Time for a Vacation + Blog Break

Hello & Buh-Bye Everyone!
It's important to take time off, don't you agree?
Well, here I go again...flying off to somewhere far-far away.
This timethe whole gang a.k.a my family is coming too!
We all need a change of pace, both physically + mentally and
errr...spiritually?! ~So we're off to the Holy Land, Israel!
Has anyone been there before?
I'll be back in the Blog-Land with more travel photos to share.
" Shalom! "
[ p e a c e ! ]



Inspired by the lovely ballerinas~
Lurrrve...Jil Sander-Spring 2011 show, the hair bun & the bright lip color is so stunning!
...is this look something you would wear?
this one is pushing it a bit too much, huh? ~stop me!
...as you can see lately,
I'm still in my 'dance-dance-dance' mode!


New Week~Wake UP!

" Wake up Curiosity, Wake Up!
Must admit that I've been spending too long under my own 'comfy blanket'...
Planning to expand & broaden my horizon and view the world differently.
How & where do I begin?
Double Dream Hands + Red Bull ?
-Photo ©LENORENEVERMORE -Video~Thanks Jason!


Weekend is upon us...

It's been a stressful & looong...week at work!
I'm so ready to pack up, slam the office door & leave my work behind...
(I'm such a drama Queen like that!)
What are you up to this weekend?
I'm planning to escape...& enjoy a really good movie!
Praises keep coming for the fine performance from my favorite 
Colin Firth, with the legendary Geoffrey Rush in The King's Speech.
Has anyone watched this film yet?  
It's about King George VI whom lacks the confidence in being 
a competent King due to his stuttering problem. 
With all my "errr-errr...and errr...", I simply must watch this film, yes? 
Looking forward to watch it & be inspired~ utterly!
errr...plus, British accent is always such a turn ON!
" Have a Wonderful Weekend Everyone! "


Is it Friday yet?

well...we're almost there!
I don't know about you, but I'm feeling quite restless,
I'm in the mood to dance !!!
...who is with me???
all we need =
a pair wooden sticks
basic sewing kit
yards & yards of fabric 
( preferably very light fabric ~I'm taking down my sheer curtains!)
click this video and...Let's Dance!
It's going to be fun-fun-fun~ I know it! 

Color Combo

I know-I know, it's wayyy...too early to post this collection.
ButI find myself falling in love with Diane von Furstenberg pre-Fall 2011 collection.
Simply couldn't resist sharing these delightful color combo today!
The color palette is definitely up my alley, any time of the year ~you like?
[ click HERE to view more ]
-Photos: Style.Com


It's in the Details~

As promised, more photos from my recent weekend getaway...
Noticed the lampshades? They're made of feathers!
Adore how they compliment the colorful artwork.
A spacious Hotel hallway, yes? ...perfect for doing 
a few cartwheels & pretend to be a gymnastic superstar!!

How CUTE are they!

errr...not them!
But their Dolls!
~take a look :
Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington dolls at Barney's New York.
They were later auctioned off to benefit the The NYC AIDS Fund.
Madame Coco Chanel dolls designed by Uncle Karl himself.
They were parts of the boutique display in Paris.
If only I knew how to sew, would certainly like to make one!

-Photos via LifeCom, HCstreetstyle. ParisInPink -Source: TMagz


~I feel so GAY !

Show off time :
Received not one, but two!! bottles of bubbly Dom Pérignon from one of my clients.
Isn't that very special ?
(errr...what I meant to say is; "aren't I special?"~LOL*)
I'm going to copy Marilyn, and send him a 'thank you' card ASAP!
...obviously I feel gayer today ~Cheers!
* life is good *
P.S: Please drink alcohol responsibly darlings! -Photo ©LENORENEVERMORE -Marilyn Monroe letter via ffffound.Com


Pampered PUGs

My dear pal Marsi, recently shared a photo of her in-law's pug in the new
 CHARMing doghouse, which by the way matches the colors of their Tudor home!
...is that a YSL chewing toy? ~how GLAM is that!
~bRaymond Meier for Vogue Magz
Mr Valentino's pugs are always so pampered...private jet+yacht+nannies ~hello?!!
" Oh...MOMMMYYYY !!! "
I think my baby is feeling a little envious lately!
errr...you know all my pugs are tech savvy, right?
-Photos: The Cottage Cheese~thanks Marsi! Raymond Meier for Vogue via NeoTraditionalist & LENORENEVERMORE


Lurrrve...this Quote :

profound words by Martin Luther King, Jr.
.~Found out recently...that outside the U.S, Martin Luther King Jr. Day is also being observed. The Japanese city of Hiroshima holds a special banquet at the mayor's office as an act of unifying his city's call for peace with King's message of human rights. The City of Toronto, Canada observes the Day as well. And Israel has a national forest in honor of Dr. King. Let's just hope the world would embrace & fulfill the same message of 'Dreams'...


Weekend is upon us...

This was where I spent my last weekend~
although the winter weather was not the greatest that day, 
I did manage to enjoy the lovely retreat & a bit of pampering!
How I wish I could spend every weekend in such serenity...
(Next week I'll show more pics of the interior space)
What are you guys up to this weekend?
I'm going to help a friend move to a new home.
She needs an extra vehicle+driver to load her belongings...
Hello~that would be me! errr...not super exciting, huh? 
Nevertheless, I'm still looking forward to the weekend as always!
Have a Lovely Weekend Everyone!


J.Crew.Old Catalogs

I really do not want to be a hoarder...but
sometimes I do regret discarding old catalogs from J.Crew.
They are always so beautifully styled & photographed.
That's why I was so thrilled to discover J.CREWING Tumblra site solely dedicated 
to all things J.Crew ~Beautiful old campaign & catalog archives...
' Do you still keep some of your favorite printed catalogs? '
-Found via LaVieJ'aime 

When I was in IKEA yesterday,

among many other things,
I witnessed a bunny orgy!
errr...others saw it too!
as mentioned earlier this week,
I still can't believe what my eyes were subjected to lately!



~Wow IKEA, really?!

They look so expensive looking in this gorgeous room, yes?
As we all know, IKEA products are so dirt-cheap! 
...or should I say inexpensive?
I'm planning a trip to IKEA later today! Not for the $1.99 
full-hot-meal they serve there, but for some stuffs for our office.
Have you been to this giantmegasuperstore before?
errr-errr...I'm always so intimidated by the humongous retail space!
Let's just hope that I won't get lost in there! ~help!
I'll report & let you know...
- Photo found via Livethemma 

" High Five Pussycat! "

One of my dearest & longest bloggie pals, Kitty Stampede
has been awarded *Blogs Of Noteby the Blogger Team recently.
" woo-hoo!...Congrats Kitty!!
So proud to say that we've known each other since we both started blogging,
she continues to delight me and her readers with such adorable posts
...simply too cuuute for words!
- Photo via StyleCom & Tiffhy -Link: KittyStampede


Non Fried Donuts :

It's much healthier than the deep fried version I think.
errr...who's counting calories, right?!
Anyone owns this Sunbeam donut maker at home?
[ now on sale for $39.99 available here]
Brief History on Donut or Doughnut : It has a disputed history, but certainly an interesting one! Supposedly came to Manhattan N.Y (then, the New Amsterdam) under the Dutch name of "olykoeks" or "oily cakes". In early colonial times, US. Dutch immigrants discovered fried cake. So, the 'story' goes, a cow kicked a pot full of boiling oil over some cake mix, thus inventing the golden brown delight. Around 1847, Elizabeth Gregory, a New England ship captain's mother, made a deep-fried dough that used her son's spice cargo of nutmeg, cinnamon, and lemon rind. She made the deep fried cakes for her son and his crew so they could store the pastry on long voyages...and to help ward off scurvy and colds. Mrs. Gregory put hazel nuts or walnuts in the center, where the dough might not cook through, and called them doughnuts.~[source]

brrrrr...it's so cold outside!

...and inside as well!
" brrr-brrr-brrr..."
(excuse me, I'm not a polar bear!)
I had to rush to the nearest hardware store last night,
to purchase an additional portable heater.
Have you seen those heaters lately...they're all very ugly looking!
On the other hand, I saw so many hot-hot guys there, 
you know...the bluecollarbutchmanlymantype!
A sight for my sore eyes indeed! (blushed*)
'How's the weather in your zipcode?'
[as usual, I'm so nosy like that!]


" I ♥ you, Jeffrey! "

[ more Jeffrey Campbell shoes click HERE  ]
,,,you will not believe what my eyes were subjected to lately! 


Movie Poster

I finally went to see Black Swan today,
mainly due to all the hypes from all the fashion magazines...
You see, I'm a fan of the Rodarte sisters who designed the film costume!
anyhooo...this is not an official movie review, but surprisingly I like it! 
This psychological thriller had the ability to captivate me with 
every details from beginning to the end...
I really had to decompress myself after watching it ~two words; Very INTENSE!!
Do you know there are other movie posters being printed besides the 
creepy one shown above? Mostly for its international release though...
These movie posters were created by the British design studio LaBoca.
They're inspired by the Polish and Czech posters of the 60s-70s, 
and as well as ballet advertisements of the early 20th century.
~much more attractive than Natalie Portman's creepy eyes, yes? 
Yup, particularly this graphic design, my favorite!
lurrrve...how the multiple dancing arms create the shape of the swan's feathers.
Her eye and the swan's are identical, and also that feather hairpiece~oh!
' Has anyone watched the movie yet? '