Simply Must Thank You~

in many ways you've been all of the above!
Thank you for the wonderful kind supports
during my dark-gloomy-down period~
*Love You Long Time*
hope to be back early next week...
Enjoy your Weekend!
-Polaroid via here


I hate to complain...but

I might be suffering from a mild depression...
can't sleep & have no appetite to eat(so unlike me!)
Could it be the 'toxic chemicals' that I've been using to clean the flood?!
errr-errr ???
All I know is that I'm taking a few days off from work
and perhaps this blog as well. Got to take care of me-myself & I first!
Thank you for your kind understanding everyone~


...waiting to exhale~

[Click on above image to enlarge]
ahhhhh.....quite a perfect view, for me at least!
yup, after too much rain pouring on my zipcode!

The dry desert sand & warm golden sunset
never looked this sexy...
if you know what I mean~ehem*
The above could be one of my favorite scenes from the great 1962 classic, "Lawrence of Arabia" one of the most brilliant piece of film making! There are certainly too many gorgeous+genius shots to praise (after all it's a 4-hour long film!) and the mirage sequence could be the most famous I think; in which a human figure begins as a tiny speck, but then rides ever so closer on a camel with no music...only haunting dramatic silence! But my favorite[click here to watch]: when Lawrence is just granted a chance to locate the Prince in hopes of learning more about the intentions of the natives...well, he stares at a lighted match, exhales so gently, and suddenly the camera switches* to a beautiful sunset in the Arabian DRY desert scene...~ahhh yesssss...exhale
-Pic found via biggestaple & africatravelpictures.com



I have survived the major storms & flood!!!
...and more good news; I did not have any nervous breakdown!
First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank
everyone who had taken their precious time to write
LOVEly & caring words to me...certainly cheered* me up!
~Thank you so MUCH everyone!
Wasn't really sure whether I should share this horrible experience
with all of you, moreover these awful looking photos...
But, share I must! That's what blogging is all about right?!
...so here you are:

destroyed items from the garage & basement of the house!
All muddiness after the flood had dried up!
I'm traumatized...shall not use mud facial mask anytime soon...
even the blue color kind!
The basement a.k.a my storeroom!
I know Linoleum floor is ugly...
well, it had become uglier!!!
(sorry for my lack of vocabulary)
"eeeuw... & yuck!"
were the words of the week for me!
(I'm very articulate like that!)
so were "antibacterial"
and "die germs die!!!"
(I'm also dangerous like that!)
errr...still had time to pose for the camera though!
~just being a drama queen...raising my hand in the air
screaming, "Why...why?!!! Why me!!!"
(correction: self-pitying drama queen!)

The good news;...phew!
some items were saved and were moved to the dry-land
a.k.a the dining room & guest room...
As we can see, still very much chaotic!
Lots to be done around
my home sweet home...~But
~still very grateful to be well & ALIVE!!!
you know...things could have been worse right?!
So how was your weekend???
-Photo by LENORENEVERMORE additional pics via pixadaus.com


oooh...It's Horrible!

... ~We are experiencing horrible storms in my zip-code and my garage & basement are now flooded! We are expecting 2 more storms heading our way...horrible-horrible-horrible!!! Did I tell you it's horrible??! Thank God our living space is fine & dry... Just to let you know that I'm taking a brief intermission from this Blogsphere...must assess all the damages & major clean-up(sigh*). Please keep me in your prayers so that I won't have a horrible nervous break down~errr-errr??? Should I buy an inflatable boat?
til' then everyone!
~xoxo* as always



My best friend & I went for a Japanese dinner last night~
Haven't seen each other for a while...he had just
returned from a Mexico Cruise with his family.
He shared fun stories & amazing vacation photos...
" anyone been on a cruise before? "
Anyway, always enjoy a good company & Japanese food.
Must also say that I always like the idea of the mix&match
dishes...so preeeetty~certainly so much more interesting!
It's not so much of a trend, the Japanese has been
doing it for centuries...
~okie*time for more visual delightsss...
washing hands stereoview
Animated stereoview of old Japan --
Animated stereoview of old Japan --

Animated stereoview of old Japan --

Animated stereoview of old Japan --

In the late 19th and early 20th century,
enigmatic photographer T. Enami (1859-1929)
captured a number of 3D-stereoviews depicting life in Meiji-period Japan.
...such visual delights*

sorry guys, some of you informed me
that you can NOT view
the above animated images...
not really sure why...errr???
Just click below if you encounter the problem=

- Special thanks to my brother for the link*


Appearance can be deceiving...

Happy Monday Everyone!!!
Smile~It's a Public Holiday here!

So...for those who don't really know me might
assume that I wear something really saxsayyy to bed.
Far from the truth darlings...I wear men's flannel pajamas!
The one shown here I borrowed(errr...stole!) from my father's closet.
They are so soft & cozzzy! Plus, they are vintage from the 90s!
~90s is considered vintage right?! Well, now you know...me and
my extra large flannel pajamas, thick chenille socks(no holes!)
and ready? my MOUTH GUARD~ I'm a teeth grinder!!!
I'm sooo sexy in bed I tell ya'! Enough of the 'sexy' me...
these are much more interesting ~Enjoy:
Samurai...martial artist???
~Nope, he's just expecting the rain!
Choose any of the warrior umbrellas designed by Materious.
[Available for purchase here]

This looks like a pile of river stones, but this mat by textile designer Ronel Jordaan is soft and warm on the feet. The hand-felted 'stones' are made of cushiony-cozy 100% wool!
New York-based artist Naoko Ito transformed a tree branch into art by sawing it into pieces, putting them in jars and then stacking them into the original shape of the branch~Lurrrrrve it!

Must say~sometimes appearance
can be so delightfully deceiving...


$unday Best*

" Dear beloved...
open our eyes, hearts...& wallets please~ "

~Haiti is still desperately in need of our help, and will be for several weeks, if not months & years! Right now we can help a little or a lot with donations via the American Red Cross Haiti Foundation. Here we'd find more information on how to donate for the Earthquake relief. American Red Cross is currently accepting donations via phone. If you want to donate, call 1-800-RED-CROSS or 1-800-257-7575. You can also contribute via mail, sending to this address: American Red Cross- P.O. Box 37243, Washington D.C. 20013

- Photo by Keri Oldham 'Listening Collection, 2009' via MeMelodia



... I have been working extra looong hours and simply can't wait for this week to be over! I shall continue to sniff the air today. I'm sure I can start to smell the weekend~ sniff-sniff...yesssss* Anyway, last night I was digging through my photo archives from all my travels. Literally there are hundredsss if not thousandsss of images (sorry, tend to exaggerate, but there were lotsss!) I really should share more often with you guys. errr-errr...must admit that I struggle keeping-up with this blog sometimes and organizing my photo archives is another whole story...no, it's a saga!!! Wishing you a relaxing weekend everyone...
Well~I'll be enjoying my weekend in the country again! PS: Once again, thank you all for the lovely & funny comments this week...appreciate them very much~sincerely*
-Photo 'Amsterdam Fall 2009' by ©LENORENEVERMORE



You know how pets can somehow look like their owners...
here's my Miss Teenee, one of my five Pugs~
Do not laugh people!!!
~I can hearrrrrr you.....
-Dog food Ad via Adsoftheworld.com


"if you're good, you get some treats..."

Key Lime Bark
Strawberry Banana Bark
Blueberry Acai Bark
Chocolate-Covered Cranberries
Chocolate Caramel Lollipops
Chocolate Pretzels
Quadruple Chocolate Petits Fours
Chocolate dessert shells...and
fill* them up with more yummy goodness!
During the Holiday Season I received a few cooperate gifts...one of them wasn't those typical cheap desk accessories nor the 2010 calendars...it was a treasure box of Bissinger's Gourmet Chocolate! Never tasted this deliciousness before...so I checked out their website and was even more delighted by their selections~ I simply have to order the above very soon... Yup, I really-really should, the Key Lime Chocolate is
calling my name~ "psst-psst...taste me"
~Darlings, you do know that chocolate can talk right?!



~Lurrrrrve this portraits!
I've never had my portrait done by a professional photographer ...errr school yearbook, driver's licence or passport photos do NOT count! Anyway, if I were to have one done, this beautiful portraits of model, Natalia Vodianova would be a lovely inspiration I think. Would love to wear a simple voluminous ball gown, no fancy jewelry, natural make-up...and most importantly NO shoes! My-my-my...I'm so vain like that!(blush-blush*). Anyway I think I would look fabulousss...I can already picture it! ~take a look:
errr...you like???
[whahhh~ shameless I tell ya'...shameless!]
-PS: Thank you everyone for all the lovely comments!
-Photographer Vincent Peters for Numero Tokyo & modified by me.


It's Monday, do you know where you're going to...

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend...I did!
Well, it's going to be a very busy-busy-busy week for me at work!
~Want to know what's my theme song this week?
I can relate to the lyrics very much...
-Train rides in India & Pakistan pics via Thought Patterns