?

-Pics: Lips found via BordomSweet Lollipop, me & illustration by RiflpaperCo. 


Weekend is upon us...

Let's play dress-up! ...Ready?
May the force be with you...
Well... although Halloween is landing on Monday this year,
there're still so many parties going on this weekend! ~woot-woot!
Let's celebrate the inner-child in all of us... 
I want my candy!
" Have a FUN* Halloween Kids ! "

-Photos of original cast of 'Star Wars' found via Iwatchstuff, BlueHarvest & SundayMercury



" What comes right after my 'Honey & Bee' blog post? "
~ this! of course ~
my-my-my...i'm getting quite predictable, huh?
oOo0ooh...why not!
Watch this amazing 'time lapse' video & let's dreamscape~~~ 
Our earth is truly a magnificent planet home indeed!
Minimalist fairytale poster by graphic designer Christian Jackson
warm cuddly faux fur hats from Asos 
Don't you think faux fur has gotten so much better lately?
I think gone are the days, when they could look+feel so cheap or shoddy!
I'm pretty sure it's warm & cozy inside this charming log house...
yummm...nothing better than a warm hearty breakfast during this colder season.
This porridge recipe is not the usual tasteless mush, but 
packed with lots of delicious healthy goodness!
" errr... If you say so my Bear dear! "
quirky illustration available from Corduroy 

-Vintage photo found via WeHeartIt modified by me,


Yes Honey...

Excuse me, would you like to dress up as a Beekeeper for Halloween?
Not like him... but more like the gorgeous Anne St Marie!
How GLAM would that be, yes?
Oh my...I'm still such a sucker for cute packaging!
I really want to squeeze-squeeze his belly!!
Young London designer, Holly Fulton F/W 2011 collection
hmmm...who's the Queen B here?!
M.A.C Naked Honey collection
I've been hearing raves from the gals that the skin salve smells so yummy!
Melbourne's Heide Museum of Modern Art produces & selling its own honey...
The elegant packaging & very graphic poster are both based on 
Hex typeface developed by designer David Pidgeon.
There're a few things that can brighten my day...
This bundle of cuteness is just one of them
Simply couldn't resist myself...*squeals!*

-Additional pic found via Beekeeper 


Trick 'rrr' Treat?

I really want to watch Spanish director Pedro Almodovar's 
'The Skin I Live Instarring Antonio Banderas. 
If you must know, Almodovar is one of favorite film makers...
I fell in love with foreign cinema because of his films!
[click link to watch the sneak preview] 
So luscious & drool worthy, aren't they?
Here's the Red & Black Apple recipe to make them at home-sweet home!
These Halloween floral arrangements are certainly not spooky,
...just simply so chic! Painted recycled cans + fresh flowers = CHARM-ing!

" Kids these days..."

Once again, Philip Lim is bringing more styles to those mini-fashionistas this season!
Oh my-my...too darn cute, aren't they?
I bet Suri Cruise has them in her walk-in closet already!
I absolutely admire images coming out from Andrew Reilly's camera.
He seems to make it so easy to capture such precious candid moments!
Play+Nap time anyone?
Artist Yusuke Suzuki created this cool comfy cozy bed in a form of an open book.
0ooh...I want!!! ~Let's have a slumber party, shall we?
-Photos: Philip Lim via Wit&DelightAndrew Reilly, Suzuki bed via Fubiz


Fall Vibes~

Etro nappa leather & forest green cashmere gloves combo
(found via CoutureCarrie)
'Woodland Floor Rearrangement' series by Tim Pugh

Impressionistic printed trench coat by Erdem
'Ease' by yours truly! ~clicked*

~Suddenly I feel the urge to don a trench coat and gather 
autumn leaves from the forest floor...
I lurrrve this Season!


Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend?
Our Fall temperature suddenly rose to the mid-70's over the weekend...
perfect time to enjoy the outdoor with the whole gang under the sun!
My lovely pal Sam, recommends that i should check out these
'highbrow' images a.k.a ridiculously funny Halloween pet costumes!
~take a look at some of them: 
No pets were harmed during this Halloween festivity!
errrr... only their dignity perhaps? ~hah!

-Pics found via FlavorWire ~Thanks Sam!


Weekend is upon us...

^ my week started off like this ^
...but today,
I could start to smell the fresh weekend air! 
( sniff-sniff-sniff )
" yessssss......"
Happy Friday!
Have a Bewitching an Enchanting Weekend Everyone!

-Pics found via FyeahBewitched modified by me



"...what's up little birdie? "
(yep, still talking to plants & animals these dayz!)
I took this pic during my short lunch break earlier today...
was rather inspired by Vivian Maier story (read my previous post). 
Perhaps I should start having my mini camera in hands more 
often to capture special-simple moments in life! ~Clicked* 
...errr ever wonder how do birds can land on the
high voltage electrical wires without getting shocked? ...hmmm?

casual sweatshirt paired with formal chiffon long skirt.
Lurrrve...the juxtaposition! Plus, that bright lip color isn't bad either. 

Did anything in particular inspire you this week?

-Photo ©LENORENEVERMORE & Street Style via Kristatomic