The Fairytale Wedding~

Two people from such diverse backgrounds...
The wedding of Prince William & Kate Middleton is truly a fairytale story...
~Did you see it? I woke up very early today to watch the Royal Wedding LIVE!
~Yep, I'm one of those people!
In this day & age, we all still need a little fairytale story, yes?
Today, we've witnessed that fairytales can, and do happen!
Million images of the royal wedding are still coming out from London today...
My favorite so far has to be when the newlyweds took a spin in a sport convertible.
The classic Aston Martin, which belongs to Prince Charles, sported 'JU5T WED' licence plate
and the 'L' in the front, stands for 'Learner's permit' ~How charming is that!
Certainly a nice break from all the formality of the day!
" Have a LOVE-ly Weekend Everyone! "


ROYAL WEDDING = Portraits of Prince William and Kate Middleton

Pizza chain Papa John's has created an image of Prince William and Kate Middleton on a pizza. 
The chain worked with a food artist to create the pizza, the veil made from
mushrooms; dress from cheese; and William's suit out of salami and peppers.
Artist George Vlosich spent 125 hours creating this portrait on an Etch a Sketch.
A Staffordshire artist, Pete Mason has used thousands of postage stamps for his creation.
More than 3,000 recycled stamps were used to depict the couple. 
Using 11,000 jelly beans. Malcolm West from Surrey, spent up to ten hours a day 
over a period of more than five weeks painstakingly sticking each bean on to his creation.
Last but not least...
by yours truly! Using good ol' charcoal+crayon!


I feel like dressing up today!

...like this?
...or this ?!
when I meet up with my contractors to confront them today...
Definitely would get their full attention, yes?
I'm also still sharpening my claws!! 
such a tigress wannabe that I am, but in reality I'm really a pussycat!
(~meow... a.k.a help!)
Are you good at confronting people when you have an issue with them?

-Photo by Richard Burbridge found via FGR


Home Sweet Home ???

" Yikes !!! "
Hello everyone~ I've arrived home safely,
and this is what I saw when I walked into my home sweet home!
Oh dear...my home remodeling is still NOT done yet!
Contractors do speak a different language, huh?
When they say 1 week, I think they actually mean 1 month!!
grrrrrr...It's time for my claws to come out when I see them tomorrow.
(I'm dangerous like that!)
here are much nicer pics to look at!
Taken in Singapore Changi Airport, right before boarding my long flight home:

Lurrrve this lush 'vertical garden' at the airport terminal.
This gardening concept was made famous by French botanist Patrick Blanc,
which is still gaining its popularity in many urban environments around the world!



Last Minute Shopping~

So cuuute...simply couldn't resist!
Plus, I still have more room in my luggage.
These adorable goodies are not for my young niece, 
but purchased for my dear mom!
She is still a huge kid at heart, I'm sure she'll lurrrve them.
It's been another successful working trip for me in Singapore...
Time to go home sweet home very soon!
But before leaving this country, one must still fill the luggage with more goodies, yes?
I'm going to slip on my comfy shoes & head straight to all the shops!
This is one of the busiest junction in Singapore.
Shopping area & entertainment hub are concentrated 
I'm Signing off from Singapore for now...
Thank you for joining me once again for another trip half around the world!
Can't wait to fly home & see my loved ones!
Also, really excited to view the progress of my home mini-renovation...
as mentioned before leaving the States, my contractors 
have started work on my town house. They should be done by now!


Weekend is upon us...

~Holy Good Friday!
Since Easter Sunday is coming up, I think it would be so 
appropriate to share more photos from my trip to Israel!
Those who have been following this blog may recall that my 
family & I made a special trip to the Holy Land together not too long ago.
Something truly meaningful about sailing on the sea of Galilee,
walking the old city of Jerusalem, and especially viewing the empty tomb...
 " Happy Easter Weekend! "
[ oh-my...no picture of cute basket filled with 
yummy chocolate eggs and adorable plush bunnies on this post?! ]



Old & New

Very impressive gleaming skyline, isn't it?
Singapore is still growing at a rapid pace...
Each time I visit this country, a new modern skyscraper is 
seemingly being erected from the ground up!
With that being said, my eyes are still drawn to
the old world charm of Singapore, still found around Emerald Hills...
~take a look :
I could actually spend more hours just strolling & looking at 
all the beautiful details of these old Peranakan houses.
* CHARM-ed *
Hope this country would continue to preserve & cherish these historical treasures!
-Photos 'Singapore skyline' via Boston.Com & others b©LENORENEVERMORE


~Another Tropical Fruit*

Have you ever tasted Durian before?
It's definitely an acquired taste & smell!
It has a very distinctiveuniquestrong smell~ so much so, this fruit
has been banned in hotels & subways in many parts of Asia!
Must say that I kind of admire its spiky appearance...
almost like the stud cuffs that I bought recently, yes?

Are you adventurous when it comes to food?
Proud to say that I am!
These pancakes are filled with fresh creamy Durian
" sniff-sniff & chomp! "
...hmmmreally hard to describe...
it's not as bad as some people say!
Perhaps the pancake helps to tone down the taste a little bit.
This food stall also sells other kind of sweet Durian desserts!
The aroma, shape and taste of Durian is extraordinary to say the least,
 a delicacy to some and a nuisance to others.
Anywayyy...~please enjoy this video everyone!
from Singapore


Guilty Pleasure*

 It's always so fun to go shopping in Singapore!
(errr...anywhere around the world really. 
Remember? I do have a black belt in shopping!!)
this store design is quite nice...the wall cabinet and those square black tiles
certainly felt like I was in someone's kitchen!
plus, stacks of simple white china are always such huge turn ON for me! 
 Excuse the mess~ It's show-off time once again...
Back in my cozy hotel room, are my latest purchases for today!
More studs for my wrist & flatwares for my home sweet home.
Both can always be tools for self-defense, yes? 
Simply adore the sculptural shape of this flatware so much.
Reminds me of Elsa Peretti or Georg Jensen design
...without paying the hefty price of course!
Shopping is still one of my guilty pleasures.
errr...another guilty pleasure while in Singapore is...~ready?
Watching Asian Drama series on TV!
They are in Mandarin, but with English subtitles.
I'm glued to the TV whenever I get to my hotel room in the evening!
The plots are just too juicy! I think I may be addicted now!!



Early Morning in the Garden...

I must have taken hundreds of photos in this garden during my stay in Jakarta...
Must admit, I had a slight difficulty in editing+selecting which one to share 
with all of you today...so I guess this is 'Part One?' of the garden photos??
Nature is always so photogenic, isn't it?
Couldn't help myself but to click-click-click on my camera & got carried away!
I'm back working again in Singapore for the next one week,
before going back home to the States!
My apology for not being able to reply nor visit your lovely blogs lately...
Thank you so much for all your sweet comments and
your kind understanding as always.
Have a Wonderful Weekend Everyone!