Yes Honey...

Excuse me, would you like to dress up as a Beekeeper for Halloween?
Not like him... but more like the gorgeous Anne St Marie!
How GLAM would that be, yes?
Oh my...I'm still such a sucker for cute packaging!
I really want to squeeze-squeeze his belly!!
Young London designer, Holly Fulton F/W 2011 collection
hmmm...who's the Queen B here?!
M.A.C Naked Honey collection
I've been hearing raves from the gals that the skin salve smells so yummy!
Melbourne's Heide Museum of Modern Art produces & selling its own honey...
The elegant packaging & very graphic poster are both based on 
Hex typeface developed by designer David Pidgeon.
There're a few things that can brighten my day...
This bundle of cuteness is just one of them
Simply couldn't resist myself...*squeals!*

-Additional pic found via Beekeeper 


samantha ramage said...

someone's got a bee in their bonnet!


Collette Osuna said...

Loving your bee post....the little guy at the bottom in his costume..is too cute!!

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Pet said...

Wow, I am a honey freak, buy local honeys wherever I go and so. This Post is like finding a jewel for me :-)

Couture Carrie said...

What a cool theme for a post, darling!
Very well-researched!
Love that first pic ~ so glam!


Shady Del Knight said...

Very interesting post, Lenore Nevermore. If I had to give you a grade on it I'd say Bee plus! :) I particularly like that heide honey poster. It's relaxing. I could gaze at it all day. Thanks, dear friend!

Shutterbug said...

I love honey! it's so sweet and delicious!

Alexa said...

That baby bee!!!! so cute!

Unknown said...

oh you know I love my bees!!!! this post made my so happy today!!!!!

McVal said...

OOOHH! I didn't realize honey could be so sweet!


Hahaha this is a fabulous post! I have a huge grin on my face. Nothing's sweeteer than honey :) xoxo

Formerly known as Frau said...

I like honey and the colors of bees....but those pesky things....I was stung this summer and it was not fun!
Hope you have a wonderful day!

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

I want an A+! pretty please...

Oh dear...OUCH!
one of dogs was stung this summer too, luckily she was not allergic! Her face was quite swollen though!

Linda Leyble said...

Great collection of bee images! Love the theme!

And the little bee costume 0 how adorable!


Susan said...

Bzzzzzzzz Don't remind me, I've just run out of my curiously divine tasting English borage honey. xx

renee said...

Yum! Have you ever tried honey on a grilled cheese sandwich? They're amazing, my dad used to make those for me when I was younger and this post makes me hungry for one of those :). That graphic poster is awesome too! xx.

erica marie said...

cute post, i love those dresses!

xo erica

Alena: Oh, Its Just Perfect! said...

love this honey post and that is one adorable little bumble bee!! I always bring back honey when I travel abroad--I'm a tad addicted to the stuff ;)

martinealison said...

Nous avons tant besoin de nos chères abeilles pour vivre... En ce moment il serait peut-être de bon aloi de prendre chaque matin un peu de miel pour bien démarrer la journée.
Gros bisous

Unknown said...

Your post is just the bees knees! I love it and any sort of honey cosmetics always entrances me!

xo mary jo

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

I have not tried that before, sounds delish! I might even add a slice of prosciutto~ sweet+salty=YUM!

~Thank you everyone!

Erin Lian said...

Buzzzz!! That baby is so cute <3