~Another sunset* from where I am...

Started my journey here in Singapore with sunset photos...might as well end it with another one~
I'm glad it's been another wonderful visit here...and most of you know that it won't be my last.
I'm signing off from Singapore guys, & heading back home this Friday!(that's tomorrow; Singapore time zone)
Sincerely would like to thank you, yes you all lovely people!!...for joining me along during my travel.
Shall share more photos when I get home sweeeeeet home, okie*
Till Then!
as always~
-Photo taken fm Orchard Road & Emerald Hills junction

Singapore can be such a dangerous place...well at least that night was~

...temptations were lurking in every corner!
ooohhh...just take a look!!
The signs were everywhere...
One in particular kept calling me,
"come...come...come to me my darrrling..."
...So I did !!!
I'm so weak like that!
Especially when the smell of new soft leather is involved ~lingering-a-ring up my nostrils!
~Well...to make the long story short,,,
that evening,,,
I went back to the hotel carrying a brand new 'baby'!

~Thank goodness there was someone who was hugging me
(actually she was more like restraining me!!!) & drrrrragging me back safely to the hotel.
Cos' they were more of the same- "come...come...come to me..."
yup, still hearing the calls in every corner of the streets! ~such a dangerous neighborhood!!
now you know why I (desperately!) want an early Christmas bonus from Mr Boss huh?
...to support a certain kind of weakness! (~Blushed*)
-New baby: Blue Chanel 2.55 quilted flap bag


Breakfast with the Boss

As mentioned, my boss finally flew in to Singapore this week.
(...I better start behaving myself here!)
our morning conversation went something like this :

me: -how is your jet lag this morning?
...it's horrible huh?
errr...so how about a pay raise next month?
and also an early Christmas bonus perhaps??
boss: -mmm...the buffet is delicious here!
Are you sure this is a complimentary breakfast?
...sure about that??
me:- (suddenly I lost my appetite!)
[of course I was just thinking to myself...
woops~ I hope I did!
...or did I actually say it out loud ~errr-errr???]
boss: -...did you take pictures of me just now?
me: -mmm...yummm...(rolling my eyes)
...you're absolutely right, this breakfast is YUM!!!

[As you can see here, we both have such excellent communication skill !!!]
here's the latest news from home sweet home!
My bff Jack, sent me this photo of my babies...they are doing just fine~
Appreciate Jack very much for being such a marvelousss uncle & baby sitter!
" mommy dearest is coming home very sooooon..."
My flight home is finally confirmed for this coming Friday! ~yesss...
As you can see from this photo, I have many mouths to feed...
I hope my boss is in a generous mood while in Singapore, even with his jet lag!
[Am I bad or am I bad?!]

-Vintage photo found via HERE


Old vs New

Over the weekend I was exploring the island and was so thrilled to stumble upon
this scene from 'Old Singapore'...was instantly CHARMED*
Such an extremely rare sight to be captured these days! You know...
old buildings/shops continue to be replaced with new developments in here;
Singapore is one rapid changing developed country!

~take a look at the new Singapore:
~Woweee...Amazzzing view right?
Certainly anyone would marvel at the obvious progress!
However, I feel somehow a little sad that 'change is inevitable'.
The original 'old charming Singapore' scenes are almost gone...or going?
-Photo: Old Singapore by me & Modern Singapore found via


~not really a Sun* Worshipper,,,but

Weather in Singapore has been quite unpredictable...
it's drizzling one minute...and then the sun would greet us again~
under the tropical canopies, plus spf 1000!!!
...still managed to get some suntan-glow*

"...Look everybody! ~no bra tan-line!! "
( i'm easily thrilled like that! )

errr...how is the weather in your zip code?
still from the sunny+rainy Singapore


~LIGHT at the end of the tunnel...

...might as well enjoy the journey while I am in it!
I've gone through this underground tunnel in Singapore so many times...
it never seizes to amaze me somehow! ~please take a look:
...it's super-super clean!
There are old historical photographs of old Singapore...lovingly framed~
such great+beautiful reminder of how this country has grown & prospered...
and my-my-my...the mirrored wall, has no finger prints!
such perfect place to do last minute make-up I tell ya! ...errr even plucking eyebrows!!!
This could be the most beautiful underground tunnel I've ever been through...
Just above it, is one of the busiest street!
Shenton Way; which is Singapore's central business & financial district.
~thought I should just share another slice of my daily life here in Singapore.
P.S: Missing my home sweet home! But I must extend my stay in this country.
Cos' my boss is flying in next Monday! O&O...I think I better enjoy
this weekend to the max before his arrival no? ~yesss...

Have a wonderful+FUN* weekend everyone!


~not really a fashion blogger,,,but

[ strike a pose+flashed* ]
I must admit though...back home in the States, I'm not really a huge fan of bold prints.
It somehow changes when one arrives near the equator perhaps?
This bold print number is by Pucci~ definitely my kinda version of a 'camouflage'!
~Now I can actually blend-in
with the tropical Singapore surrounding! ~yesss...

there are beautiful limited edition books
on the legendary Emilio Pucci available from Tachen Books
...here are some of the visual delights from the pages
~Let's take a peek:

" until then everyone! ...errr I need to learn striking poses like these models ~whahhh "



...While walking a few blocks to my next appointment,
I spotted these kids dancing & skipping along the pebble walkway...
they made me smile ear2ear~
hmmm...wonder why do most adults stop doing this in public?
As beautiful as they are, those pebbles were not so easy on my high heels...
I think I was walking more like a clumsy penguin!
( extra smiles! )
-Taken along Orchard Road(near the Istana) in Singapore


Melting in hot+humid Singapore~

One thing I enjoy most about being a blogger is to be able to share with others...
even the most trivial + mundane ...and sometimes quirky things in life! ~YUP!
The weather here is hot-hot-hot!!!
...perfect way to cool down is to
lick-lick-lick some yummy cold ice-cream!
~BUT this is not just any regular ice cream cone...
It's the smallest ice cream cone I've ever had in my entire life!
{about 3 inches -cute!}
" ooohhh...so cuuuute !!! "
I could eat a dozen ~ just pop them in my mouth one by one!
some people here were looking at me funny, while I was trying to snap photos of
this melting cuteness in public!
...perhaps they thought I was trying to look like this Lady back home??!
" Well...~here's to liberty & the pursuit of happiness darrrlingsss..."

Shop* Emphasis~

One of my favorite stop+shops here in Singapore...
The local label: M)phosis, a home-grown label known for its easy separates in jersey and knits.
Fashionable and trendy, it offers attractive prices as well...lurrrve that!
Anyone (ehem~including me!) can pick up a cute dress for under USD$49-
The man behind this label is head designer Colin Koh,
who works with his team of designers to come up with such
contemporary silhouettes~ perfect layering pieces!
Lurrrve the drapes on the shrug little number on the mannequin,
good thing I still have more space in my luggage! ~yesss...
via Shopping Paradise Singapore!


~Claypot Rice*

...~Hellooo...hope everyone had a lovely weekend? How time flies, this would be my second week here in Singapore. Today, let me introduce you to the world of claypot dish! Claypot Chicken Rice is a simple & humble dish from the southern regions of China, Singapore or Malaysia. More often than not, the rice is cooked and served in the earthen clay pot; Rice with some meats and vegetables. It is traditionally cooked over charcoal stove till the rice at the bottom is somewhat slightly charred, giving the dish a distinctive flavour. Some places serve it with dark soya sauce and also dried salted fish. (Salted fish enhances the taste of the fragrant rice). Due to the slow-cooking in a claypot, customers might have to wait for about 15-30 minutes before the dish is ready to devour! Each time I visit Singapore, I truly enjoy having them, worth the wait ~ YUM! Some new friends here, brought me to this tiny restaurant which specializes in claypot dishes~ they told me that I would also enjoy the charming 'vintage 60's or old Shanghai' decor as well! They were certainly right! ~Take a look:

Woops~ I forgot to bring my reliable camera, so I had to use the phone-camera! (sigh* quality of the photo is so blurrrrry!) Anyhow, quite a charming-cozy place, isn't it? Loving the colorful tiles on the wall & all the small details of this place! You know what...I'm going to buy a traditional claypot and try to make this deliciousness back home...~Here's the easy-breezy recipe to try-out: