No room service
No concierge
No house keeping service...
BUT yet this is still my favorite place to be...
to be precise, my favorite cozy-corner sofa by the window
~YES...I'm home!
...alright-alright, it's still in the middle of the year...
So what's up with this Christmasy picture?
Errr...can't help myself ~home-sweet-home?!
I'm so corny* like that...whahaha*
Let's blame it on my jet lag!
Where's your favorite 'corner'
in your home-sweet-home ???
...do share okie*
- Photo by LENORENEVERMORE & 'Gingerbread House' Via Suchy


TrAveL - home*

~I want to go home sweet home...Weee!
BIG Thank You for all your lovely comments and
also for taking this journey with LENORENEVERMORE
~More travel photo sharing to come darlingssss...
plus MUCH-MUCH-MORE I hope!
~Pic via Starmarket



'Black-White & Shades of Grey'


~ In Memory of Michael Jackson ~
.....still schocked by the news of both Farah Fawcett & now this,
R.I.P to both......



...LENORENEVERMORE was naturally drawn to the Hotel Library!
[ Like a moth to a light...errr bezzzzzp* ]
I salute Lotte Hotel in Seoul for building a beautiful library
for the guests to enjoy...
what a fabulousss-SMART idea!

“A room without books is like
a body without a soul.” ~M.T Cicero
...I guess this applies to hotel as well!
- Vintage photograph via *Felinofelice ~Thank you beautiful Gabbi!
& "Library" taken by LENORENEVERMORE



... Couldn't help but noticed these stylish ladies giggling & chitchatting as they 'sashay-ed' down the street of Seoul...what they wore intrigued LENORENEVERMORE... Had the feeling that they were some kind of uniforms of some sorts... Whatever they were, was so glad my camera had enough battery to click-click-click more picturesss... I followed them...errr more like 'stalking' for about 2 blocks! ...I'm dangerous like that!!! ~XOXO*
- Photography by LENORENEVERMORE.


By the WinDow*

So here it is...my 'homage' to one of my favorite movies-
Ridley Scott's 1983 movie 'Blade Runner' ~compliments
via the 30th floor of my hotel room in Seoul...
The view from up here is quite spectacular
during the day...but it's even MORE at night!
...it comes ALIVE !!! Fear of heights anyone???

~Quite 'Blade Runner-ish' aren't they?
I refused to close the curtains in my room...you understand why now...

Remember the passionate kiss scene in the movie?
Well, I had the view, plus the window...
but no cute man was pressing LENORENEVERMORE hard against it!
(le sigh*......)
Highly recommend this movie for those who haven't watched...
The costume design & art direction are superb...
~it's high-voltage visual delightsss...
...and BIG PLUS~ Harrison Ford was very dreamy
& so-very 'Le sigh*...' indeed Darrrlings!
"Woo-Hoo !!!" ~XOXO*
- Photography by LENORENEVERMORE & 'Blade Runner' pics Via Photobucket.Com


mEET Me in My RooM*

" hellooooo..."
...As promised, let's take a short tour to the hotel room in Seoul Korea. This is the long hall way which leads to my room...perfect to do a few cartwheels and pretending to be a gymnastic superstar!!! or...sometimes I did a long runway fashion catwalk too! It depends on my mood really...shhh don't tell!

~Everything can be operated from a touch of a button...lights-camera-action! ...hee* just kidding, no kinky camera, but really...almost everything- even drawing the heavy curtains from this monitor....ahhh how lazy can one be these daysss!

Cool & sleek bath room...amenities by Molton Browns London!...fabulousss!! But the best part is my new BEST friend TOTO...he's super cool...I think I'm in love! Can someone be in love with a toilet bowl??? ...okie, my pathetic level has just gone up a few levels!!! Anyway...

~Let me introduce TOTO :

First time I met TOTO, I almost freaked out!!! I thought there was a ghost in the bath room... "eeeck!!!" He greeted me by opening the toilet seat cover automatically! We got acquainted real fast as he warmed my heart errr...errr...I mean my backside! Literally, he comes with heated toilet seat...ahhh feels so-so good! He is really equipped to please my needs and more! If he could only massage my back and pay all my bills, I'd marry him!!! ...TOTO, I' d really miss you when I leave this country...

"Woo-Hoo!!!" (show-off leg*-time!)

Afterall TOTO really made me feel so clean-fresh & sexxxy! My-my-my...what has happened to LENORENEVERMORE ??!! ...doing a 'peep show' and falling in love with a toilet bowl!!! I think I had too much Kim-chi(Korean Pickled Cabbage). Errr...that's right, let's blame it on the food...and I'm sticking to that story!!!

~Next stop on the tour, the gorgeousss view from this Hotel room... especially at night- very Science Fictionesques... Really had so much FUN taking the photos...until then Darlings!


" Have A Lovely NEW* Week Everyone! "



'...need-to-turn-the-AC-on-full-blast! '- HOT Daddy!

.....Maddox, Zahara, Shiloh, Pax, Knox, Leon and Vivienne Marcheline call Brad Pit 'Daddy Dearest!"[...errr hope I didn't leave any names out?!] Well, a tiny-brief intermission from my usual 'Travel Photo Sharing' posts... It's Father's Day Darlings! Hoping you’re having a great time celebrating the dads in your lives today... ~Happy Father's Day to all you Fathers out there! Being a good Dad is truly important... Must admit that I'm still working on my rocky-bumpy relationship with my own... like I said before, "still work in progress...errr-errr..." Still the usual 'Papa Don't Preach' theme song playing for LENORENEVERMORE...sob-sob* But it's never too late to start repairing...I'd say~AMEN! Anyhow, as promised next post- hotel room, the dramatic view & super-cool toilet bowl...YES! Not a typo-Toilet Bowl Darlingsss... ~XOXO*
-Pic Via TheInsider.Com



This is home away from home for LENORENEVERMORE
while in Seoul, South Korea... Quite a grand Hotel Lobby!
The ceiling is almost like the Versailles France...non?!
But I'm pretty sure the Versailles doesn't have a beautiful Korean hostess
who greets the guests by the entrance door...
She wears a lovely traditional costume...
...and performs a traditional bow to anyone who
enters the Hotel Lobby~
If that wasn't enough graciousness...
FRESH FLOWERS were bountiful too!
(for sure they were real fresh, cos' I touched them!!!)
" Oooh...would love to have FRESH flowers everyday
for the rest of my life...and none of those with
'made in China' sticker on its PLASTIC stem! "
~Lotte Hotel made a good first impression on me...
Next blog-post, let's view my room...shall we!
I think you may be surprised at how different it is
from this Lobby.....
...time to sip cocktails at the bar...
Had a delicious & refreshing 'Singapore Sling*'
It's my favorite... Must share the recipe!
~Here you are :
~Singapore Sling*~
1 oz gin
1/2 oz cherry brandy
4 oz pineapple juice
1/2 oz lime juice
1/4 oz Cointreau orange liqueur
1/4 oz benedictine herbal liqueur
1/3 oz grenadine syrup
1 dash Angostura bitters
~Combine all of the ingredients in a shaker, fill with ice and shake until the shaker is well frosted. Strain into a tall glass and garnish with a slice of pineapple and cherry...Perfect for Summer!
Cheers to a Fabulous Weekend Darlings...
& Greetings from Seoul!