Here I go again~

all packed and ready to leave the city once again...
Hello Everyone!
I'm going to spend relaxing summer dayz with my family in our summer house 
in the country. Unfortunately, the internet service would not be the best
up there. It's extremely slooowww... and patience is still not one of my virtues!
So it's best that I should take a short break from the blogging world.
Shall share more of my personal photos with all of you when I get back.
Until then, and hope you will miss me...

as always!



Bow WOW !

Spotted this bowribbonstatement piece at the recent Stella McCartney’s Resort 2012 
presentation, held in the idyllic garden party setting in the West Village.
...like I said, " bow-wow !!! "
excuse me...have you seen this?
How clever! We can easily tie a perfect bow now!


-Photo by Mr Newton


If I were a color today...

Lurrrve this photograph...the angles, shadows, formal attires and 
green grass as the background! Oh yes...the top hats too!
A peek inside a new book : ' The Meghan Method '
...such a refreshing pop of color!
I want this print framed & leaning casually against my wall
(~Thanks Sarah!)

slouchy+scrumptious clutch made of salvaged leather!
Charming antique cup photographed by uber-talented Chris Everard
Simple recipe with the freshest seasonal ingredients is still the best thing on earth!
Adore this candid shot of the style icon...very retro color for a summer dress, yes?
psst...just found out that Elizabeth Taylor always hated being called Liz!
Jet-setter pal James Andrew, introduced me to this summer fragrance 
from the Sersales at Le SirenuseIt’s a delicious citrus unisex fragrance;  
bitter orange, grapefruit, and basil top notes; angelica, helicrysum, 
pink pepper middle notes, and a rich base of cypress, vetiver and musk. 
My potted Dwarf Key Lime Tree has the palest shade of green blossoms
...who knows, I may actually have a green thumb ~finally!
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Although I did not manage to get the perfect mermaid costume...
(refer to my previous post)
these bright rubber flippers would just have to do, yes? 
Hope everyone had a wonderful summer weekend?
It was quite a perfect sunny day to jump in the pool!
Here are some photos from our weekend under the sun...
...and of course
the weekend would not be complete without a delicious brunch!
" pass me the sour cream pretty please...YUM! "



Weekend is upon us...

Hello Everyone...
Do you have any exciting plans for this weekend?
Besides cleaning my house from top to bottom (booo-unexciting!),
 Mr Guy has asked me to join him to go swimming at his club!
He is an avid swimmer, he can swim laps after laps, nonstop for
about 45 mins (show-off!). Anyone a good swimmer out there?
I think I would just like to enjoy splish-splashing the chlorinated water 
by the pool side! Perhaps enjoying a cold glass of beer mixed 
with ginger ale...that would be nice too ~Cheers!
" I wonder where I can get one of those sexy splashy tails, Toys 'r' Us ...hmmm? "
Have a FUN-tastic Weekend Everyone!
...and thank you so much for all your lovely comments this week!
-Photos: swimsuit fashion by ©Hilary Walker for Frankie Magz & mermaid found via ElrodsGoesDisney


The fabulous Garance Dore took this shot of Cédric Bihr.
On the surface he may appear to be just a regular guy...
dressed casually in his well laundered denim shirt and
being photographed by the famous street style photographer.
...But there's more story to this denim shirt!
Well...his wife actually had embroidered this tiny heart on the 
inside of the shirt pocket for him. Transforming this mundane shirt
into something so SPECIAL! Oh my-my-my...how sweet is that!
I'm such a sucker for a romantic story like this (blushed*).
Somehow reminds me of this lovely quote by Mother Teresa;
" We can do no great things, only small things with great love "

-Photo by Garance Dore



Welcome to Amangiri Resort...  
Situated against the natural rock formations of the 'Four Corners',
where Utah, Colorado, Arizona & New Mexico meet. Very minimal in design,
Amangiri blends so harmoniously with the natural landscape of the
desert sand and rock, evoking feelings of an ancient settlement...
just imagine... the beautiful natural light must be changing 
every minute of the day, and the majestic nature takes center stage.
I'm so inspired by the colors of this magical destination...
the sky, dunes, plateaus and deep canyons~

...sometimes i simply have the urge to coordinate & harmonize with the surroundings
-Photo: Courtesy of Aman Resorts via Yatzer



British writer Bella Pollen's converted old barn in the English countryside.
Isn't this an amazing home library?
space = luxury indeed!
Amazzzing...books of Art by Isaac Salazar
Truly a simple idea of folding the pages, yet so well executed!
errr...who would like to attempt this with your old books?!
' Don't get any papercut please... ' 
-Photo: François Halard for Vogue & Art books via Ffffound


SMILE...it's Monday!

Hope everyone enjoyed your weekend?
Guess what?! 
Although it was raining all weekend long, there was no flooding!
For those who have been following my blog may recall the dreadful 
incidents that I had to endure, remember this post & that post ???
errr-errr....I'm still so traumatized by heavy rain!
this week, my 'job' is up for a review by the boss.
I'm quite confident (ehem-ehem) that I'd get the promotion + pay raise,
which I've been waiting for such a long-looong time!
I'm going to practice my reaction to the soon-to-be good news...
I want my boss to know how much I truly appreciate it very much!
...so what do you think?
I should start practicing those facial expressions in front of the mirror, huh?
Just hope the mirror will not crack and 
smash into a million pieces before my eyes ~hah!
What can I say ladies & gentlemen,
I may not be a Beauty Queen, 
but I can certainly always be a Drama Queen!
( wink* )
-Pics: Beauty Queen reactions via LIFE.Com