dreaming in Black & White

~Hello Everyone!
The sun has been playing hide & seek here in Paris...
Sometimes when in doubt, always opt for the 'B&W'~ I'd say!
Always feel black and white photography can add a certain mood; air of mystery, romance, timelessness to otherwise ordinary photos. Interesting that the same images can entirely look so different when seen in black and white. For this reason, many professional photographers still embrace its timeless quality. Errr...I'm not really a professional photographer of course, but I'm gladly 'playing' one in this blog!! LOL* 
Plus, B&W can look more Très Chic non?
& greetings via Paris!


...and then there is PARIS~*

bonjour !
"...I'm here! I'm here!! "
(excusez-moi...tend to repeat myself when I get too excited!)
 Hopefully I'll gather & have more images to share soon. But first thing first...
Let's all have a wonderful weekend and be well everyone!
* Greetings from Paris *


Catching a FLIGHT today~

~Couldn't really sleep very well last night... 
Getting a little too excited for the trip perhaps?
Good thing is that I can always catch up 
on some "zzz-zzz..." during the looong flight today!
  Can't wait to be there & share my travel photos once again with all of you.

" ...Paris here we come ! "
a.k.a " Woo-Hoo !!! "

-Illustration/doodling by ©LENORENEVERMORE


Just Around the Corner~

Lurrrve...the 'miss-match' pieces on this table setting,
so beautifully styled by the talented Eddie Ross.
Even down to the smallest detail; tiny spoons for the salt & pepper,
and the that rich brown grosgrain ribbon tied in perfect bows!
Here in the States, we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving Day this week!
Once again, families would gather & celebrate the true meaning of 
this Holiday. ~Yup, excessive food & the sometimes awkward family reunion?! 
Seriously though, it's the perfect time to express our gratitudes...
From the blessings we have all received thus far; loved ones, health 
& much-much more I'm sure! ...AND of course having 
the loveliest table setting & food glorious food won't be bad at all!
Has anyone prepared your Thanksgiving menu yet?
I think Bon Appetit has the yummiest Thanksgiving menu + recipe ideas.
Literally counted 26 of them! From the traditional, modern, vegetarian, Southern,
and much-much more. Plus, the food photography is absolutely superb as well.~YUM!
Finally...this ensemble via model, Hanneli Mustaparta's Blog.
(miumiu collar, Ralph Lauren cashmere, Screaming Mimi pants)
This particular picture has no relation whatsoever to my Thanksgiving Post,
except for the pretty color?! ~Oh-well...why not right?!
un-fortunately or fortunately, I have to miss out on 
all the Thanksgiving festivities this coming Thursday.
ehem*~ the City of Paris will be waiting for me instead!
.oh là là...


Weekend up-DATE

~Hello again Everyone!
Hope you had a lovely weekend?
If you must know about my weekend with Mr Guy,
~None of the above!
Mr Guy took me here, to his 'favorite spot in the world'.
It was about an hour drive outside the city...very remote area!
Not a single soul was found there, except us & the nosy squirrels?!
Don't worry...I've thoroughly checked the back trunk of his car! 
There was NO knife, rope, duct-tape, shovel, or dead body!!
You know how it is...we can never be TOO careful these days.
Plus, I barely knew this Mr Guy at all!
As far as I'm concerned, he is not a serial killer nor date-rapist.
But is he a tree hugger? ...errr-errr???
PS: My apology, this blog has suddenly turned 
into asleazysoapopera! (~blushed*)
-Photo: 'sexy couples' found via weheartit.com & 'un-sexy' by LENORENEVERMORE


Weekend is upon us...

~hello weekend here we come!
Mr Guy has asked me out again this weekend.
Well, you know how it is...
still learning from my past mistakes! So I'm really
taking this 'new' relationship very-very slowly!
Is it too early to discuss names for our future children???
errr-errr... I think I do desperately need dating tips!
" Have an Adventurous Weekend Everyone! "
Pics : -Print shop Fifiduvie -Birkin illustration by Garance Doré -Scooter found via Gus & Otherthings 


Holiday Catalog :

Ba-Ba-boots! ~how cuuute!
Time of the year again everybody...holiday catalogs are pouring in!!
I'm always interested to see the Christmas merchandise from
all the renowned shops/stores. Anthropologie has gone
animal planet on us this year...how adorable are they!
A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to work with
the creative Anthropologie team...one of the highlights in my career!
Too bad I have yet to meet the MAN himself, Keith Johnson in person.
Keith probably has the best job in the world! He is the globe-trotting
shopper for this wonderful store! Yup~ I consider travelling the globe and 
shop&shop&shop to be the Best-est Job!
Have you seen this man as he seeks out the best
each country has to offer as he travels & shops the globe?
Watch him in action on the Sundance Channel
original series- Man Shops Globe.
~One of my favorites to watch on tv-land!  
-Photos: Anthropologie


Learning French~

"Allo-allo Everyone!"
Have a good news to share here... 
My flight to Paris is all set & confirmed for next week!
My boss has finally given me the green light.
(yup, done my happy-silly dance already).
as you might recall, I learn/study my French via youtube videos! ~LOL*
I better start polishing-up my French again...
What better way to learn from the lovely & talented Carla Bruni, non?
She is so magnifique!! Now, I must really work hard on that husky-sexy voice like hers!
 "errr-errr...parlez-vous sexy français? anyone??" 

Mix n' Match

I was admiring this beautiful tile work during my
usual caffeine break the other day...
Quite beautiful, isn't it?
...all the assorted 'mix & match' handpainted tiles were set between 
the terra cotta to create a more interesting design!
~Speaking of design,,,
Lurrrve this cognac tote bag from Zara
This season, I'm so drawn to this 
reddishbrowntancognac color more than ever.
Have you seen Zara latest Fall look?
Lots of stylish mix & match; casual with more formal pieces,
spotted prints paired with neutrals or solids & contrasting textures.
Style is certainly all about playing 
& knowing how to mix & match!



New York Graphic designer, Ed Nacional created this charming Tie-pography 
[ how cool is that! Typography found via Shannon's gorgeous blog ]
Guess what guys... 
the other day my young niece told to me that
Clive Owen was super hot! ...and she is only six-year old!!
~my-my-my...kids these day I tell ya'
 I concur of course !

In the Mood~

Hope no one 'overdosed' on autumn foliage themes 
which have been posted around the blogosphere lately...
Oh well, just one more post here will not harm anyone, right?  
Can't help myself, but be inspired by this glorious changing season!
It's finally up!
" tad-dahhh..."
Simply in the mood to celebrate nature's bounty...
Just hope this wreath will last the whole season long.
sniff-sniff~ Lurrrve the fresh eucalyptus scent among this crowded leaves!
'decorating the front door this season anyone?'



*Chopstick Buns*

" errr... No chopsticks around? "
No problem ladies, pencils would do the same trick!
Anyone tried them before?


Weekend With Family~

To celebrate both my parents' BIRTHDAYS!
the whole clan headed to my mother's
favorite Chinese Restaurant in town.
~here are some snapshots 
taken from the evening:
My parents' faces are still being cropped-up in this blog!
so sorry...but as you know by now, this whole family 
is still under the witness protection program!! ~whahaha...
They're adorned with their birthday presents;
 'blink-blink' brooch for her & cuff links for him.
We all certainly can use more sparklesss...in our lives no? 
everyone at the table had such lousy chopstick skill!
(flying chopstick, not a pretty sight!)
'Long Chinese Noodle' dish was being served;
Chinese tradition/symbolism for loooooong healthy & prosperous life!
~Lovely & delicious sentiment, I'd say!
" Cheers to that! "


Weekend is upon us...

ooohhh... so glad the busy-busy week is almost over!
~off to celebrate both my parents' Birthdays this weekend.
Just hoping there would be no cake fights, nor flying 
sharp objects thrown across the dining table!
( errr...both my parents are still dangerous like that! I'm scarrred! )
" Have a Wonderful Weekend Everyone! "
PS: Thank you for your lovely comments this week
...love you long time!
-Photos by KimLudy


" I know Equestrian Style may not be everyone's cup of tea, but latey I've been sipping a cup or two!"

The charming David McGrievey illustrations 
commissioned by Town & Country Magazine
The latest Fall look from Massimo Dutti collection 
(stumbled via Helena's lovely Blog ~Lurrrve those leather riding boots!)
This beautiful 10"x7" painting by David Terry 
~My-my-my...the minute details in this small painting are truly amazing!
~and finally this horse farm just outside the city.
Well,,, this photo was taken during my recent rendezvous...
Who knows this new guy that I've been seeing lately, 
could very well be my potential future stud!! (blush-blush*)