Felt like a heavy burden had been lifted off my shoulders...

cos' I had accomplished what I came here to do!
~whooops...what work ??!!
[ whahhh...~hope my boss isn't reading this! ]

Anywayyy...as the famous saying goes;
"so many things, yet so little time"...to blog that is!
So I better sign off from Singapore for now...
As mentioned, I'll be flying back home-sweet-home
this coming weekend~ Would like to sincerely thank everyone
who had joined me along and also wrote such
lovely comments during my visit here in Singapore!
Promise to share more when I get back on my own turf okie*
Until then Darrrlingsssss...
...& signing off via the beautiful island of Singapore


Newspaper Today~

The Hotel where I'm staying in Singapore,
provides the guests with newspaper
which they deliver to our rooms every morning...
Well everyone, this morning
I noticed this Ads for an insurance company
and was really fascinated by the image~
This girl has a cute smile I thought...
...Then I looked closer !
and closer...
...and even CLOSER &
That girl was created by using
...guess what ?!
~WOW*...amazzzzing huh?!
as a child, I remember doing finger-painting in kindergarten
errr...but nothing this good though! ~again, wowww!
{ click the above image to enlarge & view the details }
" and warm greetings from Singapore! "


~Let's talk...

~In between meetings with clients in a nearby
office building, I often escaped to this
little green oasis...to gather some thoughts
and most importantly, talk to the plants!!!
Let's take a short stroll, shall we~

" hi there whatever your name is!
you are so bushy-cute! ...are you a native here? "

" so are you! yes, you under the shade with the spiky leaves! "
[ errrrr...am I the only one who actually talk to plants??! ]

This tiny garden park is conveniently located in the middle
of the concrete+glass jungle! ~ So Lovely!

~Time to go back to work again
and do more talking & talking....
somehow talking to plants is so much easier! ~whahhh...

...still via the Green Singapore
PS : I've been asked whether they could use my personal photos to be posted in their blogs. Answer is sure, WHY NOT! Simply give me a credit & link back to LENORENEVERMORE blog would be much appreciated! Secondly, my camera is a compact old Canon SD1100IS -cheap yet reliable! So sorry~ I'm really bad at replying to emails ~Thanks everyone!


Tiger Roaring Dance*

It was a FUNtastic evening in Singapore,
especially watching these lively-energetic youngsters
from the local school, danced their way to
the 'roaring twenties' music!
I guess it's the Chinese Year of the Tiger theme
~ROARING...get it?!
[curious to hear the music? click HERE]
Well everyone,
this is my final week in Singapore~
simply must 'break-dance' my way to complete
my work obligation in this country.
Anyway, hope I'd have some time to
explore & enjoy more of Singapore as well!
I'm sure I would~all work and no play would
certainly make me grrr-grrr-grumpy!
~SMILE tigress!
via Singapore


Weekend is upon us...

" Hellooooo...Darrrlingsss..."
I've been invited to a Charity Gala this weekend!
Heard there's going to be a dance performance
for all the guests to enjoy~ quite exciting!
Someone asked, "Are you ever coming back home???"
oops~ forgot to mention, but I've extended my stay
here in Singapore until the 28th of this month!
yup~ must finalize the project that we've been working on
since last year. I do miss home sweet home, especially
my sweet babies {new readers may want to click HERE
to view my darling Pug Family a.k.a my babies!)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
~Be back next week with more Singapore travel photos okie*
~XOXO as always!


What I saw today...

...and simply made me SMILE*
{ ear 2 ear }
...via the colorful street of Singapore


About Last Night...

~Well... let me tell you what happened*
As part of the job description, I have to wine-dine-entertain
our business clients...(no...I'm not a real geisha!)
So I decided to treat them to one of
the finest French dining experience in Singapore.
Picked the perfect outfit to wear that night...and
yup, even had my hair & manicure done
in a salon~ to look cuter!
wooops~ had no time to steam-iron the dress though!
...too busy doing last minute eye-brow plucking!
~But still looking cute no?!
of course nail color must match the bag!
...not only cute but
you know...I'm dangerous like that!
to make the long story short,
the dinner went well and the food was deliciousss...
but then...
When it was time to pay for the the dinner,,,
It went something like this!!!
.geekthegirl:   caitlicious:  (via lumos-maxima) bahaha  WHAT? WHAT? How did I miss this earlier?
" ket-ching$ !!! "
Thankfully, my clients & I did not
have to wash any dirty dishes in the back of
the restaurant-kitchen that night!
All I know is that when I get back to my office,
I certainly have some explaining to do
with the account department!
still via $ingapore


Going Banana*

~Banana Leaf that is!
Banana leaves serve many purposes in Asian cooking, from adding flavor or using them to wrap just as we would tin foil or parchment paper... Certainly add a colorful & exotic background for serving delicious dishes/platters.[to find out more click here]. Anyway, I think the 'funnest' part is eating on Banana Leaf! The 'Exotica Level' has just gone up a few notches!
~Take a look at some delicious goodness
found around Singapore:

When I fly back home,
I ought to find out more from my local plant nursery.
Would certainly love to get a banana tree for myself...
I'm sure I can keep it indoor by the sunny window?!
~So inspired to have a touch of tropical-exotica in
my own living space somehow...
I'm pretty sure I'd find some more
creative use from
this tropical & versatile plant! ~yesss...
via the exotic Singapore


"This building reminds me of that Lady..."

~Helloooo...hope everyone had a LOVEly weekend?!
I still have about a week in Singapore, so there are certainly
lots more to share with all of you...
This is Ion Orchard in the heart of Singapore Island!
It's a unique shopping experience; F&B and entertainment stores, which includes six of the world’s top luxury brands, building their signature flagships international brands and popular high street fashion and lifestyle stores. In addition to the extensive stable of brands, an extensive food hall will offer visitors a myriad of food choices ranging from local favorites to international cuisine. ION Orchard’s signature futuristic architecture has won two prestigious awards at MAPIC 2006 against stiff competition from submissions around the world. The panel must have recognized that ION Orchard “demonstrates unique and progressive urban design”. [Click HERE to learn more]
Impressive architecture indeed~
I know That 'Lady' will lurrrrrve it very much!
~take a look at more:

" told ya! "
This Lady would certainly feel right at home no?!
Speaking of the fabulous Lady Gaga,
I would really like to show up like her
for my next business meeting!
(boost my confidence a.k.a can 'rule the world' kinda feeling!)
errr...you like?!
via futuristic Singapore
-Photo ©LENORENEVERMORE & Lady Gaga via Google Images


Weekend Splash*

...SO I was just thinking,
" hmmm...I could get used to this..."

almost forget about
the 'brrr-brrr' cold back home!
Well, the weather here is just beautiful
the view is splish-splash gloriousss...
~take a look:

" oooh!...hello there~
ehem...my name is Single ready to mingle "

Like I said,
" I can get used to this! "
via the sunny island of Singapore